Manager of Wound Care-Wound Care Center-St. Joseph Medical Center-(Days)
St. Joseph Medical Center - Houston, TX

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The Clinical Operations Manager is responsible for the clinical aspects of the Advanced Care Clinic. Collaborates with the Director and Medical Director to coordinate services in providing quality care to patients with chronic non-healing wounds. Works within the framework of the State Nurse Practice Act and follows all hospital guidelines. Coordinates operational clinical systems with the Director and Office Coordinator on a daily basis. Assists the Director with the overall operations of the Advanced Wound Care Center (AWCC) in his/her absence.

1. Consistently supports and communicates the Mission , Vision and Values of St. Joseph

Medical Center .

2. Follows the St. Joseph Medical Center Guidelines related to the Health Insurance Portability and

Accountability Act (HIPAA), designed to prevent or detect unauthorized disclosure of Protected

Health Information (PHI).

3. Promotes a culture of safety for patients and employees through proper identification, proper

reporting, documentation and prevention of medical errors in a non-punitive environment.

4. Supportive of the compliance program set forth by SJMC and demonstrated by:

a. Upholds the Code of Ethics and Corporate Compliance.

b. Adheres to dealing appropriately and fairly with employee misconduct.

c. Enforces all compliance policies as they pertain to his/her area.

d. Provides and assures timely compliance education as requested by the Compliance Officer and/or through corporate initiatives.

5. The Clinical Manager will be able to demonstrate the following essential competencies, duties and responsibility as a result of education, experience and hospital initial orientation:

a. Participate with the Director in the review of clinical operations and preparations of regular statistical and narrative reports. Ensure accuracy of all statistical information prior to submission.

b. Seek out and obtain advanced knowledge, credentials, specialty exams, training, and education for clinical/administrative/managerial role.

c. Assume fiscal responsibility of the clinic through collaboration with the Director in creation of the budget and independent follow up to maintain operations with the established budget parameters.

d. Ingrate knowledge regarding reimbursement into patient communication, collaborating with third party payors and professionals.

e. Provide supervisory support to the data base information system; maintain a working knowledge of the overall system, clinical data input, generating reports, troubleshooting and general policies and procedures. Responsible for management and development of clinical staff, functions and activities, and appropriate patient care assignments during clinic hours.

f. Manage clinic staff, in collaboration and under the direction of the Director, including the hiring, disciplining, discharging, performance review, orientation and utilization.

g. Oversee case management development and implementation for all patients, assuring comprehensive care with appropriate staffing levels.

h. Ensure staff attendance at mandatory education and monitoring of safe practices and safety education, including but not limited to, hazardous waste, CPR, body mechanics, infection control, exposure control, adverse reporting, fire and disaster planning.

i. Initiate and actively participate as a change agent to improve the work environment, work process and patient care.

j. Responsible for clinical oversite for the treatment of hyperbaric patients.

k. Participate in continuous performance improvement initiatives with the Director and the Medical Director. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of diagnostic data related to wound care by the ability to review cases for quality improvement, identifying key diagnostic data needed and integrating it into assessment, care, and outcome.

l. Exercise clinical competence and monitor to ensure quality is provided through implementation of a plan of care in accordance with the pathway for wound care and guidelines.

m. Implement and evaluate for care, goal development, outcome criteria and target dates which reflect appropriate nursing and medical diagnosis.

n. Conduct wound healing review per guidelines and maintain documentation of all quality review activities. Ensure all recommendations are activated into physician orders.

o. Under the direction of the Director, plan and implement no less than quarterly medical staff and clinic staff meetings. Maintain documentation of these meetings.

p. Ensure utilization of all appropriate database reports in performance improvement activities.

q. Verify that the hospital postings of all adjustments based on insurance type and date of service are accurate by daily charge reconciliation by utilizing the schedule, superbill, and daily charge entry report.

r. Reconciles weekly and month end statistics and provides to the Director by the 5 nd working day of the month in conjunction with Office Coordinator.

s. Assists with maintaining direct and indirect financial tracking reports and budget analysis for the Center, including new and discharged patients under the direction of the Director and provides to the Director by the 5nd working day of the month.

t. Annual review and maintenance of the AWCC chargemaster along with updating the AWCC superbill under the direction of the Director.

