Intelligence Officer (Liaison)
Defense Intelligence Agency - Maryland

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As a member of the United States Intelligence Community, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is a Department of Defense combat support agency. With over 12,000 military and civilian employees worldwide, DIA is a major producer and manager of foreign military intelligence. We provide military intelligence to warfighters, defense planners, and defense and national security policymakers in the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community in support of U.S. military planning and operations and weapon systems acquisition. We invite you to learn how you can become a valued member of the DIA team.

DCIPS Pay Band and GG Equivalent

This is an Occupational Band 3 job in the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS). Band 3 duties are at the full performance level, and are equivalent to those at the GS/GG 11, 12, and 13. The selectee's salary will be set within the band equivalent to a GS/GG grade based on the selectee's qualifications in relation to the job.

We are committed to:
Service to our country, our community, and our fellow citizens.

Dedication, strength, and urgency of purpose to provide for our nation's defense.

Customer-Focus in the products and services we provide.

Integrity and accountability in all of our actions and activities.

Commitment to inquiry, truth, and continuous learning.

Creativity and innovation in solving problems, discovering facts, and creating knowledge.

Teamwork through internal and external partnerships.

Leadership at all levels within Defense Intelligence and the Intelligence Community.

  • U.S. Citizenship - Drug Test - Security Investigation

Additional Duty Location Info:

The incumbent serves as an Intelligence Specialist responsible for performing liaison duties on behalf of the Agency or COCOM to federal and/or international offices, individuals, or organizations (e.g. Congress, federal departments and Agencies, other Intelligence Community organizations, and foreign intelligence services or embassies). As such, incumbent participates and prepares intelligence information reports on information obtained in the role of liaison. Works in partnership with many individuals and organizations to satisfy customer needs for technical intelligence information. Shares information and recommends approaches on customer issues and inquiries. Reviews requests, bills, and/or reports and recommends responses to reports back to domestic and/or international requestor in accordance with the Agency or COCOM strategic goals.

In direct support for U.S. Cyber Command:
  • Responsible for conducting substantive intelligence information liaison on behalf of the Agency's or COCOM's intelligence mission to component information exchange/release organizations in the Agency or to one or more federal, private, or foreign organizations such as follows:
Foreign: Evaluates and advises on military intelligence to foreign governments and international organizations. Provides support to U.S. Commands, OSD policymakers and U.S. Defense Attaches to enhance foreign intelligence exchange relationships. Prepares and participates in foreign and domestic disclosure training and policy development. Proposes authorization or denial of information to be released in support of existing agreements.
Government: Conducts liaison with seniors interacting with other Intelligence Community federal government agencies, such as the Offices of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) to include the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, and other senior OSD officials. Conducts research, drafts, reports, and/or alerts production elements to national security issues that are developing to allow production to be guided in channels directly supporting national policy formulation, and/or;
Public Affairs: Conducts liaison on behalf of the Agency or COCOm with the host agency counterpart in other Intelligence Community organizations, or foreign countries, to obtain intelligence information in response to requirements and questions furnished by DIA or the COCOM, as well as through print, radio, television, internet, and other media to the general public or other federal agencies and/or;
Congressional: Participates in preparing reports/responses to Congressional Directed Actions (CDAs) and other formal requests for information. Works in partnership with various individuals and organizations to satisfy Congressional needs for technical intelligence information. Shares information and recommends approaches on Congressional issues and inquiries, and/or;
  • Evaluates the relationship between the Agency or COCOM, other U.S. agencies, organizations/entities or foreign country counterparts. Briefs key U.S. officials on regional developments. Monitors the use of classified information systems between DIA or the COCOM and counterparts and facilitates the expansion of those systems, as needed.
  • Provides policy and procedural guidance concerning the release of military intelligence to U.S. or foreign governments, international exchange agreements, organizations and/or entities. Establishes and maintains standard operating procedures and policies at DoD and Agency foreign rules and regulations.
  • Participates with liaison staff members on official committees. Reviews requests, bills, and/or reports and summarizes changes to liaison staff members. Assists in preparation for testimony, maintains contact with members of official federal or foreign offices and their staff, and coordinates meetings, hearings, and other contacts.
  • Prioritizes long and short range assignments to meet deadlines. Mentors and arranges training for subordinates.
  • Represents the Agency or COCOM at DoD and other Intelligence Community conferences/meetings and presenting and defending Agency or COCOM positions.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Assignments require knowledge of a full range of concepts, principles, and practices in intelligence and skill in applying this knowledge to difficult work assignments. A thorough and detailed knowledge of and skill in applying analytical and evaluative techniques for developing new or modified intelligence processes to identify, evaluate, and recommend solutions to issues and/or problems. Possesses comprehensive knowledge of the activities, programs, structure, and function of the U.S. Intelligence Community; the U.S. Intelligence Communityüs relationship with other intelligence organizations and the regulations and processes on disclosure of classified material and sharing/exchange of intelligence.

Other Requirements

Applications must be received by MIDNIGHT (Eastern Time) of the closing date of the announcement, unless otherwise waived prior to the vacancy announcement's closing date. For questions, or to receive reasonable accommodations regarding the submission of your application, please contact our customer service representative at 202-231-5500 no later than 3 p.m. Eastern Time of the closing date of the vacancy announcement.

May be required to perform duty at other operating locations.

Relocation (permanent change of station) costs may not be authorized.

Current Federal employees (non-DIA) must also submit a copy of the SF50, notification of personnel action, that documents their appointment to or promotion to the highest grade held.

All DIA employees are subject to world-wide deployment to crisis situations and may be required to serve anywhere in the world.

