IT Manager / Systems Architect
WDA | Wireless Developer Agency - East Lansing, MI

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The REAL story about this job:

OK, we’re not talking about a person who runs around trying to unjam the paper from the printer. And we’re not talking about a CIO, since we’re not exactly British Petroleum around here.

However, we do have IT infrastructure that needs to be expanded and made more resilient & fault tolerant. We can no longer get by with just a single ISP and hosting solution. We’re running mission-critical software that needs to fail-over and the systems have to be architected correctly.

While we will not assign you a set of screwdrivers and network cable crimpers on your first day at work, we do need the architect to double as the implementer. In other words, you can’t just dream it and walk away. We’ll give you a whiteboard and dry erase pens, but after you’ve had your fun, you need to go procure equipment and lead the configuration process. An IT administrator would report to you, along with one or two entry-level IT people who are just getting their feet wet.

WDA has created an amazing mobile marketing platform called Impulse. The system is able to track users as they click on banner ads on their smartphone apps or browsers. It is a dream-come-true for marketers that need to run effective advertising campaigns on phones and tablets and while it’s easy to use, it has lots of nuances and complex features. The system handles millions and millions of events, some in real-time, some in post-process. We’ve completely outgrown SQL Server and are instead moving to NoSQL data processing solutions: Hadoop, Cassandra, Storm are what we’re working on now, with scalable architectures.

You’ll think you stepped directly into Silicon Valley at WDA, only better! Every day we serve lunch completely free of charge with hot entrees and fresh baked bread. The fridge is stocked with sodas and juice all the time. We have flexible hours allowing you to work into the night should you have that spark. Cereal and milk are waiting anytime. Full health care coverage with PHP. Matching 401k program for your retirement. Tea, cookies and dark chocolate in our tea room. Our TEA ROOM??? Yes, chocolate and tea helps you design better network topologies. Cookies help, too.

Job Description

  • Provide guidance and leadership on establishing IT infrastructure& processes, reporting to the CTO
  • Help design scalable server architecture to take us to 100x current capacity
  • Capacity planning
  • Hardware / software asset management
  • IT Project management
  • Manage and maintain our Service Level Agreements
  • Manage and maintain our disaster recovery plans
  • Design and maintain local & remote network infrastructure


  • Minimum of 4 years of experience in IT
  • Experience with both Linux & Windows Server environments
  • Interest or experience in scalable architectures
  • Solid understanding of network routers & security

Bonus Skills

  • SQL Server Administration


  • Based on experience, from entry-level through to senior developer
  • Full health care benefits
  • 401k plan
  • Lunch is provided every day