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Job Title : Genetic Nucleus Section Manager

Reports To: Site Manager Department: Genetics

Job Overview: The primary responsibility of the section manager of breeding is to oversee the breeding, welfare, care and day-to-day management of the animals at the site. The Section Manager will execute all production and genetic protocols/work instructions and record all necessary data according to the protocols and will submit the data to the proper people on a timely basis. They will insure good production through the implementation of standard operating procedures for the breeding department, maintenance and storage of accurate records, employee development, promotion of the well being of animals in their care, and good environmental stewardship.

Job Duties & Accountabilities
  • Having the skills, knowledge and abilities to perform as a manager by committing to being the best team member, leader and individual that they can be.
  • Promote safe work habits, maintain a safe working environment and document all work related injuries.
  • Assist in the development of staff and provide input and suggestions to insure the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOP), such as, but not limited to:
o Breeding

o Genetics

o Production

- Feeding Strategies

-Monitoring and maintaining proper temperature and ventilation rates

-Animal movements and animal care

- Use of pharmaceutical (medication) and biological products (vaccines)
  • Perform timely duties and comply with practices that promote the health of the animals under their care (commonly referred to as bio-security practices) which include but are not limited to:
o Follow all protocols for the breeding and gestation area of the farm.

o Remaining away from pigs not owned by companies managed by TML.

o Assuring that all staff under their management fully understands the bio-security protocols.

o Changing footwear and clothing as required.

o Maintaining bird proof facilities and monitoring to assure facilities remain bird proof.

o Observation of SOPs for transportation of livestock supplies and feed.

o Rodent baiting on the inside and outside of the buildings, keep and maintain adequate rodent baiting records

o Remove dead animals according to standardized protocol.

o Report violations of these practices to their supervisor.
  • Organize the daily production and genetic activities of the breeding department including:
o Organization of the breeding department and regular discussions on long term planning, goal setting and prioritization of activities.

o Implementation and review of genetic and production standard operating procedures/work instructions on a quarterly basis.

o Communicating with the site manager on needed feed and supplies.

o Daily care that promotes well being and increased productivity of all animals under their care.

o Monitoring the health of all animals. Communicate all animal well being concerns to site manager.

o Make sure proper vaccinations, medications, and injections are given according to protocol

o Follow the work instruction for care of developing gilts and use of synchronizing products.

o Work with other departments to finish task when needed.
  • Keep and maintain accurate genetic and production records to assist in the development of the team, themselves and the improvement of the system. In addition, maintain an accurate record of the number of animals under their management that can be submitted for auditing and accounting purposes when requested.
o Follow the 7 critical control points for genetic production

o Follow the guidelines presented in the NUCLEUS RECORD KEEPING, GENETIC TARGET, SIRE SELECTION and

GENETIC IMPROVEMENT work instructions.

o Maintain animal ID at all times

o Record and turn in monthly inventories according to the "Genetic Records" work instruction.

o Use proper forms to record data collected for genetic purposes.
  • Perform maintenance and repairs on buildings and equipment, as well as, housekeeping responsibilities of the barn.
  • Implement best management practices for environmental stewardship including:
o Proper regulation of manure storage facility (pit) levels

o Flushing time and recharge of manure handling systems within the barns

Minimum Qualifications Education

High School diploma or GED

Experience 1 year experience supervising in the swine industry

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1) Knowledge of:
  • Agriculture industry preferred
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures of the system (thorough understanding)
  • Proper pig terminology and livestock handling (advanced)
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook) and basic understanding of computers is preferred
2) Skill in:
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Organizational and Leadership skills
3) Ability to:
  • Work independently, as well as being a team player
  • Effectively monitor and develop/train subordinates to insure smooth operation of the farm
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Desire to learn new skills
  • Use production records to facilitate improvements
  • Listen and execute

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