One (1) Full-Time School Social Worker
Kent Consortium - Grand Rapids, MI

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Parkview Elementary

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1. Education:
Master’s degree in social work or an M.A. of 60 hours in school social work.
Approval of State Department of Education as a school social worker and full certification as a social worker.

2. Training and Experience:
Three years experience working in the field of social work. Ability to work with children and parents who present with a wide variety of social and psychological issues.

3. Demonstrated Technical Skills:
Knowledge of the various State requirements in special education. Ability to communicate the need for services and to deliver those services in a sensitive manner. Some computer literacy preferred.

4. Human Relations Skills:
Ability to relate to high school students, their parents, and school staff to arrive at collaborative solutions for student success.

Performance Responsibilities:

1. Identify problems in various areas of the student’s functioning in relationship to self, family, school, community, and culture.

2. Help the student understand abilities, interests, development of attitudes, and relationships with important adults and authority figures.

3. Participate in parent conferences to collect pertinent information, clarify the student’s problem, encourage an understanding of parental responsibility, interpret school regulations and expectations, make recommendations for improved relations with child and school, and encourage the use of community resources.

4. Participate in student conferences and counseling sessions to assist in appropriate expressions of feelings, interpret reasons for behavior, provide suggestions and direction, and interpret the nature of school’s authority.

5. Provide direct counseling services to those student with active IEP’s for school social work as well as regular education students as warranted.

6. Assist, as needed, in the case of truancy for prolonged absenteeism.

7. Facilitate problem-solving process and assess social-emotional needs by reviewing records, collecting significant data, and making appointments with student, parent, or appropriate persons.

8. Maintain records and complete reports as required by local, county, state, and federal authorities.

9. Act as liaison between student, family, school, and community agencies which might include facilitation of referrals, arrangement of psychiatric consultation, wiring of reports and letters, continuance of positive support and follow-up.

10. Act as a consultant with the educational staff to define behavior as problem or normal, asses expected improvement, discuss suitability of referrals and personal interaction, define and clarify values, explain the significance of problems in relation to academic achievement, and provide information concerning community agencies.

11. Provide a personal service for the educational staff in discussion of problems and recommendation of community agencies.

12. Conduct parent groups in an effort to realize more effective parenting skills.

13. Participate in building team meetings, team staffings, multidisciplinary team meetings, and individualized education program team meetings.

14. Develop individualized educational goals which are shared in a parent-administrative-teacher-social worker format. Goals must meet state standards.

15. Participate in such organizations that are beneficial for professional growth and development.

16. Counsel with students individually and in groups to implement goals and to provide documentation with regular reporting to parents.

17. Deliver guidance and prevention lessons to classes that teach skills such as making healthy choices, resolving conflicts, preventing abuse, etc.

18. Participate as a clinician in the Michigan Medicaid fee for service program on a monthly basis and other state reporting activities as required.

19. Assist in scheduling to ensure student success.

20. Conduct comprehensive evaluations for Emotional Impairment determinations and Autistic Disorder following state and federal mandates (initial evaluations and tri-annual re-evaluations).

21. Conduct assessments for the determination of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder following district policy and provide follow-up with the physician.

22. Perform functional assessments of behavior and develop positive behavioral support plans.

23. Provide accommodation strategies and action plans to regular and special education staff.

24. Develop, maintain, and share community resource information.

25. Perform other such tasks and assume other responsibilities as the Superintendent or his/her designee may assign.

Salary and Benefits per Master Agreement.

Note to New Employees : Pursuant to PA 131, the selected candidate must receive clearance, from the Michigan State Police Department, prior to the offer of employment. The candidate is responsible for the background check fee.

It is the policy of the Board that no staff member or candidate for a position in this District on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, creed or ancestry, age, gender, marital status, height, weight, political belief or disability which does not impair an individual's ability to perform adequately in the individual's particular position or activity, shall be discriminated against, excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to, discrimination in any program or activity for which the Board is responsible or for which it receives financial assistance from the U.S. Department of Education.

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