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Human Services-Seniors & People with Disabilities - Pendleton, OR

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The Department of Human Services (DHS) is about safety, health and independence for all Oregonians. We help Oregonians in their own communities achieve well-being and independence through opportunities that protect, empower, respect choice and preserve dignity. We protect children who are abused or neglected. We serve seniors, people with disabilities. We help low-income people along the road to self-sufficiency with health coverage, job preparation, childcare and other supports. Our services are delivered in the least restrictive setting and in partnership with communities. We are absolutely committed to ongoing innovation in the delivery of services, and we are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining dedicated employees.

This employment opportunity is with Aging and People with Disabilities, which is part of the Department of Human Services. There is one permanent full-time opening located in Pendleton (Southgate). This position is represented by a union.

This recruitment announcement will be used to establish a list of qualified candidates to fill the current vacancy and may be used to fill future vacancies as they occur.

Please be aware that due to the economic downturn and subsequent state budget short-fall these positions may be required to take furloughs in the biennium 2011-2013.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Assess individual applicants and clients; develop, coordinate and arrange a variety of services for elderly and disabled adults or for medical patients about to be discharged from a hospital, which will assure the continuity of care needed to enable them to maintain or achieve maximum physical, social, and emotional independence or rehabilitation. Work in collaboration with PAS (Pre Admission Screener), Case Managers, and Transition Coordinators to facilitate and support Transition/Diversion efforts and other DHS initiatives that aim at diverting or transitioning institutionalized populations of people with complex medical and long-term care needs into community based settings with wrap around packages of services and supports.

Provide financial services and case management to aged, blind and disabled adults through assessment for financial assistance, food stamps, in-home services, residential care, assisted living, adult foster care, durable medical equipment and supplies, pre-admission screening for nursing facility placement and protective services for adults at risk of abuse or who have been abused. The purpose of this is to assist the client to remain in the least restrictive, most cost effective setting which meets their physical, mental, emotional and social being.

Case management – Has total responsibility, including necessary paperwork and case documentation to case manage a population of dependent elderly and disabled adults. The purpose of case management services is to develop the most appropriate, least restrictive placement or services for the applicant/client and to insure the agency’s mission, philosophy and goals of encouraging independence, dignity, choice and quality of life to every applicant/client with whom we come in contact.

Typical Tasks:
Screen clients for medical, social and financial eligibility, using personal and telephone contact with clients, hospital discharge staff, physicians, family members and other involved parties to refer inquiries to appropriate staff.

Assess client medical, physical, mental and social condition, which includes interviewing client, physician, family members and other knowledgeable people to determine client functioning level; assessment is done using laptops in the field and agency forms for documentation and requires computer input of findings.

Develop plan of care that meets client’s needs and communicates to other involved parties, such as nursing facility, adult foster home, discharge planners, contract personnel, home health, etc. Participates in staffing/care plan meetings with appropriate involved agencies to insure needs are being met and to communicate changes in client condition.

Determine appropriate service placement and payment level by staffing with diversion/transition team coordination and referrals, potential providers, assisting client and/or other involved parties to make an informed choice regarding an appropriate living situation that meets client needs and maintains client in least restrictive environment that promotes the greatest degree of independence and dignity.

Narration of all case actions and information relating to service provision in the client’s case record, including computation of client liability, deductions and pay-in amounts, if appropriate. Complete necessary computer documents to insure providers receive accurate payment amounts and process changes in a timely manner to insure accurate and expeditious payment.

Make referrals to other appropriate community resources when needed or when client is not eligible for APD programs, such as referral to Home Health or to OPI (Oregon Project Independence) program or other community resources.

Monitor ongoing client needs and provider services through regular contacts, either by home or office visits. Frequency of contacts will be in accordance with agency policy.

Advise providers of any available training opportunities and assists providers to be knowledgeable about clients’ care needs.

Screen for elder abuse, protective services, and licensing violations. Refer to appropriate personnel for full investigation when necessary. May initiate risk intervention strategies, such as arranging for appropriate services and/or living situations, or referral to other community agencies to meet client needs.

