Illustrator and Designer
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Illustrator and Designer (
      Job Number: 130000073 )

      · Provides original illustrations, design, and graphics consultation to Illinois Farm Bureau, selected affiliated companies, county Farm Bureaus, and outside corporate clients.
      · Works directly with clients from all levels of the organization to develop illustration and provide creative design and consultation for Farm Bureau communication projects, i.e., creating advertising and collateral materials for media and advertising campaigns, IFB Internet and intranet websites, seminars, and workshops. Produces website design, web graphics, video graphics, and presentation design and graphics.
      · Explains complex creative concepts for all levels of clients.
      · Works with printers and other outside vendors such as digital prepress companies, advertising specialty companies, and others to complete and coordinate graphics for clients as well as procure competitive bids from prepress vendors and offset printers.
      · Purchases digital input materials, art supplies, and computer supplies as needed.
      · Works with other Member Services and Public Relations personnel to provide staff services at corporate functions such as Leadership conference and Presidents conference.
      · Develops and implements a department system for publication advertising tracking and digital backup.
      · Works to design IFB annual meeting and promotional events communication materials such as special themes, brochures, programs, stage props, and all other communication needs.
      · Works as member of the creative team to help develop concepts and methods to implement promotional and advertising projects.
      Required Skills:


      Education equivalent to an associate’s degree in Design/Graphics Arts or similar field or the equivalent in related work experience.


      0-2 years working as a professional illustrator/designer.

      · Present for review a portfolio of samples of school and/or intern design projects.
      · Knowledge of digital prepress procedures and offset printing.
      · Creative illustration and design skills.
      · Work as a team member to provide creative input for graphic projects.
      · Demonstrates a basic use of page layout software, illustration software, and photo image software.
      Preferred Skills:


      College degree in Design/Graphics Arts or similar field.


      Two or more years working as a professional illustrator/designer.

      · Present for review a portfolio of samples of corporate/commercial design projects.
      · An understanding of the agriculture industry.
      · Knowledge of press procedures including writing technical specs for quotes and making corrections or alterations from a press proof.
      · Professional level original illustration and design skills.
      · Ability to analyze client needs and budget constraints then provide multiple unique creative solutions for the client to choose from for their design projects.
      · Ability to effectively sell products, ideas, and programs.
      · Demonstrates ability to communicate changes, updates, and progress of projects with clients, team members, and supervisors.
      · Demonstrates an expert level use of Adobe InDesign including the use of:
      1. Page setup: Rulers, grids, & guides. Pages and Spreads. Master pages. Layers.
      2. Text: Text Frames. Threading text. Creating path text. Text import filters. Exporting text.
      3. Formatting text: Format characters. Format paragraphs. Use of styles.
      4. Books, Table of Contents, and indexes.
      5. Drawing: PenTool, paths, shapes. Stroke palette. Corner effects.
      6. Importing, Exporting, and Managing Graphics: Vector graphics and bitmap images. Graphic formats. Exporting options.
      7. Transparency: Blending modes. Drop shadows. Feathering. Flattening.
      8. Color: RGB & CMYK & Pantone spot color modes. Swatches. Gradients.
      9. Trapping
      10. Export in PDF format: Format requirements from different vendors.
      · Demonstrates an expert level use of Adobe Photoshop including the use of:
      1. Workspace: Menu Bar. Status Bar. Toolbox. Palettes.
      2. Documents: Navigator Palette & Hand Tool. View & Duplicate. Image Size & Resolution. Canvas Size. Crop Tool. History Palette Basics. Saving Images.
      3. Image Modes & Color Selection: Color Picker. Color & Swatch Palettes. Eyedropper & Info Palette.
      4 Selections and Masks: Marquee Selection Tools. Lasso & Wand Selection Tools. Select Menu Commands. Transforming Selections.
      5. Layers and Blend Modes: Layers Palette. Move, Copy & Transform Layers.
      6. Type: Type Tool. Type Palettes and Text Warping.
      7. Painting Tools: Paint Bucket and Fill Command. Gradient, Pattern and Line Tools. Brushes and Fade Command. Pencil, Paintbrush and Airbrush Tools. Eraser Tools
      8. Retouching Tools: Blur, Sharpen, Smudge. Dodge, Burn, Sponge. Clone Stamp, History Brush, Art History Brush.
      · Demonstrates an expert level use of Adobe Illustrator including the use of:
      1. Workspace: Slicing and cutting tool gallery. User Interface. Files and templates. Recovery, undo, and automation.
      2. Drawing: Image trace. Drawing basics lines and shapes. Pen, Pencil, and Flare tool. Editing paths.
      3. Color: Adjusting colors. Color groups (harmonies). Create color themes with Kuler. Creating swatches.
      4. Painting: Gradient panel and Gradient tool. Brushes.
      5. Selecting and arranging objects: Duplicating objects. Grouping and expanding objects. Layers. Locking, hiding, and deleting objects. Moving, aligning, and distributing objects. Rotating and reflecting objects.
      6. Reshaping objects: Shape Builder tool. Combining objects.
      7. Importing, exporting, and saving: Adobe PDF options. Exporting artwork. Importing Adobe PDF files.
      8. Type: Character and paragraph styles. Creating type on a path.
      9. Creating special effects: Drop shadows, glows, and feathering. Graphic styles.
      10. Printing: Change the page size and orientation. Crop marks for trimming or aligning. Printer’s marks and bleeds

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