Lead Flash Developer - FableLabs
Mary-Margaret Network - San Francisco, CA

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FableLabs Lead Flash Developer FableLabs is looking for a strong software engineer to continue the development of our flash game engine, expand our suite of game design and code generation tools, and develop new games from the planning stage to post-launch. About FableLabs FableLabs is passionate about creating storyline driven social games. We're interested in creating experiences that pull the player forward and leave them wanting to find out more. We see ourselves as story tellers that use tools to build characters and worlds for players to explore and engage in. We're looking to become the "Pixar of social games" and are looking for a few more folks that want to make a huge impact. If you are passionate about creating memorable IP that players can form emotional connections with, let us know. We'd love to have you on our team. We're based in San Francisco, in the Hatchery (1 block from the ballpark). What We're NOT We're NOT making clones of Zynga games We're NOT making reskins of Evony, Kingdoms of Camelot, Atlantis, etc We're NOT letting short-sighted conversion metrics rule our lives (we start with a thesis and let metrics validate) What We ARE We ARE making games that are focused on delivering amazing storylines We ARE creating characters and worlds that players will care to explore We ARE building tools that will allow content creators to do 1 and 2 Why You Should Apply TECHNOLOGY: We embrace cutting edge technology if it saves us time in the long run. Ask us about how we wrote our own DSL that in turn generates code for serializing game data and defining API routes. Or perhaps watch our webinar with Membase about how we are able to support millions of users with NO sysadmin and a tiny team. Bigger doesn't always mean better, if you know how to use the right tools. INNOVATION: We have built a wide range of tools and processes that greatly reduce both low level work and endless cross-functional meetings. By making sure team members are unblocked and focused on high value activities, we're able to spend more time on adding innovation to our games. IMPACT: We've signed some long term deals with publishers that want to distribute our games on the web and mobile platforms. We are looking for folks that want to join us on this initial traction and help take it to the next level. We will be asking for your opinion so be ready to have one. What You'll Need 5+ years software development experience 3+ years hands-on experience developing ActionScript 3 You identify yourself as a game developer rather than a flash developer You didn't just pass your CS classes, but have actually implemented, say, a doubly linked list in AS3 You know as much about A* and depth sorting as much as you do about DisplayObject and BitmapData (and we hope it's quite a bit!) You have compiled swfs without using timeline or straight from the command line You apply the hotkey skills acquired from StarCraft in the daily use of your favorite IDE You can configure your own linux server or better yet, even know some vim commands You MUST have shipped a game, or released your own open source project You think of yourself as an entrepreneur not an employee

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