Clinical Coordinator
Catholic Health Initiatives - Dickinson, ND

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Job Summary:
Clinical coordinators provide administrative representation and clinical direction / assistance from 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm Monday - Friday and 24 hours weekends and holidays. Responsible for knowing the status of patients and staffing in the entire hospital and providing direction to all. Promote administrative decisions to physicians, staff, patients, and families and act as a positive change agent. Be an advocate for physicians, staff, patients, and families’, as well as a resource person and educator. Monitor quality of care issues as it pertains to staff and physician practices and encourages adherence to hospital policies. Assist in keeping the lines of communication open between administration, physicians, and staff.

Key Responsibilities

1. Emergency Department

a. Provide nursing back-up (i.e. taking patient histories, starting IV’s, etc)

b. Actively participate in disasters, traumas, and codes (refer to policies)

c. Assist in preparing the patients for surgery and transport to the OR

d. Obtain medications from the Omnicells.

e. Obtain supplies from Purchasing / CPD as needed

f. Obtain old medical records necessary for providing accurate and safe patient care

g. Provide direction for patient placement when nursing floors are nearing capacity, or understaffed

h. Transport admitted patients to the respective departments

i. Answer the telephone when ED nurses are busy with patients, as well as taking off doctors’ orders and entering the order into the computer.

j. Obtain new crash cart when one is used.

k. Call in the OR crew for emergency cases

l. Obtain / review surgical consent and pre-op checklist of patients going to surgery

m. Deal with families / direct traffic flow during code situations

n. Assist in the application of restraints as indicated or appropriate as defined by policy

o. Obtain food for patients in ED over meal time (i.e. diabetic patients who’ve not had supper)

p. Deliver lab specimens to the lab

2. Admissions

a. Obtain medical records for direct admissions (admitting staff pages the clinical coordinator)

b. Take all incoming public or media calls for which there is no one else in-house to take

c. Provide professional public relations

d. Manage difficult phone calls (incoming) for admissions clerk

e. Take paperwork of admitted patients to the units (i.e. armbands)

f. Escort direct admits to the respective units

g. Check preliminary census with nursing departments and make corrections as needed

h. Check the contents of incoming packages and direct to the appropriate area (i.e. lab specimens to Lab, medications to Pharmacy)

i. Obtain patient valuables envelope to be placed in the safe from the departments

j. Cover admitting desk when admissions clerk needs to leave the area (i.e. to use the restroom)

3. Laboratory

a. Sign blood / blood products out to all departments; to OR during emergency cases even when lab is in-house

b. Place specimens in microbiology fridge which are collected between 12:30 am and 5:30 am

c. Call in the on-call lab staff nor newly ordered lab work and lab work which was ordered to be done between 12:30 am – 5:30 am Friday night – Sunday night

d. Do blood sugars for lab during the off hours or when the lab is busy

e. Hold confused / uncooperative patients so lab can draw blood without causing harm to the patient

f. Do lab draws when lab staff are busy

4. X-Ray

a. Accompany / monitor critical / unstable patients during x-ray procedures

b. Call in x-ray / specials for procedures ordered after hours

c. Obtain prep (i.e. Barium) from x-ray department and deliver to the hospital department nurse as requested

d. Assist x-ray staff doing procedures after hours on patients requiring 2 or more assist

e. Copy x-rays to a disc for patients being transferred out and obtain the appropriate signed release

f. Accompany patients having an ultrasound done which requires a female staff be present. If Clinical Coordinator is a male, he’ll find the appropriate staff.

g. Copy x-rays to a disc as requested by physicians after hours

5. Respiratory Care

a. Obtain supplies from purchasing after hours

b. Obtain medications from Omnicells as needed

c. Obtain croup tents from CPD for pediatric admissions

d. Educate staff on the proper way to turn off an oxygen tank

e. Page for EKG, ABG’s, O2, etc. when requesting staff is unable and enter into the computer

6. Pharmacy

a. Fill out medication orders for hospital patients after hours; mix / prepare IV solutions for infusion

b. Transport supplies arriving on the bus from front desk.

c. Get supplies (i.e. IV solutions) from Omnicell after hours

d. Fill medication needs for Dickinson Ambulance and other Dickinson pharmacies under the direction of our hospital pharmacist

e. Obtain new crash cart after codes, placing yellow lock tags on medication drawers of used crash cart

f. Obtain PCA pumps for departments if one is ordered after pharmacy hours.

g. Educate and assist the staff in setting up the PCA

7. Rehab Services

a. Obtain supplies from purchasing as needed

b. Call in staff for swallowing evaluations, etc. that are ordered on the weekend or after hours

c. Medicate patients receiving treatments on weekends, evenings (i.e. give morphine IV to a burn victim receiving whirlpool treatment)

8. Security

a. Cover security issues during the hours in which they are not in-house

b. Provide direction to security when problems / situations arise

c. Staff security requests go through the clinical coordinator to insure appropriate use of security. The clinical coordinator pages security if indicated.

d. Give hospital status report to security when they are on duty, if staffed, so they are aware of any potential hazards and so they can manage their time adequately

e. Security advises clinical coordinator of anything suspicious, unusual, or hazardous he/she finds during rounds and we collaborate in problem solving / deciding on action, if needed

f. Decide if security is needed and call the police department, maintenance, or an RPR to assist (i.e. patient acting out in ER, suspicious person in the waiting area, etc.)

