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College graduate with degree in languages and licensed in translation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Working knowledge of street slang, jailhouse slang, legal, medical, business and technical vocabulary. Direct interpreting experience as a freelance interpreting and translating may substitute at a rate of three (3) years for one (1) year of college. State license as a Licensed Court Interpreter in Spanish.
Interpreters are required to attain sixteen hours of CEU continuing education per year.

Typical Duties:

Interprets for the Court all proceedings from arraignment to motions, to trials and sentencing. Courts operate occasionally from 7:00 a.m. to as late as 10:00 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays.

Interprets the entire proceedings of a criminal trial for non-English speaking Spanish speaking defendant so that the defendant can participate in his own defense (from voir dire to summation when required by the Court), and in this case the interpreter will de allowed a recess to either rest or be substituted by another interpreter at reasonable intervals because it requires prolonged mental concentration and to allow the voice and throat to rest.

Exercises independent action by determining when interpreting services are no longer needed and requests to be excused for further interpreting assignments.

Interprets between the defendant and his attorney when appropriate, but during the course of the trial only.

Interprets simultaneously during juvenile proceedings to non-English speaking juveniles and/or parents (from on parent to several sets of parents).

Interprets for any witnesses called to testify from the witness stand; interprets the Judge’s or attorney’s questions to Spanish and the witnesses’ responses to English, in jury or non-jury trials.

Interprets for the Grand Jury for non-English speaking Spanish-speaking witnesses whenever time permits.

Interprets for the jury panels qualifications sessions.
Interpreters will also translate legal documents and other evidentiary material for the benefit of the court or jury when directed to do so by the court. Such directions should be given to the interpreter sufficiently in advance of the time such material is needed for trial so that the translation of the material will not interfere with the interpreter’s in-court duties.

Interpreters must take the constitutional oath of office and an oath that the interpreter will faithfully interpret all testimony given in court. An oath covers the interpreter’s service in all court cases during the interpreter’s term of office.

Job Summary:

Interpret verbatim in simultaneous, consecutive or summary mode Spanish into English and English into Spanish, for the benefit of the Court and/or Jury; for non-English speaking Spanish speaking defendants at arraignments, preliminary hearings, bond reductions, guilty pleas, pre-trials motions, trials, revocations, and other criminal court proceedings, for non-English speaking Spanish-speaking juveniles and/or their parents during detention, pre-trial, stipulation, adjudication, disposition, modification, and review hearings; during civil cases interprets testimony only for non-English speaking Spanish witnesses, however, when an interpreter is needed in a criminal case, the criminal case takes precedence and the interpreter is subject to being called out of the civil case to interpret for the criminal case.