Director of eCommerce Optimization
Blue Acorn, Inc. - Charleston, SC

This job posting is no longer available on Blue Acorn, Inc.. Find similar jobs: Director Ecommerce Optimization jobs - Blue Acorn jobs

Our need:
        We’re looking for a strong leader to drive our eCommerce Optimization services. What is eCommerce Optimization? It is a results-oriented approach to eCommerce by leveraging data, testing, and online marketing to make intelligent decisions on how to improve the user experience and – ultimately – revenue. On our services breakdown, this would include the “attract” and “optimize” services.

        What you’ll do: Your success in this role revolves around accomplishing three mission-critical goals:

      • Manage, lead, mentor, and grow our eCommerce Optimization team
      • Ensure the successful delivery of our optimization services and results for our clients
      • Work across the entire organization to instill data, measurement, and testing in everything that we do
      • You’ll step into a well-established, 35-person organization with a widely recognized brand in the eCommerce space. We’re passionate about our clients, and we are committed to delivering them results. A very strong background in web analytics, online marketing, conversion optimization, and/or eCommerce is a must in this role. Your primary tasks will be as follows:
        • We’re a growing company – we need strong leaders to provide management, guidance, and mentorship to our eCommerce Optimization team.
        • We’re not looking to deliver the “same ol’” online marketing services, so we need you to drive innovation with our services both internally and externally in the marketplace.
        • Our clients look to us to help drive revenue growth, so you’ll need to be adept at finding opportunities for growth and defining strategies with roadmaps to realize it.
        • We need to be proactive in our relationships with clients, to provide consulting and advice on how revenue growth can be achieved. We’ll need to instill processes and approaches. Instead of sitting back and taking orders, our team should be proactively working with our clients on delivering their goals.
        • Strong relationships are built on a foundation of communication and expectation management. You’ll need to set and manage those expectations, ensure we deliver on them, and make sure we’re highly communicative throughout the relationship.
        • We want to measure everything that we do, which sometimes requires some “creativity” on how we go about doing this. It is your responsibility to instill a company-wide strategy for how we measure and use data.
        • We’ve got some great successes to show for our work, but we want more! Our goal is to make every client a case study of success, and we need you to drive that challenge.
        • Technology changes daily, and you’ll be tasked with making sure our resources are knowledgeable about delivering the best solutions to our clients through training, conferences, certifications, and evaluation of vendor solutions.
        • For the love of eCommerce, we need to be evangelizing what we’re doing! Blog articles, webinars, and presentations are all tools you’ll be responsible for leveraging in order to grow our brand in the marketplace and spreading our passion for results.
        • We’ve got a great thing going here in Charleston, SC, where all of our team members are located, and we want you to be a part of it, so you need to already be in the area or willing to relocate. We are NOT looking for outside companies or contractors. This is a full-time position that requires your active participation as part of our team.
        Things you know/have done:
        • We need someone who has “walked the walk” with online marketing. So you’ll need to come to the table with some great examples of how you’ve used data-driven online marketing and optimization to deliver results.
        • Online marketing can apply to many different industries and verticals, but we’re all about eCommerce at Blue Acorn, so specific experience in the industry is as important as your ability to deliver results.
        • You’ve driven your family and friends away to the point that they’ve stopped inviting you to gatherings because all you do is talk about analytics and optimization. We need passionate people that love the fact that we’re able to use these incredible tools to identify how we can make a difference and measure the success that we’re having.
        • As a young company looking for leadership, you’ll need to have references that can attest to your ability to mentor, motivate, inspire, and lead the charge.
        • You’ve scoured the earth for the best optimization tools and resources out there. You’ve used the products, you know the “players,” and you follow them obsessively.
        • You’ve had dreams about spending a night out to dinner with Avinash Kaushik or Bryan Eisenberg, engrossing yourself in deep intimate conversations about analytics, data, and optimization.
        Things that will impress us:
        • If the bullet above wasn’t a dream, and you’ve actually had dinner with Avinash or Bryan ;)
        • We operate in a pretty technical environment here, so any experience interfacing with development teams, scrum project management methodologies, or any technical background you personally have would be helpful.
        • If you don’t have years of experience in a Director-level role prior and are looking to take the next step in your career by moving into such a role, that’s ok, so long as you meet the other criteria. We’re all looking to grow professionally and do bigger and better things, but tell us why you’re ready to step into this role now. What mentors have you had that might have shaped how you’ll succeed, and what are the lessons you’ve learned?
        • A strong grasp of the critical factors that will lead to your success in this role. You will be subject to tests that ask for you to walk-through a site and provide your optimization thoughts as part of the interview process.
        • Nothing is more impressive than past results. Show us what you’ve been able to deliver to clients. We’re not talking about a 1,000% improvement from a starting point of 1, we’re looking for examples of working with established companies and instilling improvements through these tactics.
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