Medical Technologist Area Coordinator
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JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: The Medical Technologist (MT) precisely and accurately performs and evaluates a variety of technical procedures. Utilizes accepted quality control techniques by manual, semi-automated, or automated methodologies and equipment. Assists in other laboratory activities as requested or needed. The Medical Technologist is competent in differentiating test results between designated age brakets. CUSTOMERS SERVED: Neonate/Infant(0-12months) Pediatric (1-12 years) Adolescent (13-17 years) Adult (18-69 years) Geriatric (70 years and older) EDUCATION: Must have a minimum of a two-year certificate or associate degree in an AMA-approved medical technology program. Four year degree preferred. LICENSURE: Must have Florida state technician or technologist license(s) appropriate for the area(s) of work: serology, clinical chemistry, hematology, immunohematology, microbiology. EXPERIENCE: Clinical experience preferred. New graduates accepted. ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS: Computer skills: Input data into computer programs. Communication skills: Answer telephones. General office skills: Maintain filing systems. Maintain logs. Research information. EQUIPMENT, MACHINES &TOOLS USED: Computer equipment: CRT. Word processor. General office equipment: Calculator. Fax. Photocopier. Patient care equipment: Diagnostic equipment. Required protection equipment: Eye protection. Face protection Gown. Lab coat or apron. Non-sterile medical gloves. Sterile medical gloves. SUPERVISED BY: Laboratory Manager, Medical Director. CONTACT WITH OTHERS: Constant with medical staff, co-workers, patients, patient families, physician offices, department managers, visitors and other hospital staff personnel. Must be courteous and use tact, maintaining confidentiality in all encounters. AMERICANS WITH DISABLITY ACT STATEMENT: External and internal applicants. As well as position incumbents who become disabled, must be able to perform the essential job-specific functions (listed within each job-specific responsibility) either unaided or with the assistance of reasonable accommodation to be determined by the organization on a case-by-case basis. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND STANDARDS EVALUATION 1. Demonstrates knowledge of job that enables the MT to perform procedures expeditiously. Standard Rating 1:1 Reviews procedure manuals, service manuals and safety manuals at least annually. 1:2 Demonstrates a complete understanding of established procedures within the department as outlined in the various procedure manuals. 1:3 Demonstrates knowledge of department procedure necessary to train new employees during their designated training period as established by the Laboratory Manager. 1:4 Exhibits understanding of the most commonly used computer functions: a. Hospital system. b. Laboratory system. c. Instrumentation (if applicable). 1:5 Demonstrates the ability to differentiate results of various stains / tests to determine the accuracy of those stains / tests results. 1:6 Dates and initials or signs all laboratory documents as required. 1:7 Attends departmental meetings as required or reads and initials minutes. 1:8 Maintains awareness of changes in procedures and policies by reading and initialing all communications. 1:9 Maintains neat and legible documentation. 1:10 Learns new procedures or assignments within a reasonable time frame. 1:11 Functions within scope of practice based on licensure, education, skills and experience. Recognizes own limitations and ask for guidance when necessary. TOTAL POINTS 2. Demonstrated Behavior Evaluation. Standard Rating 2:1 Polices and Procedures – adheres to department and medical center rules, policies and procedures. 2:2 Organization – arranges work in a systematic manner, prioritizes to achieve efficient and timely completion of work. 2:3 Attendance: Always prompt. Never Absent – 5 Absent no more than 2 times - 4 Absent no more than 4 times - 3 Absent no more than 6 times - 2 Absent 8 times or more - 1 2:4 Punctuality : Always prompt. Never late – 5 Late no more than 1 time – 4 Late no more than 2 times – 3 Late no more than 5 times – 2 Late no more than 7 times – 1 TOTAL POINTS 3. Performs high quality work as demonstrated by accuracy and precision. Standard Rating 3:1 Demonstrates the ability to follow established departmental procedures. 3:2 Verifies that quality control stains are valid before reporting patient results. Takes proper corrective action for any out-of-range results. 3:3 Verifies that the proper specimen is being analyzed for the proper patient for the requested test procedure. 3:4 Performs daily and other routine maintenance on equipment as required and notes corrective action deemed necessary. 