Contract Attorney-Family Law Experience
Affordable Family Attorneys dot Net - Bowling Green, MO

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We are an Internet matching service which advertises reduced price legal representation by contracted local attorneys. We do not practice law, prepare documents, evaluate cases or provide legal advice. We are strictly a sales and service company. There is no fee or cost for contract attorneys to be part of our network.

We pay contract counsel the sum of $250 to create all the initial documents/pleadings that need to be filed in court.

Any additional pleadings should be billed directly to the client/member at a rate of $50 per document. The exceptions to this are Joint Parenting agreements and Marital Settlement Agreements, which should be billed at a rate of $125.

The Court appearance fee (which is paid by client/member) will be quoted based upon approximate travel time for the attorney:

00 – 15 minutes = $250 per appearance
15 – 30 minutes = $300 per appearance
30 – 60 minutes = $375 per appearance
60 – 90 minutes = $450 per appearance
90 minutes or more = to be negotiated at the time of case acceptance

The client/member is responsible for all filing fees.

Clients/members are matched to local attorneys based on availability and distance to courthouse. Clients/members matched by our group should be treated as any client the network attorney would retain privately except with regard to our limited pricing schedule.

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