Expert backend C# Software Engineer - Cloud Computing, Big Data
Computer Staff, Inc. - Plano, TX

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We are seeking an Expert backend C# Software Engineer - Cloud Computing, Big Data Professional with a passion for developing applications using the best tools and practices available. One aware of and interested in the latest evolutions and mutations occurring in software today and tomorrow. This is a really cool application , team, and company !!

Most of the applications in the next year will run server-side. We need a strong backend C# software engineer that can design and develop a high-performance server C# applications with an interface designed for expandability and ease of use. Security is of utmost importance. Scalability is also very important.

Extend RESTful services and Windows Services of a C# client library used by server and client applications, that exposes resources currently available in an unmanaged code (C++) library designed for client-level consumption. In the next 0-2 years the C++ will be replaced with C#. This application is used to obtain various forms of information from data service providers that facilitate the delivery of requests to a heavy number crunching application with large complex calculations and move large/long data result set (data streams using Reactive Extentions) from those. We know that in the future, this unmanaged code library will be redesigned and refactored to be consumed from a server based application, so it’s ideal that once this change occurs our library is designed in such a way that it can be easily refactored if necessary.

Design and implement RESTful web services that expose core resources via a restful api. These resources will be exposed to the team via an unmanaged-code interface developed by another team. Endpoints exposed include accounting related information, transaction information and reports.

Help our client design and develop a cloud based analysis services offering. This application executes complex computations, crunching Big Data, and it analyzes data in the cloud. Events from these algorithms can be subscribed to via the rest api. Key challenges include performance, security and scalability. Custom analysis services will be created in the future. All this is heavy C# server-side and middle tier.

We want superior design skills. We prefer candidates with experience or desire to work with cloud computing technologies such as Azure or Amazon, Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL, Reactive Extensions, continuous integration, agile, scrum, test driven development. The key to this position is server side C# strengths, but we also prefer experience, albeit even if rather dated, or years ago, with C++ Interop, C++ COM, C++ CLI, scalable and high-performance server side C#, measuring and tuning server side computations, network programming (WCF, Winsock, TCPIP, UDP), low latency, virtualization: deploying and tuning, Memcached, windows services, scripting & automation, powershell. We require experience with web technologies: HTTP, REST, WebSockets. We require some depths with multi-threading, mutexes, critical sections.

Employment Type: Regular Full-Time employment

Excellent Benefits Package: Life, Health, Dental, Vision, 401(k), ADD, Disability, paid vacation, paid sick time off, bonus, stock, relocation allowance

Salary: $105,000 to 135,000 per year

Location: Plano, Texas

Immigration: US Citizenship or US Permanent Residency highly preferred; no H1B sponsorships or transfers. No third parties, no consulting firms, no agencies.

Please email your resume in MS Word format or email text.

To inquire, discuss or to notify us of your resume submittal, please call…. 817-424-1411