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Job Description
Title: Assistant Store Manager
Employment Classification: Full-time Regular Employee/Exempt
Reports To: Store Manager
Location: Store
Job Summary
The Assistant Store Manager is the second person in charge of the store and is responsible for the successful operation and profitability of the store which includes training, directing and monitoring all department staff.

Customer Service:The Assistant Store Manager is responsible for ensuring that:
1. Customer service is the number one priority.
2. Customers are greeted and serviced per company standards of World Class customer service.
3. Customer complaints are handled appropriately and per company policy.

4. The store is inviting and shopable:
a. displays are shopable;
b. the store is clean;
c. merchandising is inviting;
d. all products in displays are in-stock on the shelf.
5. Products customers want to buy are in-stock.
6. New products are brought in on a regular basis to provide customers with new choices and to keep the store fresh.
7. Passive demos are conducted at a minimum of once per month.
8. Special orders are handled appropriately and per company policy.
9. The phone is answered per company standards.
In addition, the Assistant Store Manager is responsible for the following:
10. Modeling exemplary customer service at all times.
11. Training staff on how to give exemplary customer service.
12. Ensuring staff is held accountable for unacceptable customer service.
13. Viewing the store as a whole and assisting customers in all areas of the store.

Store Profitability:
The Assistant Store Manager is responsible for ensuring that the store is meeting and/or exceeding expectations in the following areas:
Store Sales
Department Sales
Average Ticket
Customer Count
Cost of Goods Sold for Produce
Sales per Labor Hour Ratio
In addition, the Assistant Store Manager is responsible for ensuring the following:
Product is ordered from the correct vendors in order to receive the correct discount and maintain margins.

In-stock conditions meet company standards, including:
good selection;
top 100 sellers per department are in stock at all times unless manufacturer outs, including:
store top sellers
company-wide top sellers.

Product mix is monitored, including:
regular analysis of departments to keep top sellers and discontinue extremely slow movers;
new products are brought in per company policy.
Perishables are rotated and stocked per company standards.
Mark-downs are managed per company standards.
Customer returns handled per company standards.

Management of Store Personnel:
1. Store personnel are trained, assigned tasks, and held accountable to accomplishing tasks per company standards.
2. Master and daily schedules are accurate, complete and meet store needs. Schedules are posted in a timely manner.
3. Tasks are assigned on a daily basis using company tasks sheets and monitored appropriately.
4. Works with department managers to share staff to accomplish tasks as needed on a daily basis.
5. The Assistant Store Manager should also train and monitor the staff to ensure that they view the store as a whole and be prepared to assist customers in all areas of the store.
6. Works with department managers to cross-train staff to accomplish all needed tasks.
7. Works with staff to ensure adequate product knowledge to meet customers' needs, including:
a. trainings;
b. encouraging the use of products to know what they taste like;
c. training staff on where to find answers to customer questions by utilizing store resources, including:
i. books;
ii. Customer Literature Files;
iii. company/vendor product information.
8. Assists the Store Manager in completing and conducting all store staff performance evaluations with input from the department managers. Assists in granting wage increases when appropriate in accordance with company standards.
9. Interviews and hires for store needs with input from department managers.
10. Addresses all performance and/or disciplinary issues appropriately and in a timely manner with the assistance of Human Resources.
11. Ensures employee morale is high, and the employees feel supported.
12. Maintains clear and direct communication with store staff. This includes helping conduct monthly staff meetings and posting company information and announcements.
13. Contributes to and encourages a positive attitude towards the store, the company and the home office staff.
14. Responsible for ensuring safety guidelines are followed at all times.
15. Ensures that all Unitime edits are made in a timely manner.

The Assistant Store Manager is responsible for assisting the Store Manager in training, coaching and developing store personnel. This includes ensuring the following:
Proactively hires, trains and develops store staff, department managers and Assistant Store Managers to move into future store management positions (at their own store and at other stores).
Effectively trains new store management in proper store and department operations.
Is willing and able to move into a Store Manager position.

Product Knowledge:The Assistant Store Manager is responsible for ensuring that:
1. He/she encourages staff to increase their nutritional and product knowledge.
2. He/she works to ensure the store staff is trained on new products and nutrition.
3. He/she continues to increase their own product knowledge, including:
attending trainings;
using products to know what they taste like.
He/she answers (and ensures store staff answers) customer questions per company standards and policies, including the use of Structure/Function statements and/or statements of nutritional support.
He/she knows (and ensures store staff know) what store resources to use to answer customer questions, including:
i. books;
ii. Customer Literature Files;
iii. company/vendor product information.

