2013-2014 PT Instructor Pool - Steamfitting-Construction Apprenticeship
Madison Area Technical College - Madison, WI

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Madison Area Technical College is recruiting a pool of qualified part-time candidates to teach courses for the Steamfitting-Construction Apprenticeship program. Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis for the 2013-2014 academic school year. Starting salary depends on qualifications and experience. Health and dental benefits are NOT provided.

Organizational Function and Responsibilities:
This position is responsible for instructing adult students in the Steamfitting-Construction Apprenticeship program.

This position reports to the Associate Dean- School of Applied Science, Engineering & Technology.

Essential Duties:
1. Instructing students in the area of steamfitting (construction) including but not limited to the following topic areas:

  • Interpret gauges, meters, and charts to install / repair / replace piping installations.
  • Cut, mechanically join and bend steel, stainless, chrome, copper, and plastic piping and tubing.
  • Hang pipe with hangers, supports, anchors, etc.
  • Install / Maintain expansion joints, adaptors, and transition fittings.
  • Perform pipe fabrication.
  • Install / Maintain piping, tubing, and accessories.
  • Install / Maintain bearings, bushings, shafts, seals, o-rings, belts, sheaves / pulleys, valves, and couplings.
  • Install / Maintain radiant heating systems.
  • Install / Maintain hydronic systems.
  • Install / Maintain heat pump systems.
  • Install / Maintain steam systems.
  • Install / Maintain natural gas lines.
  • Install / Maintain air conditioning / refrigeration systems.
  • Install pneumatic, electronic, and industrial instrumentation controls.
  • Install / Maintain flow, temperature, pressure, and infrared switches and sensors.
  • Install / Maintain operational safety controls.
  • Install / Maintain boilers, furnaces, pumps, gas regulators, valves, heat exchangers, and electric pumps.
  • Install / Maintain steam traps, regulators, coils, vacuum breakers, flash (vent) tanks and condensate returns.
  • Install / Maintain air conditioning / refrigeration chillers, cooling towers, pumps, compressors, valves, metering devices, and filter / dryers.
  • Install / Maintain equipment venting.
  • Install fans and air handling equipment.
  • Perform alignment and balancing.
  • Operate lifting and moving equipment.
  • Install rigging.
  • Perform rigging.
  • Perform general maintenance on heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation systems.
  • Perform soldering, brazing, fusion, and Shielded Metal Arc Welding / Gas Tungsten Arc Welding ( SMAW / GTAW ).
  • Perform oxyacetylene torch cutting.
  • Perform plasma torch cutting.
  • Interpret blueprints, symbols, specifications, and schematic drawings.
  • Perform applied mathematical functions.
  • Perform applied scientific functions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic electrical functions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic and mechanical safety principles.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of 0ccupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) regulations.
  • Apply Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) regulations.
  • Apply Department of Transportation ( DOT ) regulations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of high-pressure safety.
  • Perform record keeping.
  • Display professionalism.
  • Communicate with customers.
  • Job-related skills not listed elsewhere.
2. Develop and plan appropriate instructional strategies and alternative delivery strategies when appropriate including but not limited to hybrid, face-to-face and on-line course delivery.

3. Assist and advise students who have problems with assignments, tests, grades, course content, career concerns, and other academic matters.

4. Evaluate student performance in courses taught by the instructor and report student progress on a periodic basis to the local apprenticeship committee(s) assigned by the State Department of Workforce Development, Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards ( DWD / BAS ) for the trade.

5. Actively work with other personnel in student recruitment, retention, and student support, such as assistance to students with disabilities, English Language Learners ( ELL ), and others.

6. Develop and maintain curriculum in collaboration with faculty, apprenticeship committees, the Dean, the Associate Dean, the Apprenticeship Manager, and WTCS representatives.

7. Participate in instructional and curriculum articulation activities with other programs and other divisions of instruction.

8. Comply with college policies and directions regarding student testing, record keeping, advanced standing, providing grades on a timely basis, maintaining office hours for student assistance and counseling, etc.

9. Assist students in developing work experience assignments such as internships, work study assignments, team projects, etc.

10. Maintain certification as an instructor with the Wisconsin Technical College System.

11. Comply with all aspects of Board policies, work rules, and the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

12. Attend division, department and advisory committee meetings.

13. Develop and implement strategies aimed at the retention of students of color, female students, and students with disabilities.

