Occupational Medicine Physician (Board Eligible) - Physical Disability Board of Review Support Services, Alexandria Virginia
MedPro, LLC - Alexandria, VA

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The Occupational Medicine Physician will support Warrior Care Policy, (WCP). The Warrior Care Policy is responsible to ensure Wounded, Ill, Injured (Wll) and transitioning warriors receive high quality care and seamless transition support through proactive leadership, responsive policy, and effective oversight and interagency collaboration and the Physical Disability Board of Review (PDBR) in their mission to ensure service members receive a fair and accurate reassessment of their DoD disability rating.
Services will be performed at the Physical Disability Board of Review, Hoffman Building, 200 Stovall Street, Alexandria, Virginia.
The Physical Disability Board of Review. The PDBR adjudicates cases upon which review is requested or undertaken on its own motion. The PDBR has no greater obligation to our wounded, ill, and injured Service members and former Service members than to offer fair and equitable recommendations pertaining to the assignment of disability ratings. Scheduling of cases subject to review by the PDBR shall be based upon an intentional methodology that gives equitable consideration to requests originating from covered Service members regardless of status, component affiliation, or source of disability.
The activities will include but not be limited to reviewing all documentary evidence provided by the Services in connection with the case and any Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) files to include the Service Treatment Record, Veteran Affairs (VA) Rating Decisions and VA examinations issued on behalf of the former Service members in accordance with the Veterans Affairs Schedule for Rating Disabilities in effect at the time of separation. The documentary review will require identifying and marking relevant documents to assist in the case review, presentation, and appeal rating recommendation.
The Physician will compare any DVA disability rating for the specifically military unfitting condition(s) with the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) combined disability rating and consider any variance in its deliberations and any impact on the final PEB combined disability rating, particularly if the DVA rating was awarded within 12 months of the Service member’s separation. The Contractor shall also review the complete case record that served as the basis for the final Military Department PEB rating determination and, to the extent feasible, collect all the information necessary for competent review and recommendation. After completing the review, the Physician shall provide a draft record of proceedings (DROP). The PDBR President may also obtain the advice and assistance of specialized medical authorities for cases involving those respective medical disabilities, if needed. Any assistance provided by the medical authorities will be documented in the covered individual’s case.
The Physician is expected to produce 2160 Draft Records of Proceedings/case reviews per year. Based on 3 years of historical workload, the average physician can produce 15 case reviews per month. The Physician will produce 150 Draft Record of Proceedings (case reviews) per month to the PDBR for review and eventual submission to the respective Military Departments.
One of the physicians shall be designated as the Program Manager for this task order. The Program Manager shall have supervisory skills and provide oversight for the other CSPs providing services under this task order.


The Occupational Medicine Physician shall have graduated from a medical school acceptable to the Surgeon General, HQ USAF or President of the PDBR. Occupational Medicine Board Eligible.


The Occupational Medicine Physician must have graduated from an accredited Occupational Medicine residency within one year of hire or have a minimum of 5 years experience in Occupational Medicine.

Training: Successful completion of an accredited Occupational Medicine Residency.

Special Requirements/Certifications

THe Physician must maintain a current license to practice medicine.
This license must be current (not revoked, suspended, or lapsed in registration), valid (the issuing authority accepts and considers QA information (i.e. practitioner professional performance and conduct in determining continued licenses), and unrestricted (not subject to restriction pertaining to the scope, location, or type of practice ordinarily granted to other applicants for similar licenses in granting jurisdiction).

Physical Requirements

Must have the ability to express ideas clearly and effectively in both written and oral correspondence to all levels of management, including presentation of briefs
Skill in using computer systems and current word processing, database, Adobe Professional , presentation software for building, storing, tracking, and retrieving cases
Knowledge of processes related to adjudication decisions, appeals, record of proceedings and disposition
Ability to work under pressure with short and conflicting deadlines
Analytical capabilities to perform research in areas of responsibility and determine appropriate follow-on activities
Ability to interface and coordinate the work of the organization with other offices in DoD, Military Departments and other governmental and contracting agenc
Ability to interpret, analyze, and apply pertinent laws, regulations, policies and precedents of VA VASRD and DES and Military Department specific PEBs and Medical Evaluation Boards (MEB)
Possess strong interpersonal skills with management and support staff
Maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, trust, openness, and respect for case review applicants and internal and external organizations