Multi-Purpose Academic Center Paraprofessional
Sweetwater County School District #1 - Rock Springs, WY

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Job Title: Multi-Purpose Academic Center Tutor
Location: Rock Springs High School
Reports To: Building Principal
Terms of Employment:
9 Months/Year
34 Hours/Week

Nature and Scope of Job :

To assist in the implementation of the Multi- Purpose Learning Center at RSHS. Assist instruction on a daily basis in order to maximize student learning as deemed necessary and/or required to meet the personal and academic needs of each student.

Job Functions:

Essential Functions:

1. Prepares reports involving computerized course work.

2. Directs students as to operation of A+ technology on computers.

3. Communicates student progress and needs of A+ course work to content area instructor.

4. Facilitates in the supervision and classroom management of all students within the library during the school day.

5. Assists students and faculty in usage of library technology.

6. Assists in supervision of students in the media center.

7. Maintains confidentiality of all information concerning students, staff, or parent/guardian in any public setting and chooses the appropriate time, place, and supervisor to discuss problems.

8. Uses positive verbal and non-verbal communication and interaction skills when working with students, parents, and all district personnel at all times.

9. Assist in maintaining and organizing program data.

Other Functions:

1. Performs tasks of the Lirary/Media Aid when available to do so.

2. Locates, researches, duplicates, copies, constructs, files, laminates, types, designs, colors, cuts, draws, glues, and organizes instructional materials.

4. Types correspondence to parents.

5. Seeks appropriate additional tasks when assigned work is completed.

7. Performs any other assigned duties.


Job Qualifications:

Knowledge, Skills and Mental Ability :

Knowledge of computer operations

Knowldege of A+ computer program.

Knowledge of the teaching-learning process.

Knowledge of classroom management techniques.

Ability to enunciate clearly and communicate positively throughout the work day.

Ability to follow and successfully complete both written and oral directions.

Ability to think clearly and calculate accurately.

Ability to work with people of various personality types.

Possess sound emotional judgment.

Education, License, Certification or Formal Training

High school education or equivalent. Wyoming Substitute Certificate

Equipment Used:

Computer and Peripherals DVD Player

Photocopy Machine Adding Machine/Calculator

Overhead Projector 16mm Projector

Opaque Projector

Video Cassette Recorder

Paper Cutter

Physical Demands:

Finger, hand, and arm strength necessary to write on paper, chalkboard, overhead, etc., throughout the work day.

Visual acuity and stamina to work at a computer monitor.

Visual acuity and stamina to work with varied sizes and types of written material throughout the work day.

Near and far visual acuity.

Lower body strength to kneel, stand, and walk throughout the work day.

Upper body strength to lift 25 pounds and carry more than 50 feet throughout the work day.

Verbal stamina to articulate clearly and with appropriate volume throughout the work day.

Auditory discrimination sufficient to receive detailed information through normal speech at 5 feet and warning cries or alarms above normal classroom and playground noise.


Regular exposure to weather extremes.

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