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Job Summary: The position of General Cleaner is responsible for the security and all general cleaning duties in his/her designated area. Those duties are listed herein and additional duties may be assigned by the supervisor. ROUTINE DAILY FUNCTIONS : · Report to work on time as assigned by your supervisor. · Your appearance is extremely important. Make sure you are dressed properly to ABM specifications. · Inquire with your supervisor if there are any special instructions and/or precautions related to your area of assignment. · Retrieve your service cart from the storage area. Check the supplies on your cart, get keys, security pass etc. from your supervisor. Proceed to your assigned floor(s). · Upon arrival to your floor(s), proceed to the area farthest from the freight elevator and begin working. · Work in a logical and efficient pattern, moving through your areas in a left to right motion. Clean those items nearest to you first; then proceed clockwise around the area, checking off each of the tasks listed below as you complete them: · Empty waste baskets and other trash receptacles into your service cart and damp wipe and/or replace plastic liner when required. Be mindful to check all Central Recycling containers daily and remove materials as needed. · Pick up obvious trash that may not have been placed in the wastebasket. Look out for other items such as boxes, etc, outside of the wastebasket, marked as “Trash” or “Basura”. Police for items of value and objects too large or heavy to be picked up by the vacuum. Place items of value on the nearest table or desk top · Dust all horizontal surfaces. Spot clean where needed. Work from left to right to avoid redistributing dust. Use dry cloth on wood and a damp cloth on plastic or metal surfaces. Dust under edges of heavy items, around papers (NEVER DISCARD ANY PAPERS), clean telephones, dust desks around items and do not re position anything, chairs, window sills/ledges, bookshelves, filling cabinets, walls, frames, etc. up to (6) feet from the floor. · Damp wipe light switches/plates, glass table/desk tops, mirrors and room dividers. Glass Cleaner, General purpose cleaner or Neutral Cleaner may be used, if needed for surfaces, as specified. · Kitchens and/or coffee stations must be cleaned on a daily basis using Neutral Cleaner or General Purpose Cleaner for all hard surfaces. Sponge with Scouring cream must be used on sinks to remove all grime and to leave a polished look after drying with a clean cloth. Never spray surfaces directly. Instead, apply mist to cloth and then proceed to cleaning. · Make notes on any mechanical electrical malfunctions. Make note on any item broken or damaged prior to and during your shift. · Upon completion of all cleaning tasks, remove cart, supplies and trash from office area into the corridor or hallway. · Vacuum and/or dry mop by overlapping passes and working in a pattern toward the exit door and into the hallway. · Collect all equipment, supplies and trash and proceed to the next area. · Take trash to service elevator as required. · Once all suites, offices, etc. have been cleaned, start cleaning hallway, corridors, and lobby areas. Start at the farthest point from elevator. Clean all water coolers, ashtrays, furniture and fixtures. Then dust and vacuum. · Take special care to turn off all lights and all outer access doors. · Upon completion of all tasks, return all equipment and supplies to storage area. Refill all supplies, wipe down equipment, empty vacuum bag, tidy up closet and lock door. · Turn in all keys, security passes, notes to supervisor and sign or clock out. PERIODIC TASKS: · Dust or damp wipe cabinet tops above six (6) feet from floor. · Dust venetian blinds, picture frames and other wall décor. · Perform other periodic duties as required or directed by your supervisor. TASK PERFORMANCE: · When using chemicals to damp wipe and/or clean, gloves and/or eye protection is required! Be sure to check with your supervisor for the availability of these items and proper training on the usage. · Never spray surfaces directly. Instead, apply mist to cloth and then proceed to cleaning. Use only the chemicals provided by your supervisor as these have been approved by ABM. ABM is using Green Certified and green accepted solutions for General Cleaning tasks. Randomly, tenants will keep their own cleaning solutions under sinks – DO NOT use a tenant’s cleaning solutions. · To remove trash from your brute barrel, shake the trash down, tilt the barrel on its side and slide the bag out. DO NOT REMOVE TRASH WHILE BARREL IS IN THE UPRIGHT POSITION. · While lifting trash or other articles, lift weight with the legs. Bend your knees –do not bend at the waist. · A bag of trash weighs between 10-12 pounds. The vacuum cleaner weights approximately 12 pounds. When moving weights heavier than this it is mandatory that you check with your supervisor for help. PHYSICAL CAPABILITIES REQUIRED: · STANDING ___ % OF SHIFT · WALKING ___ % OF SHIFT · LIFTING ___ % OF SHIFT–MAX. LBS. LIFTED___LBS. · PUSH/PULLING ___ % OF SHIFT-MAX. LBS. PUSHED/PULLED__LBS. · BENDING ___ % OF SHIFT · REACHING ___ % OF SHIFT EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Some high school, high school graduate or equivalent to high school graduates with general cleaning knowledge. ABM is an equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer (M/F/V/D)


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