Senior Operations Engineer
Mixbook - Palo Alto, CA

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As a Senior Operations Engineer at Mixbook, you'll craft the most advanced, high-traffic, self-healing web application infrastructure known to mankind, using your bare hands, servers, and money. You start with a well-functioning system built on both traditional and cloud infrastructure--we're a hardcore Ruby on Rails shop using MySQL and Redis for persistence and Chef for configuration of our Debian-based boxes. From day 1 you'll get your hands dirty shipping new features to the delight of our customers and once you've mastered the existing infrastructure, you'll embark on your mission to take Mixbook's infrastructure to a new, envy-of-the-world, everyone reading our blog posts about it, level of greatness.

Must Haves

Bachelor degree in Computer Science from a reputable program, and other evidence of solid fundamentals and raw smarts.

5+ years experience with systems, operations, and software development

Passion for infrastructure and operations. It's your first choice.

Self starter, self motivated. Gets things done. Unstoppable, unblockable, you get results. You set the bar instead of expecting someone else to.

Expert in *nix systems administration.

The ability to see past our 35 year old (in dog years) Web 1.0 website. Don't let our Honda Civic disguise fool you, we've got a Tesla drivetrain and while we've been content to fly (drive?) under our competitor's radar for a time, we'll be taking our disguise off soon.

These Are Good Too

Experience with stuff we use: Chef, HAProxy, Nginx, Unicorn, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Memcache, Redis, EC2, S3, Debian.

Serious DBA chops, i.e. you know how to fix a broken MySQL slave and offer practical design alternatives to fix a slow query.

What's in it For You

Glory. We are on a mission to create a web application infrastructure that is the envy of the world. Within 3 years we'll be fanning out to conferences to speak about the solutions you've designed and built. Your name will be counted among the rockstars of Operations in this decade.

Money. We pay well and offer good benefits including health, dental, vision, and 401k. We had our first profitable year in 2009, revenues grew over 300% in 2011, and we've kept the company small--each person that joins has a substantial stake in our success. We are a small but treacherous part of a $25B industry that's ripe for disruption and our roadmap is a combination of low hanging fruit (with which we likely double revenues in under a year, again) plus weapons of mass disruption that will transform the industry and set us on an even steeper growth trajectory.

About Mixbook

Founded in 2007 by a couple of engineers from UC Berkeley and based in Palo Alto, CA, Mixbook is the most frightening competitive threat in the photo printing and photo sharing space if you’re Shutterfly or Snapfish. To millions of others we’re known for offering the best Photo Book and Photo Card creation experience available, making it possible for folks to create a truly unique and personal gift of the memories they cherish.