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Job Title: Process and solution lead (PSL)Coke One mobile and TPO (tradepromotion optimization) Organization & Location: BSG # Bottler ServicesGroup. USA / AtlantaReports to: Director #Customer# - BSG# The PSL CokeOne Mobile combines the management of the areas of CAS Mobility and CAS TPM/TPO(Trade Promotion Management & Optimization) as well as the integrationaspects to SAP / Coke One systems# Key focus of this role is the Mobile andTPM solution delivery as an integrated part of the Coke One solution, processand data standards.# The Product Manager is also responsible to manage thedemand process / evaluate business requirements from the bottlers in order toensure best quality fit solutions to the business # The role includes theresponsibility to develop business and technical design specifications of theMobile and TPM solution with CAS# The role is responsible to adopt to theTCCC enterprise architectural rules and guidelines for solution designJobPurpose/ Summary: # It also contains the alignment, with other streams on theintegration (platform) of mobile solution to the C1 process and solution suiteas well as the connection of Coke one mobile (all applications) to other ERPback-office systems (outside Coke One) # The job also contains theresponsibility of managing the stakeholders and all providers of input to thesetopics and its integration aspects to SAP (CRM, ECC) and potential 3rd partyprograms (direct integration using SAP PI)# Key focus is the solution delivery,the integrity and quality of the provided solution as well as the associated(master) data volume and performance aspects# Manage and judge the feasibilityof demandsJob Positioning # The PSL of Coke One mobile and TPO (tradepromotion optimization) works closely together with the other PSLs of the#commercial stream of BSG# and their respective areas (OTC, MTO, CAM/FSV, etc.)as well as with his /her counterparts of other streams within BSG and TCCC GIT.# The role contains the coordination of all (template and localization)projects in this area, the activities with bottlers using the solution andplanning to use the solution.o Overseeing, planning, managing and coordinationof parallel projectso Work with the project managers (on / off-site) of theprojectso Project planning and schedulingo Overseeing multiple projects andactivities at the same timeo Planning parallel and consecutive activities#Demand and capacity planning# Management of the service and support structureof Coke One mobile and TPO# Support, consulting and guidance of bottlermanaged developments / integration projects in the respectivre areaKey JobResponsibilities: # The product manager CAS is on the level of a process andsolution lead within BSG # bottler service group# Demonstrate technicalleadership in a process and solution delivery context in the areas of TPM(trade promotion management) [CAS and SAP CRM TPM], SAP CRM and CAS mobility#Describing the strategy and design to a broad spectrum of stakeholders andengage with delivery teams at strategic and operational level# Designing(complex and cost effective infrastructure solutions which include performanceassurance, scalability, availability etc# Integration of the solutions#Guarantee the right level of detail in the specifications and technicaldesign# Judge the feasibility of requests and proposed solutions# Recommendimprovements for all types of documentations (process and technical design)#Guarantee quality integrity as well as the integration aspects for all topics# Candidates must have strong communication and presentation skills, and beable to take a holistic view of the overall solution and produce high-leveldesign & integration plans# It is important that the candidate has a broadbased technical background exposure which will include SAP (ECC, CRM, XI, ..),CAS (mobile sales, TPM), mobile computing, integration, performance, masterdata and data volumes (special focus on SAP pricing / condition technique)Manage the demands from multiple requesting bottlers / organizations ofdifferent sizes Plan, schedule and manage consecutive and parallel buildcyclesDay to day Activities # Prepare and present regular project statusreport for internal and external stakeholders# Act as a prime point of contactwith the customer for all technical issues during the all project phasesincluding design, build, integration and bottler acceptance # Interface withexternal third party vendors (software and consulting [CAS, CAP, SAP, Accenture,etc.] and internal TCCC (cross) functional teams (OTC, MTO, RTR, SCM, etc) toensure on-time delivery of technical solutions, and compliance for productspecifications and accuracy as per business requirements # Lead on-sitetroubleshooting efforts, and work with business and development teams for aquick resolution# Support project/program management for project planning,scheduling, technical risk assessment and mitigation , budget monitoring#Develop 360° system (solution) development approach and its execution#Responsible for process and technical aspects of end-to-end solutions build,delivery, testing, documentation, system integration, and customer / bottleracceptance of the projectWorking together with the individual projectmanagers from all areas and with the overall program management team(development and bottler organization) Organization # Supervisory DirectReports# Lead external consultants (CAS, SAP, CAP, Accenture, others)# Leadinternal KO and TCCS resources# Lead, align and consult with the projectmanagers of the on-going projectsPeers and/or Indirect ReportsWill workclosely with # process and solution architects and leads in the area of theBSG commercial stream # process and technical leads for the requestingbottlers / organizations# process and solution leads and architects in otherarea of BSG including supply chain, finance, security and compliance, masterdata and reporting.