9. Housekeeping

a. Provide direction when problem situations / issues arise. Housekeeping reports anything unusual / suspicious to the Clinical Coordinator.

b. Provide direction for departmental requests (i.e. “can I finish buffing before I clean the labor room?”)

c. Obtain supplies from purchasing (i.e. floor wax)

d. Direct housekeeping to do laundry on weekends / holidays when departments are low or out. Call staff in if needed

e. Have housekeeping clean surgical suite if used after hours

10. Surgical Services

a. Transport surgical patients to OR. Assist in transport back to medical department

b. Call in the OR crew for emergency cases

c. Obtain medications for emergency surgical

d. Review and sign the pre-op checklist

e. Assist in preparing the patient for surgery

f. Contact x-ray staff when c-arm is required

g. Transport lab specimens from OR to lab

h. Enter order if surgical team is unable

i. Cross check surgery schedule and update as needed. Notify appropriate departments of changes.

j. Receive surgery cancellation requests, update schedule, and communicate changes as appropriate

k. Notify Day Surgery nurse in a.m. of staff sick-calls. Cover during the night if needed

l. Obtain supplies from purchasing / CPD

m. Sign out blood / blood products from the lab and bring them to OR as needed

n. Obtain SCD units from OR and take to departments when ordered after hours

o. Direct family or surgical patients to OR waiting room, unlock door. Provide comfort measures as appropriate.

p. Obtain hospital bed from department and take to OR for patient post-surgery (i.e. post hip surgery patient so we only need to transfer patient one time)

q. Do pre-op phone calls to the patients whom Day Surgery could not reach

11. Dietary

a. Fill any dietary needs as requested by hospital departments (i.e. meals after hours, tube feedings, etc.)

b. Provide direction to dietary staff regarding any issues / concerns

12. Purchasing / CPD

a. Notify the on-call staff of any needs (i.e. last crash cart used, last c-section set up used

b. Fill any supply needs as requested by the hospital departments (i.e. isolation set-up, dressings, etc.)

c. Turn off the sterilizer and open the door under the direction of the CPD staff

d. Clinical Coordinator is in charge of the key to be given to the Fire Department for the control of panel in CPD in case of an emergency

e. Accompany Home Health staff into Purchasing to fill supply needs, usually for newly acquired patients

13. Health Information Management

a. Obtain a release of information form, and fax medical records to any facilities requesting patient information in an emergency situation

b. Notify the on-call transcriptionist of stat reports dictated and needed

c. Bring all charts of discharged patients from departments and place in designated HIM area.

d. Access patient information via computer and search for old records as requested by physicians, departments, and other facilities. If unable to locate charts, evaluate necessity of calling HIM staff and do so if indicated.

e. Access patient information on microfilm and print out as needed for safe patient care

14. Med Quest

a. Incoming calls from people requesting medical equipment are referred to the clinical coordinator. We provide information and determine if it’s appropriate to call in Med Quest staff.

15. KDU

a. Obtain information for charts for current dialysis patients from KDU and deliver to the requesting department (i.e. ED)

b. Obtain supplies from Purchasing / CPD

c. Provide lifting help for patients needing greater than 2 assist

d. Transport patients from the hospital unit to dialysis in the a.m. if hospitalized and scheduled for dialysis.

16. Social Services

a. Clinical Coordinator monitors all social services requests on weekends / holidays and call in on-call Social Worker if appropriate

b. Fill out medication voucher for ER patients in need of medications but cannot afford them.

17. Physicians

a. Be available to provide support and answer questions regarding hospital policies and procedures

b. Obtain supplies requested by physicians for procedures done when purchasing / CPD is closed

c. Assist physicians with procedures when no one else in the department is available to do so (i.e. assist physician in suturing a trauma patient in ED)

d. Locate charts / patient information requested by physician

e. Listen to physician concerns and problem solves issues. Refer as appropriate.

18. BK, MSP, ICU

a. Obtain needed supplies from any department which is closed

b. Assist with patient care any time it’s busy to avoid calling in extra staff unnecessarily

c. Transport patients transferred from one department to another

d. Determine appropriateness of overflowing patients to another department related to census, staffing, and patient status

e. Assist with difficult procedures to avoid calling in extra staff unnecessarily (i.e. start an IV to avoid calling an anesthesiologist)

f. Listen to, and problem solve, any staff or patient concerns

g. Obtain medications from Omnicell on new orders, or missing medications.

h. Monitor newborn(s) in nursery or on floor while staff involved in a delivery

i. Continually monitor hospital staffing. Reallocate resources as conditions change, call in staff if needed, send staff home on low census if indicated. Also, do routine staffing of departments for the upcoming shift.

j. Run specimens to lab. Assists director in other related duties as required and assigned.


Graduate of an accredited school of nursing required.

Bachelor of Science degree preferred.

Minimum of three (3) years experience preferred.

Previous supervisory experience preferred.

Current RN licensure in the state of employment.

BLS, ACLS & PALS certification required.

Valid driver’s license and auto insurance preferred.

Additional Responsibilities:
Demonstrates a commitment to service, organization values and professionalism through appropriate conduct and demeanor at all times.

Adheres to and exhibits our core values:
Having a profound spirit of awe and respect for all creation, shaping relationships to self, to one another and to God and acknowledging that we hold in trust all that has been given to us.

Moral wholeness, soundness, uprightness, honesty and sincerity as a basis of trustworthiness.

Feeling with others, being one with others in their sorrows and joys, rooted in the sense of solidarity as members of the human community.

Outstanding achievement, merit, virtue; continually surpassing standards to achieve/maintain quality.

Maintains confidentiality and protects sensitive data at all times.

Adheres to organizational and department specific safety standards and guidelines.

Works collaboratively and supports efforts of team members.

Demonstrates exceptional customer service and interacts effectively with physicians, patients, residents, visitors, staff and the broader health care community.

Catholic Health Initiatives and its organizations are Equal Opportunity Employers


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