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Behavior Analyst position

Applied Behavior Analysis knowledge required .

Responsibilities Include: the development and tracking of data compilation for use with treatment protocols, medication adjustments, additional supports with individuals who have developmental disabilities and mental illness. Conduct in-services, trainings as required. Supportive counseling as required

Requirements: Degree in clinical psychology or related field, ABA knowledge and experience for at least one year, familiar with psychiatric diagnoses and relation with different levels of mental retardation. Counseling techniques as related to anger management, substance abuse, group therapies and crises interventions

Essential Duties & Responsibilities include:
- Assess behavior of clients to determine when situational support and/or clinical intervention is warranted (e.g., behavioral assessment, behavior support plan(s); anger management; social/sexual skills training, etc.).

- Provide behavioral/situational support to programs through modeling techniques to shape behaviors towards appropriate community integration. This includes modeling appropriate ways to staff in order to effectively communicate to the clients to achieve success. Clinical involvement includes participating in programmatic residential services in order to adequately address the individual’s needs in their environment.

- Work directly with Alternatives, Inc.’s Residential/Support Staff on a weekly basis to ensure that behaviors are being appropriately addressed. This includes spending time with Alternatives, Inc.’s Residential Staff during direct services to the clients to assess behaviors and staff interactions.

- Provide support and work synergistically with the Unit/Program Manager regarding specific clinical issues that need to be addressed at staff meetings and/or individually with staff in terms of clinical intervention.

- Attend all program staff meetings and provide input in terms of data collection, assessment of behavior support plan outcomes and other clinical concerns. If unable to attend the staff meeting, then a designee must be appointed to attend.

- Develop and implement behavioral interventions with input from Program Manager, DHS Psychologist, Psychiatrist , and Director of Clinical Services where applicable.

- Develop (with Interdisciplinary Team input) individual behavior support plan(s) when required.

- Ensure the training (in-servicing) of program staff on proper techniques for implementation of behavior support plan(s) which may include crises management techniques where applicable.

- Ensure proper and accurate documentation is kept on all behavioral plans. Review individual's behavior modification plan(s) or other interventions at least once per week for the designated caseload and/or program.

- Ensure proper an accurate documentation regarding data collection is kept on all clients who receive psychotropic medications.

- Ensure training (in-servicing) of all staff who are required to complete data collection prior to collecting data.

- Participate in development of IHP for those clients in need of behavioral support services.

- Attend all IDT’s regarding clients who receive services form the Clinical Department.

- Make appropriate referrals to professionals to help meet the identified needs of clients receiving services in coordination with the Unit/Program Manager.

- Ensure the Clinical Section(s) in the Residential Books are kept current in regards to monthly data tabulation, clinical logs, progress notes regarding efficacy of behavior support plans and psychotropic medications where applicable.

- Ensure all psychological, psychiatric consults and psychotropic medications are entered into the data base and kept current and accurate.

- Ensure that each individual Alternatives, Inc. serves is seen at least once every three months to offer clinical services.

- Ensure that Yearly Tracking Charts for Clients, Managers Meeting Minutes, Managers Meeting Forms are completed monthly and e-mailed to the manager, Director of Services and Clinical Director.

- Ensure that Clinical Logs are written on each individual every month and submitted to the Director of Clinical Services on the 7 th day of the next month.

- Ensure that Manager Meetings are conducted monthly with the manager from each program and document issues discussed.

- Ensure that all signatures are completed on Clinical Logs and Manager Meeting Minutes and filed in their perspective places.

- Ensure that Manager Meeting Minutes and Yearly Tracking Charts for Clients are kept available for QSU for auditing purposes at the programs. This area is to be kept secure from staff and clients other than the Program Manager.

- Ensure a comprehensive monthly report is completed and forwarded to the Director of Clinical Services by the 23rd day of each month.

- Ensure all monthly data tabulation is complied at the end of a month and forwarded to the Director of

Clinical Services by the 7th day of the next month on the designated forms.

- Ensure that a weekly schedule is submitted to the Director of Clinical Services no later than Monday morning of the week clients are scheduled to be seen as well as program visits.

- Ensure that Manager are aware of when clients are scheduled to be seen by the Clinical Specialist

- Ensure all new data collection charts are in place at the programs on the first day of the new month.

­ Ensure that the Clinical Specialist attends all psychological and psychiatric visits when available. If unavailable, a designee in conjunction with the manager will be assigned. The Clinical Specialist will still be responsible for inputting the changes in medications, recommendations from the provider into the data base by the end of the week that the visit was completed.

‑ Act as a liaison regarding problematic issues between the IRS and the program to ensure appropriate strategies and outcomes are developed.

‑ Ensure security and confidentiality of all assigned Alternatives, Inc. records

‑ Follow all policies and procedures relative to this position

- Cooperate with Alternatives, Inc. and the N.J. Department of Human Services in all inspections or investigations

- Attend Human Rights Committee and present required information as required.

- Attend Clinical Staff meetings as required.

Attends conferences and trainings as directed

‑ Participate as a team member in planning, implementing and evaluating services provided by Alternatives, Inc.

‑ Attend General Staff and program staff meetings as required and/or directed

- Act as liaison with DHS regarding behavioral interventions

‑ Keep current in practice of clinical and behavioral interventions that apply to the clients we serve.

- Act as liaison in conjunction with Unit/Program Manager, clients' psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors or any IDT members.

‑ Ensures Alternatives, Inc.'s person‑centered philosophy

- Ensure operational effectiveness in emergency situations by providing services at Alternatives, Inc.’s program sites as assigned

- Strong interpersonal skills required

­ Work with Fee for Service clients as assigned.


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