u. Ensure that all appropriate communication is provided to the referring physicians in a timely manner. Maintain positive communication inter- and intra-departmentally. Follow proper channels of communication anticipating and consistently handling daily routine problems while recognizing complex issues that need referral to the Director.

v. Support and encourage harmonious working relationships and team building skills. Demonstrate excellent report with difficult and demanding customers. Consistently demonstrate openness to receiving and giving constructive feedback. Identifying problems/concerns and discuss them professionally.

w. Adjust scheduled time off to meet department needs. Ensure that time and attendance policies are followed. Support and adhere to Hospital Administrative and Nursing guidelines.

x. Provide continuity of care for patients in collaboration with physicians with accountability for planning, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive wound care involving multiple disciplines and sites of care.

y. Function as a case manager and in other clinic roles and serves as a role model. Assist physician with wound therapy and procedures.

z. Orient new clinical personnel to case management functions, clinic roles and responsibilities, performance improvement activities and chronic wound management.

aa. Manage and evaluate clinical functions and implement process improvement action plans as necessary. Review new patients weekly to evaluate timely application of clinical pathways. Make recommendations and evaluate follow up activities with the clinical staff.

bb. Assume patient advocate role, protecting patient rights.

cc. Initiate a nursing assessment of patient’s condition upon admission. Complete in a timely and accurate manner all admission nursing chart forms. Organize assessment data for accuracy, completeness, and confidentiality.

dd. Assess and interpret reports and communicates findings with the assigned physician and other healthcare team members.

ee. Assess, stage, and measure wounds accurately and in accordance with guidelines. Photograph wounds according to guidelines.

ff. Identify patient care situations that require intervention, implement nursing actions, and evaluate responses. Identify patient and family education and discharges needs to implement and document a teaching plan of care. Formulate desired outcomes that are specific and measurable within a certain time frame and consistent with other health provider’s exceptions.

gg. Implement wound care and HBO guidelines when clinically indicated. Function as back-up coverage for hyperbaric technologists.

hh. Other duties as assigned.

The RN/Hyperbaric Technician will be able to demonstrate the following essential competencies, duties and responsibilities as a result of education, experience, AWCC initial orientation, and ongoing corporate learning.

1. Complete the hyperbaric certification process to demonstrate a working knowledge of the guidelines of hyperbaric medicine.

2. Perform transcutaneous oxygen monitoring testing as ordered and per departmental guidelines.

3. Ascertain that the patient’s diagnosis is one of the approved conditions for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and that the said diagnosis is clearly entered on the patient’s charts/records.

4. Educate patient and/or patient’s family as to the benefits, risks, contraindications, and safety issues of hyperbaric oxygen therapy before treatment.

5. Perform blood glucose monitoring as ordered and is indicated by patient diagnosis.

6. Inspect the patient prior to the commencement of each Hyperbaric therapy session to ensure all safety standards are being adhered to, i.e. 100% cotton attire, no makeup, no hairspray, etc.

7. Perform the hyperbaric treatments and monitor the patient during therapy.

8. Perform dressing changes and/or wound care within scope of practice, as ordered.

9. Take serial photographs of the wound for reporting the patient’s progress.

10. Evaluate the patient outcome and meet with the hyperbaric physician to discuss patient treatment and adjust treatment as ordered by physician and as necessary.

11. Consult with hyperbaric physician regarding any adverse reactions.

12. Document treatment notes and maintain patient treatment/diagnostic records.

13. Clean and maintain the equipment according to infection control standards.

14. Maintain equipment checks and backup air and oxygen supplies on daily basis.

15. Orient new employees as necessary.

16. Participate in new patient reviews to assess for HBO indicators.

Prior management experience in an ambulatory setting preferred
Minimum five (5) years experience, ambulatory experience preferred

Registered Nurse with current Texas license
American Heart Association Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider certification required

Bachelors of Science in Nursing preferred

Demonstrate professionalism and commitment to the mission statement of AWCC as well as St. Joseph Medical Center at all times.

Technical, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills relevant to area in order to effectively communicate
and work well with providers, staff members, administrative, patients, family members, community members, and support staff in a dynamic and fast paced practice while willing to work under pressure.

Ability to prioritize work with minimal supervision, in order to independently carry out the duties of the position.

Able to communicate effectively, in English. Additional languages preferred.
Computer knowledge including Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook.
Maintain patient confidentiality at all times.

Computer literacy required

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