Infant/Toddler Head Teacher
The Applewood Learning Center - Londonderry, NH

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Applewood's philosophy is based on respect for children, their cultural background, natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. The program strives to provide children with opportunities to learn to play, to give and take, and to experience with his or her whole body. Play is a major avenue for learning. It not only provides motor skills - it allows children to translate knowledge, feelings and fantasies into action. Applewood's setting offers a combination of personal and social support in a non-competitive, individualized atmosphere.

The staff at Applewood serves as facilitator, resource, and friend to children and families, and recognizes the family as the principle influence and guidance in the development of the child. Applewood focuses on the whole child - his or her emotional, social, cognitive and physical development - giving the child full support during the time spend away from home. Applewood strives to work in the child's and family's interest, to actually support and strengthen the family. It is of primary importance that every member of the center feel respected in their choices and valued for their individual differences.

All staff members abide by the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct.

All staff are members of the teaching team and as such, share the responsibility for the well-being and safety of the children enrolled in the program. They also share in the development and implementation of the daily program and those activities that relate to the curriculum and philosophy of the program.

The Head Teacher is responsible for the overall management of the classroom.


  • Assume overall responsibility for daily routines: plan, coordinate, and oversee the classroom curriculum, with the children as the focus; conduct weekly team meetings regarding curriculum and children.
  • With the assistance of other team members, maintain, update and clean the classroom environment and adjoining areas; be responsible for the care of materials and equipment indoors and outdoors; take initiative in developing, upgrading, repairing and supplementing interest areas.
  • Communicate openly and frequently with families in the classroom; involve families, as much as possible, in the classroom on an on-going basis, by advertising plans ahead of time; keep informed as to parent's professions, places of work and interests; recommend parent workshops to the Director.
  • Interact with children frequently, affectionately, and respectfully at the child’s level.
  • Be available and responsive to children’s needs, questions, and requests.
  • Acknowledge children’s feelings with sensitivity and model appropriate social behavior.
  • Develop, prepare and implement the planned daily activities in the classroom.
  • Provide anti-bias, non-sexist language, images, and experiences that counter stereotypes.
  • Maintain classroom supplies either directly or through delegation.
  • Greet families and visitors in a friendly demeanor. Comment on the child’s day with specific anecdotes to share.
  • Communicate directly to resolve conflicts and avoid gossip. Raise issues confidentially with staff and administration.
  • Discuss concerns and/or issues about specific children with the team on an on-going basis; make recommendations to the Director for social services and/or medical needs of children; initiate follow-up steps with the family.
  • Maintain and frequently check an active email account to give and receive communication with fellow staff and administration. Applewood’s computers are available for this purpose.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding children, families and staff both in the center and externally.
  • Ensure continuity of care for children by reporting to work on time, maintaining consistent attendance, adhering to staff schedules, and demonstrating flexibility to adjust work schedule as needed.
  • Demonstrate flexibility and openness to new ideas and professional growth. Maintain and document the required number of professional development hours annually.
  • Maintain a State of NH Early Childhood Credential.
  • Maintain and follow all safety and health rules of the center. Follow state and federal health and safety guidelines.
  • Supervise children by sight and sound at all times. Be aware of the entire group while working with small groups or individuals.
  • Know the number of children in direct care and maintain ratios at all times.
  • Be aware of medical or allergy conditions of the children in each group including which things to avoid, symptoms of distress, and where to locate medicine and first aid supplies.
  • Ensure that children’s needs are met as needed including meals or snacks being served every three hours and diapering occurring every two hours.
  • Assist in diapering and toileting, as required, maintaining proper hygiene.
  • Disinfect toys daily. Disinfect nap mats/cots weekly. Assist with laundry. Empty recycling and trash as needed.
  • Attend all staff meetings and in-service trainings.
  • Report to the Office Administrator the needs for equipment and supplies, as well as repair and maintenance needs; take periodic inventory of the classroom; be responsible for petty cash expenditures.
  • In cooperation with the Director, offer referral information to families for formal evaluation of a child's developmental assessment.
  • In cooperation with the team, maintain records and all necessary forms, including attendance, daily jobs, diet and allergy information, emergency form info and substitute folders.
  • Supervise classroom staff and evaluate the teachers and assistants in the classroom on an annual basis; prepare staff development plans for the individual teachers in the classroom; maintain records on the follow-through of staff development.
  • Address children/classroom/personnel issues in the team at classroom meetings; consult with the Director on these issues as necessary.
  • Assist the Director in gathering information for the merit bonuses.
  • Perform other duties as instructed.

In cooperation with the teaching team:

  • Maintain the health and safety of children, self, and co-workers at all times.
  • Safely implement evacuation or lock-down during emergency drills or in actual emergencies.
  • Welcome families and community members into the classroom by creating a positive, nurturing environment.
  • Develop trusting relationships with the children and families by creating a positive, nurturing environment.
  • Learn about each child and their family (including values, beliefs, ethnicity, cultural background, etc.) and use this knowledge to guide curriculum development and to build a relationship with the family.
  • Plan and coordinate daily activities in the classroom ensuring balanced offerings of cognitive, emotional, social, physical, health & safety, and language development; participate in and be prepared for weekly planning meetings.
  • Plan cooperatively with the teachers and arrange field trips, when appropriate to the age; convey necessary information on the trip to the families; distribute permission slips; inform the Director about the details of the field trip.
  • Provide positive guidance for children.
  • Maintain, update and clean the classroom environment and adjoining areas; be responsible for the care of materials and equipment indoors and outdoors; assist in the development and implementation of interest areas.
  • Schedule, prepare and conduct parent conferences in cooperation with other teachers in the classroom. Maintain written records on all children.
  • Conduct on-going assessment of children's development.
  • Supervise assistants, support teachers, student teachers and volunteers.
  • Communicate openly and frequently with families in the classroom; encourage parents to participate in the program.
  • Discuss concerns about children/staff/classroom/work environment with the Director and the Administrative Team.
  • Maintain good interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to work as part of a team.
  • Maintain certification in Infant/Child CPR, First Aid and Water Safety.
  • Eat meals with children, serving as a positive role model.
  • Maintain required classroom paperwork.

The Head Teacher is responsible for developing a cohesive unit within the classroom and for creating a vision for the children and the classroom that is based on Applewood's philosophy.

At Applewood, all staff should expect to:

  • Kneel to address children at eye level.
  • Be able to demonstrate motor activities that may include running, hopping, jumping, dancing, and full body motions.
  • Be able to respond to a child in danger.
  • Lift and carry children.
  • Get on the ground with children in the event of fire and help them crawl to safety.
  • Be able to respond to a child’s periodic aggressive behavior.
  • Maintain mental and physical alertness and appropriate level of energy.

Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field (i.e., education, child study) and a minimum of 3 years teaching experience in an early childhood classroom.

Must demonstrate warmth, understanding of young children and families, and enthusiasm for hard work. Willingness to respect and work with families with differing values, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Ability to show imagination and flexibility in classroom planning, skill and creativity in staff supervision , an open and professional attitude, and a sense of humor.

During employment, all employees must attend the following: Child Care Licensing Orientation and Early Learning Guidelines Training.

Must be committed to professional development.

The Head Teacher reports to the Director.

This position is a supervisory position scheduled to begin April 2013. This position includes working with children from six weeks through three years.