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InfoZen does not have a JD to provide, so they have provided a candidate’s resume they extended an offer too. This resume is exactly the candidate InfoZen is looking for.

We are seeking a Senior Level Engineer. The candidate below declined our offer because he found a job closer to home.

Middle Tier Systems Engineer ( WAS, MQ Series, ADFS experience)

We prefer DHS/Public Trust or DoD Secret / TS.

Technical summary
Principal engineer experienced in system engineering and software development leadership positions that involve working on large complex software systems utilizing state of the art software development and operations management techniques. His talents include system architecture, systems engineering, system operations, performance engineering, and systems tuning. His expertise also includes developing software products using object oriented programming, graphical user interfaces, distributed databases, distributed systems, web development and Open systems multivendor interoperability techniques. He also has experience in Software Product Development, Custom Software Development, Full life cycle software development, Communication Systems, Government Contracting, Air Traffic Control Systems, Financial Systems, Consulting, Manufacturing Systems, Internet Service Providers, and Customer Support.


C++, Visual C++, C, Java, Perl, Pro*C, SQL, PL/SQL, Lex, XML, Yacc, Lisp, PHP, 4GL, XML, Xslt

Oracle, Informix, Sybase, DB2, ODBC, Microsoft Access, JDBC, MySql, Pointbase

Object Modeling Technique, Entity Relationship Modeling, Transaction Analysis, Protocol Simulation, Message Sequence Modeling, Class Relation, UML, RUP

UNIX, Windows NT/Win32, Symantec Cafe/Sun JDK, Visual Age for Java, xdb, gdb, emacs, rcs, sccs, Purify, Toad. Sql lab Expert, STL, Eclipse, ant, PureEdge
Forms Designer, WASD, Rational Developer.

AIX, HACMP, Red Had Linux, Windows Server 2003/2008, WebSphere Application Server (Versions 5,6,7), WebSphere Portal Server (Versions 5,6,7), WebSphere Clusting IBM FileNet, IBM DB2 Content Manager, IBM DB2 Records Manager, IBM DB2 Document Manager, IBM Http Server, Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli Enterprise Console/ITCAM, Sun One LDAP, VMWare, CA-SiteMinder, Business Objects, WebSphere MQSeries ESB.

TCP-IP sockets and streams, Ilog Server/Broker, SNMP, Corbra, J2EE, DCE/RPC, DNS, LDAP,
IMAP, HTTP, SOAP, Java RMI, Wire-Shark

Netscape Composer, Microsoft Front Page, Apache Web Server, Java Servlets, JSP, Jakarta Struts, EJB, Tomcat, Sun Application Server, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal Server, JRun, CA Site Minder, Business Objects, Google Analytics

Xwindow/Motif/Uil/Xlib, Ilog Views, Uimx, Win32, Visual C++/MFC/C#,
Java AWT/Swing, XVT Designer, Curses, HTML, JavaScript