3:5 Regularly inspects instruments and insures that the equipment is in proper working order so that test results will be accurate. 3:6 Calibrates equipment accurately according to manufacturer guidelines when deemed necessary by the manufacturer or area coordinator. 3:7 Performs quality assurance studies as requested and submits reports to laboratory manager monthly. 3:8 Prints pending reports at least twice per day and completes any unverified tests. Reports to the next shift any incomplete work so as to insure continuity of patient care. 3:9 Calls all critical values and prints reports to the physician’s offices or patient care areas immediately upon completion. 3:10 Meets or exceed CLIA standards regarding scoring of CAP survey results. 3:11 Has no more than two valid complaints per year from other departments or patients regarding method of blood collection, attitude, or courtesy to the patient. 3:12 Has no more than ten ‘minor” errors per year as designated by area coordinator and/or laboratory manager. 3:13 Demonstrates proper method of correction if any error occurs. TOTAL POINTS 4. Indicates knowledge and organization of workload; plans and utilizes time in order to ensure accurate and timely processing of specimens: Standard Rating 4:1 Takes responsibility for completing all procedures scheduled during shift without sacrificing the quality of work performed. 4:2 Consistently coordinates work to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency during assigned shift. 4:3 Regularly demonstrates the ability to coordinate a simultaneous series of tasks with complete accuracy. 4:4 Demonstrates the flexibility to adjust schedule in response to state orders and fluctuations in patient workload. 4:5 Consistently shows the ability to deal with priorities appropriately and to plan for the completion of remaining duties. 4:6 With the use of pending logs, insures completed results are reported and/or printed to the appropriate areas in a timely manner. 4:7 If requested, performs area coordinator duties when coordinator is not available due to days off, sickness, or vacation. 4:8 Performs duties in an independent manner with little or no supervision. 4:9 When requested by laboratory manager, assists in evaluating competency of personnel in laboratory. TOTAL POINTS 5. Demonstrates sound judgment and wise decision-making skills through testing and reporting of patient laboratory specimen. Standard Rating 5:1 Recognizes any day-to-day variation in stain results and investigates before submitting slides to Pathologist. 5:2 Recognizes variations in test results due to age, sex, etc. 5:3 Performs repeat testing when results are questionable and consults with manager or pathologist regarding difficult analysis or abnormal findings. 5:4 Judges the adequacy or accuracy of submitted specimens and reorders specimens if indicated. 5:5 Investigates all decision level values and is available to solve problems encountered by laboratory personnel. 5:6 Recognizes any instrument malfunction and makes correction or contacts service representative. Utilizes back-up methods when appropriate. 5:7 Recognizes and notifies area coordinator concerning low supply inventory; is conscientious about not waiting until supply is depleted. 5:8 Demonstrates the ability to assess a situation, consider alternatives and choose an appropriate course of action. 5:9 Assists in solving problems encountered by technicians and phlebotomists when manager or area coordinator is not available. 5:10 Corrects and documents any errors found in laboratory and submits report to Laboratory Manager. TOTAL POINTS 6. Assists in maintaining a safe environment for both employees and patients. Standard Rating 6:1 Uses engineered safety devices when available in processing of specimens. 6:2 Assists in controlling daily work clutter throughout the lab by properly storing and maintaining lab supplies. 6:3 Wears personal protective equipment (PPE) as required by OSHA. 6:4 Keeps work area clean and neat. Disinfects work surfaces at the end of the shift. TOTAL POINTS 7. Performs other duties in a professional and cooperative manner. Standard Rating 7:1 Exhibits positive demonstrated behavior when assisting with delivery personnel. 7:2 Consistently signs in/out for recording arrival and departure times on attendance roster and also clocks in/out on time clock. Logs in on laboratory computer on arrival in the lab to check for any e-mail messages. 7:3 Performs effectively and efficiently under crisis situation. 7:4 Performs other tasks when requested in a cooperative manner. 7:5 Assists others as needed in a pleasant and cooperative manner. 7:6 Shows a concern and appreciation for cost containment by proper utilization of supplies. 7:7 Performs quality assurance studies as requested and submits reports to laboratory manager monthly. 