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Provide nursing functions according to established policies, procedures and standards of practice to persons associated with designated faith communities. Support the nursing practice in collaboration with faith community leaders to ensure a continuum of care to include the intersection of faith and health in the local community.

Reports to
Director of Faith Community Nursing

Education, Experience and Skills Requirements
Must have graduated from an accredited school or college of nursing. Bachelor's Degree in Nursing required. Endorsement of local faith community and five years of experience as a Registered Nurse in the state, or states, of practice. Awareness of the inter-connectiveness of faith and health. Ability to relate to a variety of people and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills. Experience in teaching health education and knowledge of adult learning principals. Community and Public Health experience desired. Verification of Faith Community Nurse education.

Licensure/Certification Requirement
Requires current licensure as a Registered Nurse in the state, or states, of practice.

Job Specific Competencies
  • Develops, guides and evaluates faith community nurse program in collaboration with faith community leadership and Community Connections Manager.
  • Educates wellness with the intersection of faith and health on an individual level in the community by connecting with other health professionals and agencies.
  • Participates as a team member in the faith community with the Community Connections Manager, Spiritual Care Service and other parish nurse sites throughout Sanford Health.
  • Prepares, teaches and/or coordinates courses or seminars on health, disease prevention and early detection.
  • Acts as a personal health counselor by assessing health problems, referrals and educating and visiting appropriately.
  • Supports staff in guidance and recommendations to clients and participates in regular programming and staff meetings.

Sanford Values
The Strength To Persevere, Use Our Voices And Take Action.
  • Places the patient first.
  • Stands up for what is right, does the right thing and challenges status quo.
  • Takes risks to advance knowledge and practice for the betterment of care for patients.
  • Addresses and resolves difficult challenges.
  • Embraces reality and perseveres amidst setbacks.
The Enthusiasm For Patients And Work Commitment To The Organization.
  • Shows an unwavering commitment to patients and strong commitment to the organization.
  • Exhibits a positive, can do attitude.
  • Energetically initiates and accomplishes work.
  • Sets and maintains high performance standards.
  • Demonstrates care and stewardship for the communities and people we serve.
The Adherence To The Systems That Align Actions To Excellence, Efficiency And Purpose.
  • Pursues excellence and flawless execution through the avoidance of errors and inaccuracies.
  • Creates and adheres to system rational standards to increase consistency and efficiency, and decrease variability.
  • Adheres to procedure for the protection of those in our care.
  • Follows rigorous methodology in practice and research.
  • Holds self and others accountable.
The Pursuit Of Individual And Organizational Growth And Development.
  • Seeks opportunities to advance individual development and organizational growth.
  • Advances the practice of medicine and discipline of research.
  • Advances integrated healthcare.
  • Determines individual and organizational strengths and weaknesses and plans and develops accordingly.
  • Strives for organizational perfection through continuous individual and organizational improvement.
  • Supports the development of others by delegating, coaching and mentoring.
  • Teaches because we have been taught.
  • Creates sustainable success through talent planning, and initiating and leading own development.
The Connection And Commitment We Have To Each Other Through It All.
  • Fully supports and demonstrates the mission, vision and values both individually and organizationally.
  • Shows commitment to each other through communication, dialogue, collaboration and inclusion.
  • Sticks together through conflict, confrontation, mistakes and learning opportunities.
  • Builds relationships based on trust and respect through honesty, integrity, openness and fulfilling commitments.
  • Leverages differences in thought while promoting team and organizational decisions.
  • Serves the organization and its employees.

Leadership Competencies
  • Professionalism/Integrity - Models high standards of principles, values and ethics through policy decisions, professional duties, and personal actions in the organization and the community.
  • Decision Making/Problem Solving - Gathers information, selects the best strategy, implements and evaluates decisions to assure continuous improvement and contribution to the long-term best interest of Sanford and its constituents.

Information Management Competencies
  • Demonstrates skill in accessing, preparing and using information as relevant to position.
  • Verbalizes and demonstrates knowledge of procedures for maintaining security, confidentiality and integrity of employee, patient, family and other medical information.
  • Demonstrates ability to collect, analyze and present data as appropriate to position.

Equipment Competencies
  • Demonstrates skill in use of equipment relevant to position; verbalizes knowledge of appropriate safety procedures.
  • Diagnoses equipment problems; fixes or seeks out someone to fix.
  • Consistently informs appropriate person of problems encountered with repairs or calibration of equipment.

Professional/Clinical Practice Competencies
  • Assessment: Conducts and documents nursing assessments of health status by collecting objective and subjective data from observations, exams, interviews and written records; sorting, selecting, reporting and recording the data; validating, refining, and modifying the data. Bases the scope and depth of assessment on the patients immediate condition or need.
  • Diagnosis: Analyzes the assessment data to establish or modify nursing diagnoses to be used as a basis for nursing interventions.
  • Planning: In collaboration with the patient, develops a plan of care based on nursing assessment and diagnosis that prescribes interventions to attain expected outcomes. This includes identifying the holistic needs of the patient, treatment decisions and priorities. Identifies community resources needed for continued care and makes referrals.
  • Implementation: Implements the plan of care and the nursing interventions for the patient by writing nursing orders, giving direct care, assisting with care, determining the responsibilities that can properly and safely be assigned or delegated, providing an environment conducive to safety and health, communicating interventions and responses to other members of the health care team and executing the regimen prescribed by a licensed practitioner.
  • Evaluation: Evaluates the responses to nursing interventions by documenting and communicating evaluation data to appropriate members of the health care team, utilizing data as a basis for reassessing client health status, measuring outcomes and goal attainment, modifying nursing diagnoses, revising strategies of care and prescribing changes in nursing interventions.
  • Documentation: Thoroughly documents patient information in an accurate and timely manner, according to organizational policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Patient Education: Assesses patient needs and designs, implements and evaluates a teaching plan specific to individual needs or patient groups.

Age Related Competencies
  • Applies knowledge of growth and development in customer interactions and adapts care according to patient's age/developmental stage.
Blood Exposure
  • This position is classified as a Category I position under OSHA guidelines with high risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials.


Physical Requirements:
View Physical Requirements Regular and predictable attendance is required.

Sanford strives to be a great place to work and a great place to receive care. All applicants accepting an offer of employment with Sanford must consent to a drug screen.

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