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We are currently searching for qualified Riverine Boat Operations (RBO) / Tactical Communications Instructors , based in Camp Lejuene, North Carolina.

Primary Role: DMS International is currently seeking Riverine Boat Operations (RBO) / Tactical Communications Instructors . The RBO/Tactical Communications Instructor will perform classroom and field laboratory instruction and support for high-risk Riverine training evolutions, in addition to meeting the other general instructor requirements specified for this program.

Required Skills

Riverine Boat Operations / Tactical Communications Instructors must:

Have one (or more) of the following qualifications:
Navy NEC 9502 (Instructor), or

Navy NEC 9518 (Naval Leadership Development Program (NAVLEAD) Instructor, or

Graduate of one of the following courses of instruction:
Instructional Delivery Continuum (IDC) Journeyman Instructor Training (JIT) (A-012-0077)

Instructional Delivery Continuum (IDC) Journeyman Instructor Training (JIT) Mobile Training Team (A-012-1011)

Naval Leadership Facilitator (P-012-0045)

Facilitator Training Course (P-012-0075)

Nuclear Instruction Qualifications (NFAS) (A-661-0108)

Nuclear Instruction Qualifications (NNPS) (A-661-0109)

Other DoD Service designation (or equivalency) upon approval of the CENSECFOR DOT (See Note below), or

Completion of a civilian (or commercial) formal course of instruction which has been evaluated and certified as a JIT equivalency by the Center for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD).

Possess at least one (1) year of documented combat experience as a member of one of the following organizations: USMC Small Craft Company/Dam Support Unit; USMC Special Operations Training Group; U.S. Navy Riverine Squadron; U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant Crewman; United Kingdom Royal Marines 539 Assault Squadron, United Kingdom Special Boat Squadron; U.S. Coast Guard Deployable Operations Group; or U.S. Customs Marine Interdiction Team

Candidates must have four (4) years documented tactical experience in a Riverine or Maritime Environment and be proficient in the operation, maintenance and employment of the Riverine Patrol Boat, and Riverine Assault Boat, and be proficient in the following areas:

Coxswain Skills:
Launch and recovery of craft on unimproved ramps

Maneuvering in open water and confined spaces

Come along side another vessels during limited visibility

High speed maneuvering in limited visibility

Emergency towing a downed craft during limited visibility

Proficiency in maritime navigation to include:
Nautical chart reading

Navigate by dead reckoning

Navigate using coastal piloting

Navigate using onboard navigational equipment

Navigate craft at night utilizing Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

Have an in depth understanding of tactical small boat operations to include:

Organizing a boat team

Prepare craft for combat operations

Maneuver multiple craft in various formations

Conduct patrols (day / night)

Execute clandestine landing and withdrawal

Conduct Waterborne Guard Post operations

Conduct Insertion / Extraction

Support Board and Search Operations

Conduct Mine Counter Measure Procedures

Cover assigned sectors of fire

Conduct day and night live fire Immediate Action (IA) Drills

Conduct Escort Operations

Perform risk assessments utilizing the ORM process

Have experience in Craft Systems and Sub-Systems

Operation and Maintenance of the CC FLIR, Blue Force Tracker, ECPINS and Furuno NAVNET Navigation systems.

Operate, maintain and trouble shoot the PRC-152, PRC-117, PRC-150, VIASAT, and VIC-3 communication equipment and operating systems

Have experience with logistical movement of small craft and associated gear

Prepare craft/gear for over the road transits via prime mover & boat trailer

Prepare a craft/gear for air embarkation

Prepare a craft/gear for external helicopter lift

Candidates must have four (4) years documented tactical experience in a Riverine or Maritime Environment and be proficient in the following areas:

Maritime/Riverine - Leadership experience in the operation, maintenance and employment of the Riverine Patrol Boat, and Riverine Assault Boat. Candidates must possess a solid understanding of maritime navigation to include aids to navigation, rules of the road and plotting geographic coordinates on nautical charts

Land Warfare - Tactical operational/leadership experience in land warfare including: combat lifesaving, land navigation, tactical communications, defensive measures, convoy operations, small arms, and crew served weapons, Improvised Explosive Devices, patrolling, mission planning, consistent with the U.S. Marine Corps / U.S. Army Infantry and U.S. Special Operations Command

Possess tactical operational experience in the military decision-making process; organizational and individual planning; patrol coordination; proficiency in the development and issuance of a concept of operations, warning, and patrol order; and mission debriefing utilizing FalconView™ software.

In addition, candidates must possess a Tactical Communications background in order to provide specialized training in the use and basic maintenance of the Tactical Communications equipment used by the Riverine community with the following skills:

Possess documented operational experience in Tactical Communications Equipment

Must be proficient with encryption fill devices such as CYZ-10, Simple Key Loader

Possess proficiency in communications planning, frequency management, antenna theory, improvised antenna construction, Combatant Craft FLIR systems, Tactical Operations Center Network Procedures, development and construction of local area networks in a field setting, Vehicular Intercommunications Systems, VIASAT, ECPINS, and Blue Force Tracker Operating Systems and FalconView™ software.

Be able to perform duties as an Electronics Key Management System (EKMS) Custodian

Function in an Information Assurance (IA) Workforce Technical capacity as an IAT Level I for CENSECFOR legacy assets associated with Riverine Training and:

Maintain Information Assurance Workforce (IAWF) certification for an Information Assurance Technician Level I for the Riverine Training computing environment (CE)

Obtain or possess the following certifications:
Security + Certification

Computing Environment Certification

Microsoft Certified Professional Windows XP Professional or successor Microsoft operating systems (i.e. Vista, Windows 7)

Recognize a potential security violation and take appropriate action

Apply instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform IT/IA tasks within the CE

Provide end-user IT support for all related CE operating systems, peripherals, and applications

Support, monitor, test, and troubleshoot hardware and software problems pertaining to the CE

Apply appropriate CE access controls

Install and operate the IT systems in a test configuration manner that does not alter the program code or compromise security safeguards

Implement IA safeguards for CE system(s) in accordance with implementation plans and standard operating procedures

Apply established IA security procedures and safeguards

Implement applicable for the CE operating system(s)

Install, test, maintain, and upgrade CE operating system software and hardware to comply with IA requirements

Understand and implement technical vulnerability corrections

Enter assets in a vulnerability management system

Required Experience

All Instructor candidates must:
Be cognizant of and compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations regarding firearms, explosives, and high-capacity magazines.

Must obtain a satisfactory evaluation for all mandatory psychological, drug and medical screenings.

Possess qualification as a Crew Served Weapons Instructor.

Possess experience involving the operation and tactical employment of crew served weapons

Satisfy at a Sharpshooter qualification level or higher weapons qualifications and proficiency

Must have an active Driver’s License

Key Attributes

Strong work ethic with high integrity

Ability to adapt to changing assignments and situations in a positive manner and open to new ideas

Resourceful team player who excels at building trusting relationships with customers and colleagues

Innovative problem-solver who can generate creative solutions

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