# cross stream disciplines development and infrastructure /BASISScope Criteria # Project budget = yes# Customer contacts = yes#Supplier contacts = yesRelated Job Requirements/Qualifications: Business /functional experience:# 5 + years in companies or consultancy (IT) of the CPindustry using custom or industry standard sales force automation mobilitysolutions and TPM tools# Strong knowledge of the particular challengesassociated with mobility, TPM solutions and their integration aspects.#Configuration and development experience in configurable software solutions,such as SAP, CAS etc.# Specification, design and implementation experience CPindustry (internal or consulting role) or at a major software company#Business process harmonization and standardization / business processreengineering expertiseMinimum Education Requirements:# Education:University / Bachelor#s degree in a suitable technical IT discipline# LanguageSkills: Must be fluent in English. German is a benefit but not essential.#SAP Education: SAP training classes at certified SAP training provider plusSAP on the job experience# CAS Education: CAS experience and / or trainingin implementation projects Working Condition/Travel Requirements TravelRequirements:# Up to 50% local, regional and international travel depending onthe various stages of solution developmentWorking Conditions:# Work from theassigned home base (Atlanta or other home base tbc ) and on demand at bottler /division offices around the world.# This includes the work at the developmentlocations of the software / solution partnersAnalysis Topics to be dealt with:# Working in multi-national teams# Working in a multi-cultural environment#Working and communicating / collaboration with non-native English speakers#Coping with different work speeds and work habits# Working with people acrossdifferent time zones using a variety of collaboration media (ie Webex, Skypeetc) that are not as easy as face to face engagements.Organization Impact &Influence Working with experts within TCCS # Business process experts in allarea of BSG, BIG, CCR and the bottler organizations# Solution and IT (SAP, CASand other tools) experts from BSG, BIG, TCCS, CCR, TCCC IT and the bottlerorganization# BIG COEs (center of excellence)# BIG /TCCC councilsWorkingwith experts outside TCCS # Experts of various consulting companies andsoftware providers, providing services for BSG (business process and IT /solution consulting and development)# Work with the local consulting partner(of the bottler) # on realization concepts and solution design &development approach # Work with the software providers for special softwareenhancements (selection and specific add-on tools)Judgment & DecisionMaking # Understand the difference between a recommended solution from acustomer and the underlying problem to be solved (demand), hence understand thedifference between what customers say they need and what they actually need.#Make judgment calls on what constitutes a localization compared to a globaltemplate solution# Keep control over the complexity of the solutions beingrequested, hence ensure the design and deployment of cost effective workablesolutions that are fit for purpose.Key Performance Indicators for jobperformance # Quality and feasibility of process and solution design# Qualityof template solution and its integration# Integration aspects# On timedelivery of artifacts including process documentation, specifications and testcases# Accuracy of effort estimation for the configuration of the solutions.#Monitoring the solution build and budgetAdditional Information The role of#product manager# for CAS is a challenging combination of both process andsolutions expertise. The incumbent must have a mix of skills across boththese areas # with special focus to the CAS mobile and back-office softwaresuite to be used at TCCS.

In the situation where one of these disciplines isstronger than the other, the incumbent must possess strong leadership, research,customer engagement, listening and learning skills to be able to supplementthe knowledge gaps and continuous development over time. The Product managerhas to have strong leadership to guide the team and direct the people into thedesired direction # this includes KO people, CAS / SAP and bottlerresourcesStrong interpersonal skills are highly desirable.

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