Recruitment Director (2011-12 school year): Apply by March 27
TeachForAmerica - United States

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United States





In order to be considered for the recruitment director position, you must submit an online application and complete six action steps

by the application deadline on March 27

. We estimate it will take at least

three hours

to complete all the necessary activities. See full instructions in the Qualifications section at the bottom of the job description.

If you intend to apply for

both program director and recruitment director positions

, you should submit the applications for both roles on the same day.

Corps member experience is very strongly preferred for the recruitment director role.

In order to be respectful of your time, candidates who were not corps members

should only complete the online application at this time

. If we see an alignment between your background and this position, we will follow up with next steps. All corps members and alumni should complete all action items.

Position Summary

Teach For America seeks recruitment directors who will set and meet ambitious recruitment goals at a portfolio of schools in order to ensure that we realize our organization-wide growth plan. To maximize the overall quality, diversity, and size of the corps, these individuals will create a strategic plan and manage a team to execute recruitment campaigns at his or her set of campuses. Recruitment directors cultivate high-potential students on campus; develop and implement marketing plans; and build relationships with student leaders, faculty members, administrators, corps members and alumni. As part of a team that values leadership development, recruitment directors receive extensive training and ongoing coaching and professional development that enables them to achieve success while also positioning them for roles of even greater responsibility in the future.

Team Overview

The Recruitment team works to enlist this country's most promising future leaders in the movement to eliminate educational inequity. The team identifies and inspires thousands of potential corps members on college campuses and from multiple career sectors to apply to and join Teach For America. Additionally, the team is responsible for meeting our ambitious goals for the quality, growth and diversity of our corps.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Creating and managing an ambitious campaign to recruit talented, diverse students to join the corps. To do so, the recruitment director will:

Identify, cultivate, and influence top students to apply to and join Teach For America

Mobilize and invest outstanding corps members and alumni for recruitment efforts on campus

Build and maintain relationships with student leaders and key student groups

Invest administrators, faculty members, career service representatives, advisors, and other key gatekeepers to help execute an effective recruitment campaign

Communicate effectively with diverse audiences to deliver a compelling vision tailored to their motivations and interests

Managing campaigns to achieve ambitious goals through strategic planning and tight execution. To do so, the recruitment director will:

Set, define, and meet ambitious yet realistic goals that are aligned with larger organizational objectives

Utilize data to make the best decisions

Evaluate the effectiveness of individual strategies, the overall recruitment campaign, and the allocation of responsibilities to part-time paid campus representatives

Develop, implement, and track recruitment strategies designed to increase mass visibility on campus

Structure and delegate projects to ensure timely completion by campus representatives

Manage extensive internal and external communications

Working with teams across the organization to build the strength of our movement. To do so, the recruitment director will:

Participate in corps member selection and matriculation

Cultivate second year corps members and alumni for staff positions


Candidate Profile and Experience Prerequisites

Demonstrated experience:
Thriving in an entrepreneurial, fast-paced, diverse, results-oriented environment

Developing and cultivating relationships and networks in order to achieve results

Communicating with various audiences verbally and in writing in an engaging, inspiring way

Inspiring committed and positive action toward individual and organizational goals

Using data to develop accurate assessments and guide daily actions

Making informed and timely decisions and using sound judgment to prioritize actions

Tracking tasks and following through on execution plans

Exemplifying Teach For America's core values

Education and Experience

Bachelors degree required

Teach For America alumni highly preferred

2 to 5 years of work experience preferred


A driver's license may be required based on regional needs

Willingness to travel and work some weekends and evenings

Benefits and Salary

Salary for this position is competitive and depends on prior experience. In addition, a comprehensive benefits package is included.

Anti-Discrimination Policy and Commitment to Diversity

Teach For America seeks individuals of all ethnic and racial backgrounds to apply for this position. We are committed to maximizing the diversity of our organization and want to engage all those who can contribute to this effort.

How to Apply

In order to be considered for the recruitment director position, you must complete the following six action items

(see below for the full details):
Upload a resume through the online application

Answer the short answer questions in the online application

Submit a tracking document, formatted to 5 pages, that reflects the academic progress of your current students in the online application

Provide a link to a short video of you presenting to a group in the online application

Complete the Online Strategy Exercise

Respond to the Location Preferences Survey

Online Application - Due March 27:
Submit a


, which lists your undergraduate GPA.

Answer the

short answer questions

in the application.

Please note

: you do not need to submit a cover letter for this position.

Submit a

tracking document

that reflects the academic progress over time of your current students. This document will provide us with additional information about your approach to goal setting and your use of data to drive decisions and make changes as you work toward those goals.

If you are no longer teaching, please submit a tracking document from your last year of teaching.

There is no preferred format for this document; however, it must be formatted to print in 5 pages or less. If your tracking document is more than 5 pages, please submit the most relevant 5 pages.

Provide a link in the application to a short video of you presenting to a group

. The ability to speak compellingly to a group is a key quality for success as a recruitment director. We recognize that this part of the application process may be time consuming and appreciate your commitment to this part of the process. Please follow this


for instructions on uploading and submitting your video.

There is no preferred presentation so we encourage you to use a video you already have

, if it is less than 10 minutes and in a digital file format (.mov, .avi, etc.). The video can be of you teaching, giving a speech in college or at work, presenting to donors at a Teach For America gathering, or any other example of you speaking to a group.

If you do not have an existing video to submit or do not have a video in digital format, please choose one of the options below (Please note that we have found that it is usually easier to create a new recording than try to convert a non-digital file to a digital format).

Ask a colleague to use a digital device (camera, FLIP, cell phone, etc.) and record you teaching for up to 10 minutes. Upload the video.

Pretend you are at your alma mater and presenting to a senior political science class about Teach For America. You have 5 minutes. What would you say? Ask a friend to use a digital device to record you making this presentation, then upload the video.

Do not be concerned if it is not a professional quality video. A clip from a cell phone or digital camera will be sufficient.

Your video must be less than 10 minutes and in a digital file format

(e.g., .mov or .avi) because free video sharing websites limit the length of video you can upload and restrict the type of file format.

Because technology can sometimes be fickle, we strongly suggest giving yourself plenty of time before the deadline to upload your video using the linked directions. However,

difficulties with the video should not hold you back from applying for the recruitment director position.

If you have trouble locating, recording, or uploading a video, please submit the rest of your application and e-mail

to let them know the problem.

Additional Activities - Due March 27:

Complete the Online Strategy Exercise

that is meant to give you insight into the work that recruitment directors do on a daily basis.

The exercise will take 60 minutes to complete and must be done when you have uninterrupted access to the internet, as it will be timed and you cannot save your work or pause the timer.



to download the data you will need to reference during the exercise.

Please print the instructions and data sets.

When you have printed the workbook and reviewed the instructions, follow this


to complete the timed exercise:


Do not review the data sets or click on the link until you are ready to complete the exercise (i.e., you have one hour of uninterrupted time)


Respond to a brief survey

providing information about where you are willing to live and work as a recruitment director:

If you have any questions or concerns about the recruitment director application, please email


To link directly to this job listing, please use the following address: