Elementary Principal
Sweetwater County School District #1 - Rock Springs, WY

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Lincoln Elementary

Nature and Scope of Job :
serve as the delegated administrator responsible and accountable for the
planning, organization, evaluation, and leadership of programs and services
within the school.

RESPONSIBLE FOR: The principal is
responsible for everything that occurs, or should occur, in the building or on
grounds of which he is the principal.
He/she is directly responsible for the supervision and administration of
every activity connected with the school.
He/she is coordinator of all effort within the school.

Job Functions:

1.0 Supervises
curricular and extra-curricular programs and manages their continuing review,
evaluation and improvement.

1.1 See that the
Three-Year School Improvement Plans are available in written form and that they
are reviewed and updated annually.

1.2 Work with
teachers in establishing tools and procedures for the continuing assessment of
student achievement in relation to learner outcomes and benchmarks.

1.3 Provide
leadership to staff in identifying program strengths and weaknesses, annually.

1.4 Work with
staff teams and appropriate staff in annually developing written goals for
school improvement which are in line with district philosophy, goals and
student exit outcomes.

1.5 Make certain
that the strategies for achieving program improvement goals are developed in
writing, by involving those who are to carry them out, and understood by those
who are affected.

1.6 Involve
students and parents (as appropriate) in curricular development and evaluation.

1.7 Submit a
school improvement plan status report which indicates the accomplishments of
the school, identifies problems to be worked on and improvement goals as
perceived by the principal and staff, and plans for implementing improvements.

2.0 Manage the
funds allocated to the school in accordance with district guidelines and school

2.1 Supervise
the monitoring, accounting and auditing of local school accounts, including
student activities accounts.

2.2 Provide for
the efficient requisitioning, storing, issuing, inventorying of supplies and

2.3 See that
budget allocations for program improvement are tied to instructional goals and
objectives and are consistent with established building priorities.

2.4 Establish
cooperatively with staff priorities for budget allocations.

3.0 Provide
educational leadership in creating a school environment conducive to teaching
and learning.

3.1 Maintain a
relationship with teachers and students that is characterized by a high degree
of mutual support, open communication, and trust.

3.2 Establish
and maintain an internal communication system which provides those under
principal's supervision with the information they need in the time, place, and
form they need it.

3.3 Take an
active interest in the extracurricular activities of the school.

3.4 Establish
and carry out procedures for working with the staff and students in the
identification and resolution of school problems and concerns.

3.5 Recognize
and reinforce exceptional effort and performance.

3.6 See that
teachers are informed of their roles and of the district's expectations of them
prior to evaluation of their job performance.

3.7 See that
teachers inform students of their responsibilities as students and of the instructional goals and objectives
established for them at the beginning of any course of study.

4.0 Communicate
with the public about the program and services of the school and establish positive
school/community relations.

4.1 Invite
parents, community leaders and other citizens to visit the school and to
observe school programs and maintain an "open door" policy with
respect to the principal's office.

4.2 Schedule and
cause to be conducted parent/teacher conferences during which parents are
informed of and can ask questions about their child's progress.

4.3 See that
perceived strengths and weaknesses of the school program and methods of
improving the school are reviewed mutually by parents, students and staff (as

4.4 Establish
procedures for insuring the accuracy of information disseminated to school

4.5 Monitor
student publications as appropriate.

5.0 Assist in
the recruitment, selection, placement and evaluation of staff assigned to the

5.1 Define
staffing needs.

5.2 Interview
and recommend candidates for selection to positions.

5.3 Make
recommendations for staff transfer, promotions, probation and termination.

5.4 Select staff
for extra-duty assignments.

5.5 Make
specific class and/or course assignments for staff assigned to the school.

5.6 Conduct
personnel evaluation for all staff in accordance with established policies and

5.7 Encourage and
assist each staff member to develop skills in self-evaluation and

5.8 Follow up
evaluative activities with inservice and other assistance designed to help each
staff member improve the quality of his performance.

6.0 Manage the
maintenance and use of the physical plant to facilitate all activities and
functions of the educational program.

6.1 Work
cooperatively with the maintenance department in establishing standards for
building maintenance and custodial services.

6.2 Assist with
the evaluation of maintenance and custodial services.

6.3 Work
cooperatively with the district staff to identify, report and correct safety

6.4 Coordinate
the use of building facilities by community groups.

6.5 Make room
assignments to staff which best serve the educational program.

6.6 Involve
students in the care of the physical plant.

7.0 Supplement
and support classroom teaching with adequate special and auxiliary services
that facilitate learning.

7.1 Assist
teachers in identifying the need for auxiliary services.

7.2 Provide
information to teachers regarding available community resources.

7.3 Work to
maintain positive relationships between school staff and auxiliary personnel.

8.0 Interpret
and administer policies, rules and regulations established by the legislature,
by state and local boards for education, and by school district administration.

8.1 Interpret
district and school policies to students, teachers and parents.

8.2 Administer
all policies, rules and regulations which pertain to principal's unit of

9.0 Establish
building policy and procedures which guide the operation of the school.

9.1 Consider
recommendations from students, teachers and parents in establishing school
rules and regulations.

9.2 Inform
students of their rights and responsibilities as students.

9.3 Inform
parents in writing regarding the rules and regulations of the school pertaining
to student rights and responsibilities.

10.0 Other
duties as assigned by the Superintendent or his designee/s.

Job Qualifications:
Knowledge, Skills and Mental Ability:
Knowledge of
curriculum and principles of learning.

Knowledge of

Ability to
speak clearly and concisely.

Ability to
weigh options, think clearly, and evaluate accurately.

Ability to
understand and facilitate needs of various personality types.

Ability to make
decisions with sound emotional judgement.

Ability to
understand the psychological and physiological development of children.

Ability to
develop a plan and make decisions to facilitate its fulfillment.

Must possess
the ability to see, hear, and talk in order to ascertain teacher effectiveness.

Must be able to
walk, write, lift, and sit.

Must be
persuasive, alert, creative and have patience, initiative, and reasoning.

Education, License, Certification of Formal

Degree. Master's Degree.


professional growth.

Physical Demands:
Be able to
stand 20% of the time without fatigue or discomfort.

Be able to walk
50% of the time without fatigue or discomfort.

Be able to sit
30% of the time without fatigue or discomfort.

Be able to lift
up to 50 pounds.

Be able to
carry up to 15 pounds.

Be able to push
up to 200 pounds.

Be able to pull
up to 100 pounds.

Be able to
handle, finger, see, talk and hear. Possess proper stress management

Environmental Demands:
Be to work 95%
of the time inside.

Be able to work
5% of the time outside.

Be able to work
in air conditioned buildings under fluorescent lighting.