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This is a responsible technical and professional position in water resources management, water supply planning, water rights and water quality protection, hydrology, and water rights engineering. Work involves responsibility for assisting in the research, analysis, planning, protection, and operation of the City of Westminster's water resources program. Work is performed under the administrative direction of the Water Resources Engineering Coordinator and is reviewed through conference, reports, observation, and achievement of desired results. This position is classified and overtime exempt, and will require attendance at occasional evening or weekend meetings.


The mission of every employee at the City of Westminster is to deliver exceptional value and quality of life through SPIRIT. Each employee is measured by the ability to adhere to the City’s core values of Service, Pride, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation, and Teamwork.

This position supports the goals of the Public Works and Utilities Department, which maintains and enhances the safety and well-being of the community by providing exceptional water and wastewater service and maintaining the city’s extensive network of street infrastructure. The department continuously strives to meet the needs of the community by constantly focusing on customer service, efficient and effective utilization of resources, safety, innovation, and teamwork.

Every employee is accountable to:
· Demonstrate a high level of customer service; encourage others to focus on the customer; foster an environment where customer service is a priority
· Communicate with customers to ensure that, where possible, they are satisfied, and that their needs are being addressed; solicit and evaluate customer feedback
· Act as an ambassador by understanding and fostering the organization's mission and vision
· Exhibit pride in self, the department, the city, and the community; conduct self in a professional manner
· Demonstrate integrity and build trust through credibility, reliability, commitment, loyalty, and ethical behavior
· Address difficult or contentious issues in a constructive manner
· Support/promote change; demonstrate flexibility, and take calculated risks when appropriate
· Participate in personal growth opportunities, and attend trainings designed to enhance capacity to bring new skills and ideas to the job and the organization
· Work to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service or product being delivered
· Demonstrate support for team efforts by accepting new roles and responsibilities, and helping others achieve objectives
· Value diversity; demonstrate an awareness of differences; demonstrate sensitivity, and adapt behaviors and communication to accommodate these differences

Citywide - Every employee in this position is accountable to:
· Establish effective interpersonal relationships through honest, open communication and follow-through on commitments
· Recognize personal strengths and weaknesses, and target areas for personal self-development
· Demonstrate initiative in performing job tasks
· Exhibit problem-solving skills leading to sound judgment and quality decisions
· Achieve goals, and handle assigned workload and new assignments effectively; demonstrate an ability to work independently
· Communicate effectively with individuals and groups using clear and concise verbal and written communications
· Demonstrate accountability for work, and take ownership in job performance
· Demonstrate concern for the accuracy and quality of work; take steps to correct mistakes and improve the overall product
Job Specific – Every employee in this position must be able to:
· Demonstrate knowledge of and experience with:
o Colorado water law, water rights administration, court procedures, and administrative governmental agency regulations and processes
o methods of acquiring and developing water supplies, including acquisition of water rights
o principles, techniques, and methods of hydrology and agriculture/irrigation practices
o principles and practices of civil engineering as it relates to water resources and raw water facilities and structures
o operation and maintenance of raw water systems and facilities including reservoirs, canals, headgates, measuring devices, and flow structures
o water quality protection strategies, lake and reservoir management, and water treatment, sampling, and monitoring
o project management relating to water supply, water rights protection, water resources, water quality, and capital improvement
· Plan and determine long-range needs for the expansion, reconstruction, and maintenance of raw water supply systems and facilities
· Develop and use computer models to analyze water supply planning, operations, and system yield
· Collect, analyze, interpret, plot, and manage data and prepare technical and administrative reports and graphics
· Review , understand, and interpret engineering construction plans, specifications, and other contract documents
· Review, understand, and interpret complex legal documents, laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines
· Ability to analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, exercise sound judgment, and implement recommendations
· Communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively, orally and in writing to technical and non-technical audiences
· Work independently and effectively handle multiple projects simultaneously
· Implement the principles and techniques of consensus building, negotiation, and conflict resolution
· Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, public and private agencies, customers and citizens, vendors, contractors, City Officials, and other city employees
· Effectively utilize a personal computer and apply it to water resources management including familiarity and the use of the following programs: Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, ArcGIS, Visual Basic or Fortran, Internet Explorer, and email and web design software
· Possess a valid Colorado driver’s license and maintain a safe driving record
Leadership – Every employee in this position is accountable to:
· Foster a participatory organizational climate that is open, positive, reinforcing, and supportive
· Encourage employees to be accountable for their work and take ownership in what they do
· Demonstrate leadership and courage by making or supporting decisions that reflect the organizational mission and goals even when the decision may be unpopular to some
· Demonstrate collaboration and conflict resolution skills with other departments and employees


