IES Senior Business Operations Specialist
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The purpose of this position is to ensure continuity in the Integrated Enterprise System (IES) program. The incumbent is responsible for the Cash Management (CM) and Cost Allocations (CO) business processes and functions including but not limited to: master data, number ranges, general journal entry processing and postings, related interfaces, month and year end revenue processing, month and year end revenue/refund reconciliation activities, cash clearing, and related financial reporting activities. Required areas of expertise include Business Process Design, Communication, Integration, Writing Detailed Functional Specs, Consultation, Ad Hoc Work Groups, and Testing Support.

The Budget/CO Team is responsible for designing, configuring, testing, implementing, and upgrading SAP FM and CO software as the Commonwealth-wide accounting and reporting system. This system is the official Commonwealth source for providing relevant and reliable financial information to those users responsible for the operation of the Commonwealth’s business, as well as other external business partners or interested users. The SAP system impacts the entire Commonwealth enterprise.

The Budget/CO Team is organized into two functional teams, Budget Preparation and Budget Execution/Controlling each with a Team Lead. The Budget Execution/Controlling Team is responsible for activities related to Budget Execution, Cash Management, Grants Management, Project Systems and Cost Allocations. The incumbent is a Senior Business Operations Specialist who reports to the Budget Execution/Controlling Team Lead.

This position is technical in nature. The primary purpose of this position is to understand, design, develop, and support the necessary information objects required for the Commonwealth’s cash management and cost allocations process. This position is also responsible for the FI postings related to the Cash Clearing process. The position contributes to the organization’s objectives by understanding the enterprise business analytical and strategic reporting needs, making decisions and recommendations how to best support those needs, and providing the technical skills required to configure and support the enterprise solution.

This position supports the objectives of the IES Bureau by providing a single point of accountability for the Cash Management and Cost Allocation responsibilities listed above. This position also supports the Funds Management processes and provides the technical skills required to support the Budget solution.


Incumbent plans, directs and/or performs of a broad range of complex and highly technical support activities that involve interaction with other Project Team staff and the Project Management Office, as well as other Commonwealth key agency representatives up to the level of comptrollers, directors and deputy secretaries. The incumbent establishes and prioritizes work assignments, and implements controls and procedures to ensure responsibilities, goals and objectives are performed in the most efficient, effective and economic manner.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Business Process Design:
Oversees team business process design activities that includes but is not limited to the following:

A. Analyzes, designs, and documents current business processes to work within the SAP design through interview, walk-through and flowchart activities. Works to develop and maintain a detailed understanding of business applications, customer needs and priorities through frequent meetings with the process owner.
B. Monitors current developments in procurement/finance/budget (e.g. law, policy, standards, principles, procedures, methods and regulations) to determine their applicability to the Commonwealth, and recommends strategies for the incorporation of such items into the system.
C. Determines whether proposed or existing policy, procedures, regulations and methods are adequate for effectively controlling, accounting for, and managing operations and accomplishing intended objectives, at acceptable levels of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.
D. Considers industry best practices relative to business processes and developing SAP design. Provides technical and consulting support to enterprise for decisions regarding new process design.

A. Configures SAP master data, transaction, and reporting components to support Commonwealth business processes. Identifies relevant technology issues, and develops alternate solutions, as necessary. Facilitates decision-making necessary to add or change configuration to support business process. Maintains or enhances system configuration required for system upgrades, and changes to fix problem areas or satisfy requests for changes.

A. Performs a broad range of complex and highly technical support activities with Commonwealth staff that involves interaction both within, and external to, IES. Communication calls for interactions with professionals in many areas of the Commonwealth, including IT, Financial, and administrative areas.

A. Ensures that design and configuration activities with other IES functional teams to ensure all enterprise needs are met in an integrated software approach.
B. Works closely with other IES teams and users to coordinate activities and deliver required solutions on a timely basis.
C. Works closely with other functional area specialists to assure that all integration issues are considered and resolved when developing a solution for a requested fix, change or enhancement.

Detail Functional Specs:
A. Uses software and analytic tools and techniques, business process knowledge and technical aptitude to analyze technology-related business problems and to support, enhance and develop existing and new technology solutions.
B. Prepares Detailed Functional Specifications (DFSs) for custom transactions, tables, forms, reports, etc., to implement these new solutions.

Interface Processing:
A. Designs and implements inbound and outbound SAP system interfaces for data transmissions to/from systems that remain outside the scope of SAP. Identifies inbound and outbound file format specifications. Designs appropriate interface summary reports and error handling procedures.
B. Analyzes requests for new interface designs. Makes recommendations based on both business requirements and technical design issues.
C. Provides technical assistance in the conversion of legacy format interfaces to SAP format interfaces. Provide technical direction on both XML and flat file formats. Leads the testing efforts and provides approval decision for interface processing in production.