14. Demonstrate a commitment to the college values of excellence, respect, and integrity.

15. Participate in appropriate staff development activities such as in-service meetings, convocation training, diversity awareness, technology training, staff development trainings or other activities or programs requested by the Department.

16. Design curriculum including, but not limited to, multicultural infusion, and instruct in a variety of non-traditional formats to meet student and business needs.

17. Perform such other duties as assigned by the President or designee.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

1. Knowledge of current educational methods and strategies, including learner-centered instruction, assessment, evaluation and collaborative techniques and strategies that address closing the gap in student access and achievement across race, gender and disability.

2. Recent hands-on experience in: piping installations, interpreting gauges/meters/charts; cutting, joining, and bending piping and tubing (steel, stainless, chrome, copper, and plastic); pipe hanging; installation and maintenance of piping, tubing, bearings, bushings, shafts, seals o-rings, belts, pulleys, valves and couplings; installation and maintenance of radiant heating, hydronics, heat pumps, steam systems, natural gas lines, AC/refrigeration, pneumatic/electronic/industrial instrumentation, temperature/pressure/infrared switches and sensors, and safety controls; installation and maintenance of heating equipment (boilers, furnaces, pumps, exchangers); installation and maintenance of steam equipment (traps, regulators, coils, vacuum breakers, flash tanks and condensate returns); installation and maintenance of AC equipment (chillers, cooling towers, pumps, compressors, meters, and filter-dryers); aligning, balancing, lifting, and moving equipment; installing and performing rigging; performing soldering, brazing, fusion, and welding ( SMAW / GTAW ); performing torch cutting (oxyacetylene and plasma); interpreting blueprints and schematic drawings; displaying familiarity with and applying governmental (e.g., OSHA , EPA , DOT , etc.) safety and environmental rules and regulations; and communicating with customers or clients.

3. Knowledge of personal and equipment safety.

4. Knowledge and ability to infuse multicultural perspectives into course content and delivery.

5. Skill in the use of educational technology and alternative delivery methods.

6. Skill in communications and human relations with populations having diverse socio-economic and racial backgrounds.

7. Skill in oral and written communications.

8. Ability to interact with business and industry to establish partnerships.

9. Ability to use the computer as a management, instructional, and diagnostic tool.

10. Ability to establish and maintain strong linkages to community, industry, and independent businesses.

11. Ability to work in a team environment.

1. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent as determined under TCS 3.04 (1) or (2):

(1) Employment as an apprentice or journeyworker, or both in the skilled trades for a total of 7 years.

(2) Occupational experience (including registered apprenticeship), combined with education and training to prepare a person for the occupation which totals 7 years or 14,000 hours.

2. The completion of a Steamfitting apprenticeship with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards with 14,000 hours of occupational experience, OR with a federally registered program, OR a signed letter from a representative of an appropriate and authorized apprenticeship advisory committee.

3. 2 years (4,000 hours) of verifiable occupational experience as a fully qualified worker in the steamfitting-construction area.

Work experience must come from the categories listed on the Wisconsin Technical College system website:


Special Instructions to Applicants:
Madison College will keep your application materials for this position in our database as a POTENTIAL candidate who could possibly fill a position when the need arises. Part-time Instructors are hired on a per course basis and must meet the Wisconsin Technical College System certification requirements. The teaching hours for a part-time instructor vary and can include day, evening, and weekend classes. Courses are taught in both a general lab setting and a classroom setting.

If interested, please complete the required online application and attach a resume, cover letter, and transcripts (unofficial copy). Submission and receipt of this material does not infer acceptance as a part-time Instructor or guarantee an interview.

This pool will close in January 2014. If you are not contacted by this time and you are still interested in employment with Madison College, you are welcome to apply for future employment postings.

We regard diversity in the workforce as a competitive advantage and strongly support its presence in our educational environment.

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Required response to questions (asked as supplemental questions):

1. What days of the week, including Weekends, are you available during the day or evening? Please specify times. (Example: Tuesdays, Thursday 5-9 pm)

2. Please indicate which Madison College Campus site (s) you are interested in teaching at (Madison Truax, Madison Downtown Education Center, South Madison, Madison West Campus, Watertown, Ft. Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg).

Special Instructions to Applicants:
Note: as part of the interview process, applicants will be required to perform a brief demonstration of their instructional delivery.

Position Type:

Recruitment Strategy:

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