Remain current on changes in statutes, regulations, policies and procedures; attend training and meetings as requested; complete required statistical reports according to APD protocol, keep line manager informed of problems and performance on the job, and observes all APD policy and procedures at unit, district and State levels.

Use a computerized application/eligibility program (Oregon ACCESS) to document eligibility information and conduct intake interviews for all programs, thus must be familiar with eligibility and program guidelines for all Title XIX program, both medical, SNAP and service related. If information is incomplete; advise and issue appropriate notification to applicant regarding what information is needed to make an eligibility determination and give time frames for submission of the information. Explain rules, regulations, procedures and responsibilities to applicant.

In both medical and service eligibility an ability to process a high level of paperwork and to be proficient in a variety of computer applications is necessary to successful job performance.

Perform other duties as assigned.


*Driving daily conditions (snow, ice, long distance, mountain driving) throughout winter months. You must have a valid driver's license and an acceptable driving record. If not, you must be able to provide an alternate method of transportation.

*Exposure to illness and disease through direct contact with clients and occasional exposure to people who may be hostile or exhibit volatile behaviors or attitudes.

Qualifications & Desired Attributes:

Your application materials, including your answers to the 'Supplemental Questions' will be reviewed to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications and how you meet the desired attributes for the position to which you have applied. Your answers to the supplemental questions must be reflected in your application.


A Bachelor's degree in a Behavioral Science, Social Science, or a closely related field;


A Bachelor's degree in any field and one year of human services related experience (i.e., work providing assistance to individuals and groups with issues such as economically disadvantaged, employment, abuse and neglect, substance abuse, aging, disabilities, prevention, health, cultural competencies, inadequate housing);


An Associate's degree in a Behavioral Science, Social Science or a closely related field AND two years of human services related experience (i.e., work providing assistance to individuals and groups with issues such as economically disadvantaged, employment, abuse and neglect, substance abuse, aging, disabilities, prevention, health, cultural competencies, inadequate housing);


Three years of human services related experience (i.e., work providing assistance to individuals and groups with issues such as economically disadvantaged, employment, abuse and neglect, substance abuse, aging, disabilities, prevention, health, cultural competencies, inadequate housing).


Experience working in a social/human services setting interviewing customers to obtain information and determine eligibility.

Experience determining eligibility for Title IX (Medicaid) programs and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

Experience with long-term care programs, including in-home services and community based care facilities.

Experience applying complex written policies and criteria to determine qualifications for services or benefits.

Experience communicating decisions, rules, policies and procedures.

Experience providing case management services for clients who are elderly or disabled for a service/program related to human services.

Experience assessing clients care needs and developing appropriate care plans.

Experience coordinating client care plans with others (facilities, agencies, etc).

Experience working with personal computers.

Experience working in a team environment.

Only the candidates whose experience most closely match the qualifications and desired attributes of this position will be invited to an interview.

Additional Information:

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Email Addresses Now Required

The state of Oregon is now requiring all applications have a valid email address.

If you do not currently have an email address and do not know where to go to get one please refer to our Applicant E-Recruit FAQ's web page. Click on the link below to go directly to question #14 to view several internet providers where you can get a free e-mail account. The state of Oregon does not endorse any particular provider.

Applicant E-Recruit FAQ's
If you are offered employment, the offer will be contingent upon the outcome of an abuse check, criminal records check and driving records check, and the information shall be shared with the DHS, Office of Human Resources (OHR). Any criminal or founded abuse history will be reviewed and could result in the withdrawal of the offer or termination of employment.
DHS will communicate with all applicants via e-mail.

If you need assistance to participate in the application process, you are encouraged to call 503-945-5698 (voice) or 503-945-6214 (TTY) between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday.

If you need assistance with adding attachments to your profile or to a specific job posting please go to Adding and Removing Attachments to a Profile and Job Posting for further instructions. This quick help guide can also be found on the State Jobs Page by clicking in the Applicant E-Recruit FAQ's then click on Applicant Profile Maintenance.


The Oregon Department of Human Services is committed to affirmative action, equal employment opportunity and workplace diversity.
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