High School English Teacher, 2014-2015 School Year
Nexus Columbus - Columbus, OH

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Company Summary :
Connections Education is a leading, fully-accredited provider of high-quality, highly accountable virtual education solutions for students in grades K–12. Connections Education is committed to expanding quality education through technology and helping students achieve both academic and personal success.

The Connections Learning division meets the needs of schools, school districts, and other institutions looking to develop and enhance their online learning programs. Connections Learning delivers a full range of targeted digital learning solutions to the K-12 education community including online courses, a program for homebound students, a digital learning platform, and more. More than 300 schools, school districts, state departments of education and other educational institutions, serving tens of thousands of students throughout the U.S. and beyond, are already utilizing Connections Learning products and services.

Blended learning is the cutting-edge combination of face-to-face and online learning that provides students with a “greater than the sum of its parts” educational experience. Five (7) blended learning charter high schools are currently in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan – in Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Indianapolis, East Lansing, Royal Oak and Grand Rapids, respectively. These schools will together provide more than 600 students in grades 9-12 with a personalized path to college- and career-readiness.

Position Summary :

Working from Nexus Academy of Columbus , the certified teacher will supervise and coach students in a face-to-face setting as they utilize online curriculum and instructional support. The teacher will be responsible for identifying students who need additional support in English courses, based on performance data in Connexus. The teacher will actively facilitate whole group, small group, and individualized instruction to students, based on need. All instruction will support, and be aligned, to the students’ online coursework and the Common Core State Standards. Teachers will work with students to meet the goals in their Personalized Learning Plan, and ensure that each student successfully completes his/her instructional program.

Responsibilities :
Develop in-depth knowledge of all Math courses and applicable supplemental/support resources for grades 9-12;
· Monitor academic progress;
· Support the online instructional program through differentiated learning activities aligned to students’ strengths and weaknesses;
· Grade student assignments, create progress reports and conduct parent conferences in a timely manner;
· Tutor struggling students and accelerate advanced students, in small groups or one-on-one;
· Review online curriculum and devise alternate approaches to presenting lessons to increase student understanding (working directly with students and parents);
· Support students with alternate strategies and provide additional assistance with daily assignments and projects;
· Communicate with administrators, parents, students and other teachers on a regular basis to develop and update Personal Learning Plans and schedules, score assessments, provide feedback on student work, suggest instructional approaches and strategies, monitor completion of assignments and coach special projects;
· Work collaboratively with other teachers to ensure that all students are successfully progressing through the program;
· Create opportunities for students to participate in project-based learning activities that align to their courses and the Common Core State Standards;
· Support students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) by using specific materials/methods and/or material modifications identified in the IEP;
· Log key student and parent contacts;
· Participate in the organization and administration of State Testing, as directed;
· Participate in student recruiting sessions and other marketing efforts that require teacher representation;
· Support student needs by being available for occasional evening hours ; and
· Other duties as assigned.
· Highly qualified and certified to teach Secondary English in Ohio
· Equally passionate about content area and educating teenagers
· Strong preference for small group and one on one instruction versus whole group
· Experience and demonstrated interest in working with youth (both strivers and strugglers) in a diverse urban environment
· Experience working in a school or other educational environment
· Strong multi-cultural skills
· Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
· Customer focused approach
· High degree of flexibility
· Demonstrated ability to work well in an innovative, fast paced environment
· Team player track record
· Willingness to travel on occasion for marketing
· Ability to work remotely, if necessary