Store Operations:
The Assistant Store Manager is responsible for ensuring that the store operates according to company policies and procedures. This includes the following:
Monitors all departments and assists in holding department managers accountable for store operational duties.
Conducts "walkabouts" and department inspections, providing feedback to department managers and ensuring any issues are resolved in a timely manner.
Successfully completes operational responsibilities (daily schedules, checklists, opening and closing store duties).
Ensures store paperwork and reports are completed in a timely manner (including Monthly Manager's Report).
Efficiently and accurately completes the DSR and Manager's Cash.
Communicates all issues with home office and ensures issues are resolved.
Maintains store appearance and cleanliness.
Responds quickly to all MOD calls when on duty.
Assists with coverage for lunches and breaks in departments as needed.
Work schedule is based on store needs which includes evenings and weekends. The Assistant Store Manager is typically scheduled for 45 hours per week; however, he/she is responsible for ensuring the store is properly covered which may require more hours.
Assistant Store Managers should be on the sales floor assisting customers, directing staff and attending to all departments at least 75% of the time.

Management Cooperation:The Assistant Store Manager is responsible for the following:
Supports decisions made by home office.
Coaches staff on how to be supportive of decisions made by home office.
Ensures staff is held accountable for being unsupportive of decisions made by home office.
Listens to directions from home office, following through and correctly performing the job assigned.
Reads and follows communications (memos, faxes, emails) from home office.
Provides suggestions and gives feedback to keep home office informed.
Seeks and accepts feedback in order to learn and develop.
Takes a positive approach to problems and brings problems/concerns to the attention of home office.
Takes the initiative to ask the home office for direction when needed.
Remains flexible to changing work demands in order to accomplish goals (customer service, store operations).

Leadership and Professionalism:
All company managers are expected to be professional at all times and provide appropriate leadership for the staff and the store. Leader effectiveness requires treating people decently while at the same time successfully motivating them toward high performance in their work. One without the other doesn't work.
Managers are expected to demonstrate positive and calm communication with staff at all times.
When discussing an issue with an employee, managers must carefully choose when, where, and how to best discuss the issue in order to maintain professionalism and confidentiality. Performance and personnel issues should only be discussed in the manager's office, not in front of other employees, customers or vendors (unless an employee in a management position is acting in the capacity of a witness).
Managers are expected to show the highest level of respect and integrity in their day-to-day actions with employees, customers, vendors and outside contacts.
Managers are expected to do their job with a consistent, calm, and positive demeanor. It is never appropriate for a manager to yell, express frustration on the sales floor, or raise their voice to an employee.
Managers are expected to conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity, responsibility, and excellence. As a representative of the Company to our employees and our professional vendors, leaders are expected to represent Vitamin Cottage as a just, fair, respectful, caring, compassionate, and honorable company.
Managers are expected to be leaders in the workplace, setting the standard of excellence required through their job performance and professional demeanor. It is expected that leaders will hold employees accountable and do so in a manner which is in line with the highest standards of professionalism and respect.
Although this is a general outline of job responsibilities all employees are expected to be “hands on” and do whatever it takes to get the job done and make the company thrive.

1-2 years management experience in grocery and/or related retail experience, natural foods industry a plus.
Able to manage changing priorities.
Possesses a sense of urgency in the completion of tasks.
Possesses excellent customer service skills.
Is highly organized with great attention to detail.
Ability to stay focused with the task at hand.
Ability to take direction and follow through.
Must be cashier trained.
Proficient in MS word, excel and outlook.

Physical Requirements:
Must have the ability to lift 50 lbs, repetitive lifting up to 30 lbs.
Must be able to carry up to 50 lbs.
Requires the use of both arms and both hands with full range of motion.
Must be able to bend at the waist and knees, twist, push and pull.
Must be able to kneel, squat, and climb as needed.
Must be able to reach overhead and away from the body.
Must be able to stand for at least 90% of the time.
Must be able to walk for at least 90% of the time.
This job description is not an employment contract. It does not guarantee a job or that the above listed duties are the limit of responsibilities. The job and job description are subject to change with and without notice. Employees are required to accomplish any and all tasks assigned to him/her by their Store Manager and/or other corporate managers that may not be listed in this job description.

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