Professional experience

2004 - Current
Principal Systems Engineer
  • Leads the team that Performs System and Web administration and sustainment tasks such as deploying and upgrading WebSphere Portal Clusters, DB2 Servers, DB2 Records Manager, SiteMinder, for the Army ECMS (Enterprise Content Management System) program.
  • Designed and developed web application for Air Force Material Command using servlets, xml, jdbc, and struts on JRun J2EE application server, NetScape Enterprise Server, and Oracle 9i.
  • Deployed custom web applications to WebSphere Portal Server.
  • Performed system admin functions to lockdown AIX and windows 2003/2008 servers in a secure DOD environment.
  • Developed Java software for monitoring WebSphere Portal application.
  • Perform monitoring functions with Tivoli Enterprise Console/Tivoli Monitoring System/ITCAM
  • Architecture, planning and deployment of Aix Hacmp clusters, IBM content manager, and WebSphere Portal Clusters.
  • WebSphere Portal Administration for US Army forms website.
  • Java performance tuning for WebSphere Application Server.
  • Designed and Deployed LDAP infracture for Sun ldap server in development and test environments.
  • Deployment and Administration of Business objects on Windows 2003 and Aix platforms.
  • Created detailed Standard operating procedures for production environments.
  • Perform management responsibilities such as write performance appraisals, interview/hiring of technical members on team, run design reviews, code deployments, weekly management reporting, status meetings, write up outage plans and after action reports.
  • Lead security accreditation effort for DIACAP/Authority to Operate.
  • Track down system problems with ldap, SSO/single sign on, firewalls, and reverse proxy servers.
  • Developed enhancements websites in php/mysql to support customers websites.
  • Developed php forms classes for customer fulfillment purposes.
  • Performed system administration for Linux and Bsd Unix systems.
  • Performed isp/system administration tasks for email, ldap, dns, web sites, and databases.
  • Implemented system integration of email/ldap and php on Linux.
  • Developed and implemented enhancements to mortgage processing application in
Informix 4gl.
  • Performed project management tasks such as resource planning and scheduling.
Consultant to Arinc in Annapolis, MD
  • Worked on enterprise transaction processing system for Trane that automates a local sales office supply chain management system remotely. System performs complex business rule checking before allow and order to be processed by Trane mfg.
  • Designed and developed middleware, protocols for distributed processing between enterprise system and mfg system in embedded sql , C/C++, stored procedures (PL/SQL), triggers, TCP/IP sockets on Hpux and Oracle.
  • Developed database classes for Windows 2000 Gui using Visual C++ , Sybase, Oracle, and rogue wave classes for Field order entry system using three tiered client/server techniques.
  • Designed system using UML/Rational Rose, event traces, and finite state machines.
  • Developed specialized algorithms prioritizing transactions to ensure transactions are run in the proper order.
  • Designed and developed a imaging viewing utility in Java using Swing, awt, and Java thread classes using Visual Café.
  • Designed and developed an imaging database in oracle and Java using jdbc classes.
  • Designed and developed a cdrom rom file system verification utility in Java.
Consultant to TRowe Price Information Technologies Inc in Owings Mills, MD
  • Worked on retirement a planning system on the internet using three tier client/server techniques. The system allows 401K participants to complete transactions such as moving balances, asset allocation, investment elections, and balance queries.
  • Developed on Solaris and Aix in C++.
  • Developed C++ cgi-bin programs to talk to DCE middleware servers and output dynamic HTML output to the web browsers Netscape and Internet Explorer.
  • Used shared memory to handle user session data and tcp/ip sockets to talk to cgi-bin web client launched by the webserver.
  • Developed reusable C++ classes to handle dynamic menu management for the web browsers.
Consultant to Arinc Aviation Systems Division in Annapolis, MD
  • Worked on Air Traffic Control System for Aircraft ground traffic from gates to runways. The system was designed to automate routine voice traffic from pilots and controllers to a data link to reduce VHF frequency congestion and Aircraft ground traffic jams.
  • Developed the system using object orientated software development techniques using C++ with Ilog Views for GUI and Ilog Broker/Server for distributed object communications using MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern on HP-UX.
  • Wrote design specifications and used object diagrams, event traces, and scenario diagrams to
document the object model.
  • Developed new screens for airport situation display for company tower that uses aircraft symbols and animation to simulate aircraft movement from messages avionics units in aircraft over Arincs ACCARS network.
  • Developed situation Airport display for FAA tower position using re-use techniques from company tower display.
  • Worked on distributing the airport display code from the object model into separate processes.
Consultant to Banctec Advanced Systems Development group in Silverspring, MD
  • Worked on the Reserve Bank of Boston Treasury Check imaging archival/retrieval system.
  • Designed and developed image transformation library for retrieval side of the system using Accusoft image library on HP-UX.
  • Developed test utility to load images into the system with embedded SQL and C for Informix.
  • Developed an algorithm to print multiple check images per page with Visual C++ for PC client application.
  • Added performance improvements in PC client application.
  • Reverse engineered to fix bugs in GUI application in ZINC C++ application framework and media management for hard disk, optical, and tape storage tiers.
  • Participated in functional specification development.
Consultant to Hughes Information Technology Inc. in Upper Marlboro MD