All DIA employees are subject to initial and aperiodic counterintelligence-scope polygraph tests.

Availability for shift work, extended hours, and travel is required for this position.

All employees are required to sign an agreement not to disclose, in any fashion, classified information to unauthorized persons. An agreement is also required to authorize agency pre-publication review of certain material prior to disclosure during and after employment with DIA.

DIA is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified candidates will be considered regardless of political affiliation, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, personal favoritism, protected genetic information, or other non-merit factors. DIA provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities, as appropriate. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please contact the servicing Human Resources Specialist/Manager.

If you are claiming 5-points Veterans' preference, you must submit a copy of your DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, or other documentation that supports your claim. Applicants claiming 10 points veterans' preference must submit a DD-214 and Standard Form 15, Application for 10-Point Preference, as well as required documentation indicated on the form. Lack of supporting documentation will result in the Agency's inability to recognize veteran status for this announcement.

Employees must participate in the DoD Direct Deposit/Electronic Fund Transfer of Pay (DD/EFT) Program, with net pay deposited directly into the employee's account of choice at his/her designated financial institution.

Qualifications and Evaluations

All applicants must be U.S. citizens and are subject to a thorough background inquiry.

Mandatory Assessment Factors
1. Seeks out opportunities to increase knowledge sharing with others within the team or unit
2. Develops solid relationships with customers through regular contact to understand needs
3. Drafts memorandum of agreement/understanding with identified groups to formalize exchanges of information
4. Maintains internal and external networks to facilitate cooperation and information exchange
5. Experience working with foreign partners within the Intelligence Community that would allow the applicant to establish and expand multinational partnerships and inter-agency relationships in support of the US CYBERCOM Intelligence Directorate

Highly Desired Assessment Factors
1. Experience working in a highly dynamic COCOM and/or inter-agency environment in direct or indirect support of real-world missions
2. Experience coordinating/assisting foreign partner and coalition forces participation in strategic level exercises

You must possess 1 year of specialized experience at the level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the next lower qualifying band or equivalent GS/GG level, which is directly related to the position being filled. Your experience must demonstrate possession of the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies to successfully perform the duties of the position.

Please note that some occupational series have specific mandatory education and/or experience qualification requirements, therefore we recommend that you refer to the appropriate Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Qualification Standard for additional detail regarding how your education and experience will be evaluated (
All qualification requirements must be met by the closing date of the announcement.

DIA will evaluate your online application to ensure it demonstrates the knowledge, skills, abilities, work experience, and mandatory education (if applicable) required to successfully perform the duties of the advertised position. We will also evaluate your responses to the mandatory position-related assessment factors to ensure they are substantiated in your application (work experience). If our evaluation demonstrates that you meet the position's requirements, your application will be forwarded for further consideration.

Other Information: This announcement may be used to fill additional vacancies during the next 90 days.

Applicants must ensure work experiences clearly demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter pertinent to the position and the technical skills to successfully perform the duties of the position.

Your application cannot be processed without your responses to the mandatory position-related assessment factors. In addition, your application will be used for the qualifications review/verification process.

If you submit responses to the mandatory position-related assessment factors but not a complete application, you cannot be considered for the position. Your application will be appropriately documented and you will be removed from competition.

You are not required to submit responses to the highly desired assessment factors, but it is encouraged. DIA uses the highly desired assessment factors to identify the best qualified applicant in cases where several applicants appear to be comparatively qualified based upon their application and responses to the mandatory position-related assessment factors.

Your online application must clearly indicate that you possess the education and mandatory qualification requirements for this position, as specified in this vacancy announcement. Please note that some vacancy announcements may not specify education and/or mandatory qualification requirements, therefore we recommend that you refer to the appropriate Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Qualification Standard for additional detail regarding how your education and experience will be evaluated (

In addition to the qualifications identified in this vacancy, there is also a time-in-band/grade requirement. Current civilian federal employees must have 52 weeks time-in-band/grade by the closing date of the vacancy announcement. Time-in-band/grade is the 52-week requirement federal civilian employees must serve at the next lower band/grade before they are eligible for promotion or within-band salary advancement to the next higher GGE. The time-in-band/grade requirement applies only to applicants who have held a federal civilian position within the last 52 weeks.

For each of the following mandatory (required) assessment factors use the drop-down menu to select a response from the choices below (A-E) that best describes your highest level of training and/or experience in performing the task.

A - Lacks education, training or experience in performing this task
B - Has education/training in performing task, not yet performed on job
C - Performed this task on the job while monitored by supervisor or manager
D - Independently performed this task with minimal supervision or oversight
E - Supervised performance/trained others/consulted as expert for this task

For each of the following highly desired assessment factors (optional) select "Yes" or "No" from the drop-down menu as your response. Ensure your affirmative responses are supported in the appropriate section of your application.

Benefits and Other Info

Please visit our web site, Under the “Employment” heading on our web site, you will find a listing of benefits available to DIA employees.

NOTE: DIA positions are in the Excepted Service under 10 USC 1601 appointment authority. All candidates must be U.S. citizens and are subject to a thorough background inquiry and any required medical examinations. All applicants conditionally selected for this position and all DIA employees are subject to initial and periodic counterintelligence-scope polygraph tests. All applicants conditionally selected for this position will be required to submit, prior to appointment, to urinalysis, to screen for illegal drugs. Employees are required to sign an agreement not to disclose, in any fashion, classified information to unauthorized persons. All civilian employees are required to participate in the DoD Direct Deposit/Electronic Fund Transfer of Pay Program. All candidates will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation. Veterans who are preference-eligible or who have been separated from the armed forces under honorable conditions are encouraged to apply.

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