7:8 Demonstrates enthusiasm in performing and accepting work assignments. TOTAL POINTS 8. Adheres to and follows the principles of Lower Keys Medical Center Quality Customers Relations Program. Standard Rating 8:1 Promotes quality customer relations by identifying both internal and external customers; acknowledges customers promptly; uses expressions that show respect and understanding and enhance self-esteem. 8:2 Creates a positive impression through effective use of telephone skills such as answering the phone by the third ring, identifying self and department, listening attentively, personalizing the conversation and verifying information. 8:3 Creates a supportive climate for customers by allowing customers to express themselves, addressing their concerns as being real, and encouraging two-way communication. 8:4 Promotes therapeutic interaction with customers by identifying behaviors resulting from dissatisfaction, then allowing customers to respond openly, showing empathy and discussing options. 8:5 Adheres to patient confidentiality policy. 8:6 Keeps observations and conversations about employee and hospital matters confidential. 8:7 Supports hospital mission statement. 8:8 Assists in accomplishing patient satisfaction goals. 8:9 Strives to maintain harmonious work relationships with co-workers or staff from other departments. Respects others needs, opinions and concerns. 8:10 Displays on-the-job behavior that in no way detracts from patient’s or staff’s well-being or the public image of the facility. 8:11 Demonstrates a willingness to work toward improvement in work performance or correction of performance deficiencies as suggested by pathologist or laboratory manager. TOTAL POINTS 9. Adheres to all departmental, hospital and corporate policies. Standard Rating 9:1 Complies with safety policies and reports potential hazards to supervisor. 9:2 Uses sick, vacation and holiday time benefits within established guidelines. 9:3 Cooperates in working holidays as established by departmental policy. 9:4 Cooperates with needed modifications in the work schedule such as shift changes, voluntary hour reductions or overtime as needed. 9:5 Understands and follows Corporate Compliance guidelines. 9:6 Takes meal and rest breaks in appropriate length and number to scheduled work hours. 9:7 No eating or drinking at workstations. 9:8 Follows hospital-wide parking regulations. TOTAL POINTS 10. Staffing flexibility. Standard Rating 10:1 Cooperates with needed modifications in the work schedule such as shift changes, voluntary hour reductions or overtime as needed. 10:2 Cooperates in working holidays as established by departmental policy. 10:3 Supports other department/functions when needed. Assists team members without being asked and/or requests assistance as needed. 10:4 Works with manager to cover open shifts. 10:5 Utilizes appropriate procedures established by the department when reporting inability to report to work as scheduled or inability to report to work on time. TOTAL POINTS 11. Competency credentials and education. Standard Rating 11:1 Satisfactorily completes annual competency checklist specific to area to work. 11:2 Maintains licensure and qualifications. 11:3 Successfully completes LKMC annual hospital in-service packet (Infection Control, EOC, Patient’s Rights, Disaster Response, etc.). 11:4 Responds appropriately to drills and actual emergencies, including fire drills. 11:5 Willingly takes responsibility for own continuing education by seeking out and attending workshops and educational programs. 11:6 Participates in hospital-wide in-service programs and continuing education. TOTAL POINTS 12. Professional criteria. Standard Rating 12:1 Presents professional demeanor in appearance, attitude communication. 12:2 Is punctual to take and give report. 12:3 Completes assignment with minimal assistance and supervision in allotted time. 12:4 Maintains attendance requirements as per hospital policy. TOTAL POINTS TOTAL PERFORMANCE (total of all rate Weight Factors): ________ Age Specific Demonstrates competency in all procedures within scope of practice, as appropriate to the ages of the patients cared for. Has the ability to obtain age-specific data and interpret this information in terms of the patient’s needs. The employee has knowledge of growth and development for the ages of patients cared for and an understanding of the range of treatment needed for patients of different ages. Provides all aspects of patient care based on established standards. These standards include Lower Keys Medical Center Reference Guide for Age Specific Considerations, policies, procedures, protocols and specific competencies and criteria checklists that include age specific considerations as appropriate. Employee fulfilling this job description may care for patients in the following age categories according to their scope of practice and department’s scope of service.
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