Fourth Year Au.D Externship
Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, Durham, NC - Durham, NC

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The Durham VA Medical Center has 2 openings for students to complete their 4th Year Au.D. Externship. Our Audiology clinic provides comprehensive care to veterans, including:
Diagnostic testing
Physiologic measures: OAE, ABR, ASSR
Hearing aids (REAR measures on every patient)
Balance/Vestibular clinic (oculomotor testing, rotary chair, posturography, VEMPs)
Implant Clinic: Cochlear implants (assessment, intraoperative NRT/ART, mappings), BAHA (assessment and follow-up) and VSB (middle ear implants).
Cerumen management
Our Audiology clinic includes 4 full sound-suites, 3 delegated fitting rooms, 2 Labs, Vestibular Center, and a Cochlear implant Lab in addition to staff offices and common areas. Our 2013-2014 Audiology staff will include our chief, 7 FT Audiologists, 1 Health Tech, 2 Clerks, 4 Fourth Year Externs and up to 6 rotating Au.D. trainees from local universities.
Staff and 4th years work compressed tours: 10 hours per day (7:30 AM - 5:30 PM), 4 days per week. This allows for 3 day weekends, in addition to 10 paid holidays each year. Position also comes with 10 days of paid annual leave, and 10 days of paid sick leave. Candidate will have option to purchase health care coverage, if desired.
We pride ourselves on being a close-knit staff - everyone of our audiologists have worked here full time since their CF/4th year. We support each other professionally (collaborate in clinic), personally (birthdays and baby showers), and enjoy participating in fund-raising/outreach projects as a group (Adopt-a-Family at Christmas, bake sales, silent auctions etc).
Yes 1 2 Everyday Everyday Everyday 0 17673 8 Regularly Dr. Jennifer Raper Everyday 17678,17674 Rarely Regularly Everyday Never Please email Dr. Raper with letter of intent and resume. We will not wait until application deadline to hire - will begin interviewing candidates as soon as applications received, and will make selections as soon as qualified candidates identified. If application is selected, we will contact candidate for phone or in-person interview, and may request letters of recommendation at that time. Resume,Letter of request/intent As Needed 4 No Yes Regularly Yes 3 * Ability to work well with others, and share space/supplies with other 4th years and staff.* Ability to take instruction, and willingness to adapt to different methods of testing and documentation when needed.* Good understanding of diagnostic testing (including masking).* Familiarity with hearing aids.* Good patient rapport and general counseling skills.* Desire to work with general or adult population. Everyday Yes Perform telehealth hearing aid fittings at Greenville CBOC once a week (select 4th years will be afforded opportunity to travel for that, government vehicle is provided). Also affiliated with Duke University and UNC (some staff teach classes and participate in joint research projects). None. Will contact university if there is a problem which cannot be resolved during students traineeship, and will complete and submit periodic evaluations as required by individual universities. Regularly Regularly Externs are alloted a 5 hour block each week (without scheduled patients), during which they can catch up on paperwork, perform clinic duties and pursue continuing education (review journals, complete online courses etc). Also, Authorized Absence (paid) is granted by chief on individual basis to attend national trainings (such as AAA) and hearing aid manufacturer trainings. Rarely 0 Rarely Never 3 Everyday Yes 0 You must enter a contact person's email. Interested candidates may have opportunity to assist staff members with vestibular research (potential projects pending). Yes Regularly Regularly Regularly Regularly 0 May 1, 2013 * Will be fully proficient in adult diagnostic testing, utilizing both subjective and objective test measures as needed.* Will be able to easily identify and document non-organic hearing loss.* Will be comfortable working independently to perform accurate testing, assess hearing needs, counsel patients and order/fit hearing aids.* Will be proficient in composing electronic progress notes (both using templates and free-writing).* Will be comfortable in assessment/rehab of CIs and vestib diagnostics (should these be desired areas of interest).* Will be comfortable communicating with other professionals (PCs, nurse practioners, ENT, SLPs or other staff members) in order to coordinate pt care.