A. Meets with officials external to the bureau to resolve difficult and sensitive issues or problems.
B. Provides management with substantive recommendations for remedial measures and operational and system modifications to ensure compliance with system functionality.
C. Makes recommendations on whether and how to best apply system enhancements desired by the process owner.

Ad Hoc Work Groups:
A. Participates in work groups formed to address short term or ongoing issues.
B. Works independently and as part of subgroups to define issues as problems or enhancements.
C. Makes informed decisions while identifying potential solutions through contact with SAP, IES staff, and users.

Testing Support:
A. Performs unit, integration, end-to-end, user acceptance and support pack testing from the team perspective, reporting of the team progress status during the testing phase, and providing team support.

Production Support:
A. Assist users in resolving transaction errors related to the Controlling area (Project Systems/Cost allocations/Revenue transmittals/GM Billing/Journal entries).
B. Develop and provide documentation to assist end users process transactions and produce reports. Provide SAP Tips and Tricks.

A. Prepares or assists in the preparation of SAP training materials. Participate as an instructor or assistant instructor during the presentation of SAP related information.

Other Tasks and Responsibilities:
A. Responsible for understanding of the SAP table structures how it relates to configuration, reporting and data entry to analyze user inquiries and recommend solutions for new development.
B. Assist other teams in Major Areas of Responsibilities – workload may require incumbent to design, develop, and test processes for other teams in Finance/Controlling.
C. Cross Train – learn other teams’ business processes and configuration to provide support in team members’ absence.
D. Responsible for writing detailed report specifications in Business Warehouse (BW) for reports not available in R/3.
E. Development of SQ01 queries for customized transactions.

Decision Making:
The incumbent works under and receives general guidance and supervision through meetings and discussions with the Budget Execution/Controlling team Lead and the Budget/CO Team Manager, as applicable. Performance of the incumbent is evaluated by the Team Lead and Manager based on conferences and meetings with the incumbent; observation of the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of practices employed by the incumbent, and the review of completed work and overall performance of the incumbent in meeting the team’s goals and objectives.

The incumbent is responsible for independently communicating recommended solutions based on best practices and system designs and limitations, and for implementing users’ decisions related to the business processes.

Independence is demonstrated routinely throughout most of the major responsibilities. During Business Process Redesign, after analyzing the current process and determining the Commonwealth's business process requirements, the incumbent determines the best business practice; and decides the most efficient SAP solution. After obtaining the process owner’s concurrence, the incumbent independently decides what the accounting entries will be and which SAP screens to use. The incumbent determines if a special program is needed, and if so, prepares the Detailed Functional Specifications and works with the application development team to ensure the program works as planned. The team member carries out all of the necessary functional unit and integration testing and leads the user in user acceptance testing. The incumbent determines the user roles to which this transaction will be assigned, and works with the Security Team to add or edit area menu roles as necessary. The team member also designs any necessary reports for the new process.

With the exception of obtaining initial concurrence from the process owner, all of the decisions made regarding the new process are made by the incumbent. The incumbent is responsible to ensure the new process works as planned, meets all of the users’ requirements, and does not negatively impact other SAP integrated modules.

The incumbent is responsible for escalating information regarding business process owner decisions or inactions to team or project management where the issues:
-result in configuration or integration problems;
-impact other integrated processes;
-do not result in the most effective, efficient or economical process; and
-result in a significant delay to the project timeline.
In these instances, the incumbent recommends the most beneficial course of action, and works together with team and project management as well as business process owners, until acceptable solutions have been determined or appropriate actions have been taken.

Exercises decision ability in the following areas:
A. Decisions necessary to the process of development and implementation of new system functionality.
B. Decisions necessary to ensure the continued successful execution of various jobs required to support Commonwealth reporting requirements.
C. Decisions necessary to continue the accurate growth, update, and maintenance of mandated system validation functionality.
D. Decisions necessary to identification and resolution of issues associated with updates to the Budget Execution & Controlling Area from external sources.
E. Decisions necessary to the successful and timely conclusion of assigned tasks and projects.
F. Content and format of internal and external communications.

Decisions referred:
A. Issues resolution not achieved at Business Process Specialist level.
B. Decisions previously identified and reserved by the Budget/CO Team Manager, Budget Execution/Controlling Team Lead or the superiors thereof.
C. Matters and decisions involving members of the Legislature, the Governor’s Office, Lt. Governor’s Office, and their respective staffs.

Essential Functions:

Oral/written communication skills

Use of all office equipment

Travel for meetings in the Capitol Complex

Travel to present seminars/training

Use of PCs and Microsoft Software

Access files/storage areas for information

Operate video/audio equipment for sessions

Physically relocate files/wrk prod/equipment


Five years of professional work in a business operations area;


One year of professional work in a business operations area, and a bachelor's degree in public administration, business management, information systems or related field;


One year of technical work in the review and redesign of business processes and the configuration and design of enterprise software in an SAP environment;


An equivalent combination of experience and training.

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