Essential Job Functions, Duties, Responsibilities, and Tasks
1. Water resources management responsibilities include:
· provide technical and strategic planning assistance and recommendations on water supply, use of reclaimed water, water demand management and issues related to the city's water rights, water quality, and consumable water availability
· participate in operations, maintenance, and optimization of the raw water systems and facilities owned by the city and irrigation companies
· administer and secure the city’s water rights portfolio, including coordination with Water Resources Engineering Group staff, irrigation companies, attorneys, consultants, and State water administrators
· perform water supply and water resources studies, modeling, and data management
· develop spreadsheet programs for water resources accounting and hydrologic analysis
· prepare supply, streamflow, and storage level forecasts, consumptive use evaluations, water yield studies, and water rights investigations
· review watershed and water quality monitoring programs and data, and evaluate with respect to water supply requirements
· use Geographic Information System (GIS) for water resources applications including watershed management, water system operations, and water use studies
2. Water rights and water quality protection responsibilities include:
· review water resumes and water rights applications, determine the effect on the city’s water resources, and recommend courses of action
· investigate potential impacts from proposed development and construction activities to raw water facilities owned by the city and irrigation companies
· analyze potential impacts to water quality from proposed upstream activities and assist in watershed protection activities
· represent the city in litigation efforts in the retention and protection of water rights and water resources
· oversee and monitor projects, programs, legislation, rule making and other activities of local, regional, state and federal agencies and other agencies that may affect the city’s water resources
· ensure all water accounting and raw water operations are in compliance with water rights decrees and in accordance with applicable terms and conditions, contracts, and administrative rules
3. Water planning and development responsibilities include:
· directing and conducting short and long-range water planning activities including research, analysis, issue identification, projection modeling, and related tasks
· assisting with the coordination of long-range plans for water supply, water demand, raw water infrastructure construction and optimization, and financing
· research, planning, and implementation of water resources policies, water supply development, and raw water acquisition
· the evaluation of water supply availability, water demand projections, and production and consumption data and trends
· perform water supply planning studies, supply reliability analyses, investigations of climate interactions with water supply, and drought planning research
· development, and periodic revision and updating of the city’s Comprehensive Water Supply Plan
4. Assists in:
· reviewing design plans, specifications, and contract documents for capital projects
· negotiating contracts and directing activities of engineering consultants and outside Special Water legal counsel on water resources issues
· determining raw water system capital improvement needs and maintenance needs, reviewing project designs, and coordinating construction schedules
· data management, document retention, and water lease administration
5. Representing the city’s water resources interests, including:
· representing the city in water resources related negotiations in various legal and administrative proceedings with public agencies and private organizations
· interacting and collaborating with various water management agencies, including federal, state, and local governmental agencies and private water providers
· serving as a resource for the department and the city regarding water supplies, raw water operations, water rights, ditch company operations and obligations, and water protection
· conferring with developers, contractors and other agencies regarding water resources matters
· representing the city on various committees, workgroups, and ditch company boards and participating in meetings, conferences, hearings and seminars
6. Responsible to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing while providing appropriate public service and interaction, including:
· offering feedback on the development and implementation of various policies
· providing support in the coordination of water resources issues with other departments, divisions and customers
· presenting a professional appearance and demeanor
· preparing and submitting effective written reports, memos, activity logs, etc to all levels of the organization
· demonstrating effective and appropriate oral and written communication skills with the public and other members of the department and the city
Other Duties and Responsibilities
Incumbent is accountable for all duties of this job, and other projects and responsibilities may be added at the City’s discretion.


Education, Experience, Skills, Formal Training, Licenses, and Certifications
Required :
· Bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university with major course work in water resources, environmental sciences, engineering, natural sciences, or related field
· Two years experience in water resources management or a field directly related to water resources
· Valid Colorado Driver License and maintain safe driving record for continued employment
Preferred :
· Bachelor's degree in water resources engineering, environmental science, watershed science, hydrology, or similar technical field, including courses in water resources management, hydraulics, hydrology, limnology, water law, supply planning, environmental analysis, and water system modeling
· EIT or ability to obtain within first year of employment
· Four years experience in water resources management
· Graduate degree in water resources management or a field directly related to water resources
Any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and skills, may be considered.
To be hired as or progress to a Senior Water Resources Engineer, the following must be met:
· registration as a Professional Engineer in water resources, environmental sciences, or civil engineering or related field
· four years experience in raw water resources or Master’s degree in a field directly related to water resources
Physical Requirements
Work is sedentary in nature and requires sufficient physical stamina, strength and ability for:
· Constant sitting to perform daily tasks; occasional walking through a multilevel facility to retrieve information; frequent standing, sometimes for extended periods
· Frequent squatting, reaching above shoulder, and twisting to file documents and lift supplies and material; occasional bending, kneeling, climbing, balancing, and reaching below shoulder to store documents, material, and supplies
· Constant light grasp, fine manipulation, and handling to perform daily duties; occasional firm grasp to safely use equipment
· Frequent lifting, carrying, and pushing and/or pulling of up to fifteen (15) pounds to move material and supplies; occasional lifting and pushing and/or pulling of up to twenty-five (25) pounds with dollies and carts

Work is primarily performed indoors with infrequent field and off-site tours and inspections. Indoor work involves sitting for extended periods in an office environment with frequent exposure to distractions and interruptions created in a multi-purpose work environment. Outdoor fieldwork requires the ability to stand and walk on uneven terrain in various conditions. Work entails exposure to periods of high activity and stress under demanding conditions. The position requires a great deal of communication with city employees, the public, and outside agencies as well as clear articulation of information in presentations and on the phone. May be required to use personal vehicles to travel to and from meetings and other locations throughout the city and metro area.
Required Materials and Equipment
Computers, keyboards, calculators, telephones, water-level indicators, audio-video equipment, and standard office equipment.

· Background checks will include employment references and criminal history, and when applicable, credit check, driver license record, and education verification
· Drug screen
· Must be legally entitled to work in the United States

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