Call Center Agent - Full-Time Customer Service (On-Site)
Guthy|Renker Fulfillment Services, LLC - Arden, NC

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Job Summary (Primary Function)
Under the direct supervision of the Supervisor, answers inbound customer service and inbound sales phone calls, responding to requests in a courteous, helpful, and efficient manner. Must effectively offer upsells, attempt to save cancelling customers and close sales while fostering optimal customer relations.
PC (Partner Client) Call Center Agent Specific: Process mail orders and returns into either GRFS or client-specific Order Entry/Fulfillment system. May also respond to customer inquiries via e-mail.
Live Chat Agent Specific: Provide excellent customer service via Live Chat software in a professional and efficient manner.


Job Responsibilities (Essential Functions)
1. Answers incoming telephone calls for specified product line(s).
2. Addresses customer issues and provides effective problem resolution.
3. Offers “upsells” as required by client on both customer care and sales calls.
4. Utilizes selling techniques and follows prescribed sales process to meet revenue per order and sales conversion goals on inbound sales.
5. Maintains customer retention percentages for various product lines by “saving” the sale.
6. Accurately and reliably provides timely information to customer regarding general inquiries, billing, product information, cancellations, instructions, and recommendations.
7. Accurately and reliably processes customer order / changes (to include re-orders and replacements) according to established departmental policies and procedures.
8. Obtains and documents management approvals to process non-routine customer transactions.
9. Accurately and reliably provides timely feedback to Supervisor regarding service failure or customer concerns that were not resolved.
10. Reviews product material to gain familiarity with assigned product line, pricing, delivery schedules, promotional offerings, and other pertinent product information.
11. May capture additional demographic information or conduct surveys as required by the client.
12. Enters appropriate transaction/disposition code for each call.
13. Uses GRFS or client-specific Order Entry/Fulfillment system via a computer to create, access and update customer records.
14. Meets call center specific performance metrics such as talk time, quality, etc.
15. Maintains regular and reliable attendance.
16. @Home Agents: Execution of and compliance with the GRFS @Home Telecommuting Agreement.

Other Responsibilities
17. Adheres to all company policies and procedures
18. Other duties / responsibilities may be assigned to this position at the manager’s discretion.

PC (Partner Client) Call Center Agent Specific:
1. Enter orders received via mail into GRFS or client-specific Order Entry/Fulfillment system along with posting payments.
2. Process returns and issue refund/process return into GRFS or client-specific Order Entry/Fulfillment system.
3. Maintains accurate documentation of all mail order, returns or customer service e-mails processed.
Live Chat Agent Specific:
1. Communicates with outstanding written skills through customer-initiated chat interactions.
2. Accurately and reliably processes customer requests and answer questions with a high degree of accuracy, efficiency and professionalism.
3. Interacts with and assist up to three customers simultaneously.


Job Requirements (Evaluation Factors: Skills, Knowledge, Experience, and Ability)
• High school diploma or GED required.
• Typing speed of 30 words per minute required, 45 wpm preferred.
• Working knowledge and proficiency in using Personal Computers (PC specific, not MAC) including the skills necessary to understand and communicate with computers (hardware and software basics, file management and computer networks). Experience with Microsoft Office (i.e., Word, Excel, Outlook, etc) preferred.
• Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.
• Ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide and apply those skills to calculate discounts, sales tax, proportions, percentages, and reductions.
• Ability to type and/or manipulate computer screens and carry on a conversation at the same time.
PC (Partner Client) Call Center Agent Specific:
• Advanced proficiency with internet and email systems required.
Live Chat Agent Specific:
• Strong typing skills are required.
• Agent must pay close attention to detail while handling multiple customer accounts, researching account issues, and responding to customers in a timely manner.
• Ability to multi-task efficiently.
USTS Call Center Agent Specific (Sales/Customer Support):
• Advanced proficiency with internet and email systems preferred.
• Ability to navigate multiple applications simultaneously.

• Previous customer service or prior work experience dealing with the public required.
• Experience in call center environment preferred.
• This position requires three to six months training to become proficient in all phases of the job.
• In-Bound Sales – Sales experience preferred.
PC (Partner Client) Call Center Agent Specific:
• Previous data entry experience preferred.
Live Chat Agent Specific:
• Previous Live Chat software experience preferred.
USTS Call Center Agent Specific (Sales/Customer Support):
• Sales experience required.

Contact with Others-
• Internal contacts are limited primarily to other call center agents, help desk personnel, Work Force Management (schedulers) and Supervisor. Continuous external contact with customers.

Confidential Data-
• Sees and records private credit card numbers to process customer order. Works in a PCI (Private Credit Card Information) environment requiring compliance of the Information and Security Awareness Policy.
• Scrupulously maintains the confidentially of customer’s credit card numbers and other sensitive identifying information; and takes all reasonable precautions to eliminate the risk of misappropriation of any such information (or of documentation of such information) by anyone with access to the employee’s home office environment or documentation produced in the course of the employee’s work.

Responsibility for Accuracy-
• Probable errors are typographical in nature (transposing, mis-keying), but could pose customer service issues. Work is checked at random by quality assurance, but service could be affected by the time inaccuracies are caught. Inappropriate handling of customer could result in loss of business.

Physical Demand-
• Little physical effort required. Sitting is required 85% of the time.

Mental Effort-
• Requires normal mental and visual attention.

Perceptive, Cognitive and Communicative Requirements
• Continuous ability to perceive and understand information provided by the customer to the agent, and continuous ability to communicate clearly and effectively appropriate responses to such information to both the customer and Contact Center. Must be able to accurately perceive and verbally describe product information (descriptions, usage, ingredients, benefits, colors, etc.)

Resourcefulness / Initiative-
• Works independently under the direct supervision of the Supervisor. Duties are routine, but must be performed without specific instructions. Nature of work is based upon standard procedure, verbal instructions, or duties previously taught to employee. Requires the use of judgment within established procedures.
• Must be able to probe customers in order to make sales and retain customer base.
• @Home Agent: Must be self-disciplined.
• In-Bound Sales: Must be highly motivated to sell.
• USTS Agen (Sales/Customer Support)t: Must be able to identify sales opportunities and be highly motivated sell.

• Exposed to normal office environment, but frequently communicating with disgruntled or irate customers.
• @Home Agent: Employee must have a quiet and comfortable working environment at home that will permit the employee, when working, to focus exclusively on customer’s needs’ without interruption and will be free of disruptions that might be discernable by the customer (e.g., audible sounds of children, pets, background conversations, appliances, electronic devices of any kind, traffic, etc). The work environment, as far as the customer is concerned, must duplicate an office environment as closely as possible so that the customer will not know that the employee is working from home.

Maintains favorable working relationships with all company employees to foster and promote a cooperative and harmonious working climate which will be conducive to maximizing employee morale, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

The incumbent must be able to work in a structured, fast-paced, multi-task, deadline oriented, stressful and demanding environment. While performing the duties of this job, the incumbent must be able to regularly cope with and handle changes in direction and serious pressure.

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