  • Participated in NASA's System Management Subsystem design for Earth Observation System Data Information System. Designed high level system scenarios that are used in designs with the Object Modeling Technique.
  • Used Software through Pictures/OMT case tool to capture Object Models, Event Traces, and Context Diagrams for high level design.
  • Evaluated object models for design consistency.
  • Evaluated object classes for those interface products such as Tivoli and HP OpenView into the management system.
  • Participated in C++ code reviews to ensure customer's code complies with C++ coding standards.
  • Evaluated customers SNMP MIB to ensure it confirms SNMP standards.
Intelligence Communications and Processing Systems, Member of Technical Staff
  • Designed and developed graphical user interfaces for client/server document imaging and forms processing system.
  • Project developed on HP-UX, Windows 3.1, Oracle, and tcp/ip.
  • Put enhancements in scanner application that is a front end to the document imaging/forms processing system using Visual C++ and MFC.
  • Designed and developed GUI screens using Motif 1.2, X11R5 and UIL.
  • Developed enhancement in system that required modifications to messaging and disk cache algorithms.
  • Developed enhancements in the system to interface it with a optical jukebox system for document archival and retrieval purposes.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts to automate maintenance administration functions on the system.
  • Developed SQL scripts to analyze the Oracle database.
  • Worked on Customer Information Distribution System that is used at GTE’s customer contact centers.
  • Developed graphical user interface using Uimx GUI builder interface with Telephone Operation’s Application Framework.
Software Engineering, Chief Software Engineer
  • Project Leader for Special Use Air Space Management System for FAA and Military.
  • Project Developed on Intel 486 platform under SCO UNIX, Oracle 7, Motif 1.2, X11R5, C, Pro*C, and SQL*Net.
  • Designed and developed Timer Daemons using Oracle stored procedures, C, named pipes, and TCP/IP TLI communications.
  • Designed and developed GUI screens using Motif , X11R5.
  • Developed protocol for sending messages from timer daemons to Motif Application.
  • Designed and Implemented complex pop dialog screens and callbacks using Motif and Xbae matrix widget sets.
  • Designed and developed interfaces between Oracle and C application using Embedded SQL and Pro*C.
  • Ported the software to Multiprocessor Pentium platforms.
  • Developed scheduling algorithms for state transition changes for Air Space using object oriented approaches. Developed Sunrise/Sunset algorithm.
  • Responsible for UNIX system administration, setting up ppp, and installing and configuring tcp/ip networks.
  • Developed a client-server project using informix, HP-UX, and C.
  • Responsible for developing a scheduling process that routes messages between a Windows PC application, communications process, and informix esql C program.
  • Developed and Designed protocol for communications between the PC and UNIX Box.
Systems and Network Control Engineering Group, Project Leader
  • Wrote and developed product design specifications with marketing, resource scheduled, and wrote detailed design specifications for networked system managers that controls an enhanced digital access communications system. Selected for software strategy committee that developed software standards to meet ISO-9000 software TICKET audit requirements.
  • Developed a prototype user interface under XWINDOW/MOTIF using X11R4, Motif 1.1.1, C, and posix using the motif widget set.
  • Participated in the Windows NT developers beta program and the Microsoft developers network.
  • Architect communications system features across multiple hardware platforms.
  • Designed and developed protocols to implement various communications features for monitoring and control of a wireless communications system in C.
  • Improved product quality and reduced alpha test cycle time resulting in saving the company millions of dollars.
Senior Software Engineer
  • Worked on the DEC scheduler client/server class job scheduler product with responsibilities such
as installation and software building procedures, customizable calendar, code management,
callable interface and testing for the product.
  • Member of the software team in critical product releases to help bring the product to a deliverable stage.
  • Developed X-window graphical user interfaces using UIL, Xtoolkit and Xt Intrinsics programming techniques, and callbacks and event handling techniques with Motif and DECwindows.
  • Learned networking skills with remote procedure call, decnet, TCP/IP sockets and OSF/1 DCE.
  • Worked on a client/server configuration management product.
  • Developed and enhanced installation procedures.
  • Provided customer support for critical software problems.
  • Worked in software development group that developed simulation tools for hardware engineers.
  • Developed a database system that stores simulation models for hardware engineers.
  • Developed a netlist translator in C that converted output from a schematic packager output to a hardware simulator netlist input format.
  • Trained Coop students in C programming language.
  • Carnegie-Mellon University, B.S Applied Mathematics/Computer Science
Certifications and Merits
  • Sun Certified Professional for Java Technology (SCJP 1.4)
  • Member of IEEE Computer Society
  • DOD Secret Clearance
Graduate Courses
  • Compiler Design, UNIX/Internals, Object-Oriented Programming with C++, Object Analysis and Design, Postscript, Structured Analysis and Design, Utilizing Unix Features from C, Introduction to Digital Communications, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, WebSphere Portal Administration, WebSphere Performance Scalability and High Availability, Fortify source code security analyzer
  • Digital Equipment Recognition Awards 1986, 1989
  • Merit Shares Ericsson-GE 1992, Dinner Award Ericsson-GE 1993
  • Gift Certificates GTE 1995
  • Bonus Arinc 1999, 2000
  • Bonus Enterprise Information Management Inc. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007,2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

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