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Job Responsibilities: The Staff Pharmacist fills orders for drugs, monitors patient drug therapies and provides drug information. Staff pharmacist supervises and directs supportive personnel. In the absence of the pharmacy manager, a staff pharmacist may be required to assume the essential responsibilities and perform the duties of the pharmacy manager. Education: · Graduate of an ACPRE – accredited School of Pharmacy with BS Pharmacy Degree. Licensure: Current license to practice pharmacy in the State of Florida. Experience: Hospital experience preferred, but not required. Management Skills: A. Organizational and leadership abilities on a beginner level. B. Ability to function calmly under stress. C. Willing to assume responsibility for self and those under their supervision. D. Demonstrates self-control and maturity in all interpersonal relationships. E. Demonstrates objectively in all working situations. F. Knows and uses the principles of time management, problem solving, decision making, delegation, communication and supervision. Administrative Skills: Computer skills: Input data into computer programs Use computerized programs to conduct pharmaceutical analysis. Communication Skills: Group leadership Oral/Written communication skills. General Office Skills: Research information. Equipment, Machines and Tools used: Computer equipment: CRT. Personal Computer. General office equipment: Calculator. Fax. Photocopier. Required protective equipment: Eye protection. Protective Gown Non-Sterile medial gloves Working Environment: Environmental exposure: Potential exposure to hazardous and toxic substances. Exposed to unpleasant elements (accidents, injuries and illness) Occasional exposure to unpleasant patient or unit elements. Working conditions: Contact with patients under a wide variety of circumstances Subject to varying and unpredictable situations. Subject to many interruptions. Occasional pressure due to multiple calls and inquires. Special Responsibilities: All job requirements listed indicate the minimum level of knowledge, skills and/or ability deemed necessary to perform the job proficiently. This job description/performance evaluation is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities, or requirements. Employees will be responsible to perform any other job related instructions given by their supervisor, subject to reasonable accommodations. Supervised by: Director of Pharmacy Workers Supervised: Pharmacy Technicians ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND STANDARDS EVALUATION 1. Prepares and dispenses drug orders per physician request according to established policies and procedures and protocols. Standard Rating 1:1 Interprets drug orders (oral and written) and transcribes to computerized patient medication profiles accurately. Maintains accurate, complete pharmacy patient medication profiles. 1:2 Compounds and dispenses pharmaceuticals including sterile products, chemotherapy and parenteral nutrition products accurately. 1:3 Issues controlled substances to patient care areas and maintains records as required by law. TOTAL POINTS 2. Ensures safe, appropriate cost effective drug therapies for patients according to established policies, procedures and protocols. Standard Rating 2:1 Monitors drug therapy regimens for contraindications, drug-drug interactions, drug-food interactions, allergies and appropriateness of drug and dose. 2:2 Reviews/interprets culture and susceptibility data for antibiotics appropriateness and recommends changes as needed. 2:3 Reads, extracts and interprets information in patient charts accurately. 2:4 Detects and reports suspected adverse drug reactions accurately and in a timely manner. 2:5 Sustains the hospital drug formulary, minimizing non-formulary procurements, utilizing therapeutic substitution protocols and promoting rationale drug therapy selection. 2:6 Provides clinical consultation and clarification to practitioners. Suggests appropriate, cost-effective therapeutic alternative to medical staff as needed. 2:7 Provides accurate, adequate and timely drug information to the hospital’s professional staff. 2:8 Provides drug education to patients and families. 2:9 Documents all clinical activities and interventions accurately and completely. 2:10 Participates in the quality improvement and medication use review activities of the department. Collects data, conducts monitors and inspections, and maintain logs, records and other documentation as assigned. 2:11 Participates in the development and presentation of orientation, education and training program for the medical staff, nursing service and other hospital staff. TOTAL POINTS 3. Contributes to the effective operation of the department. Standard Rating 3:1 Supervises and directs pharmacy support personnel. 3:2 Verifies the daily activities of pharmacy technicians. 3:3 Participates in the performance appraisal of pharmacy support personnel. 3:4 Works independently with minimum supervision. Organizes and prioritizes work assignments. Ensures pharmacy services are provided in a timely manner. 3:5 Completes all assigned medication storage area inspections in a timely manner. Identifies and replaces outdated and unusable drugs. 3:6 Answer the telephone, identifies self and department. Direct calls to appropriate personnel. 3:7 Keeps pharmacy areas and equipment clean, neat and well organized. 3:8 Oversees operation of the pharmacy in the absence of the pharmacy manager as needed. TOTAL POINTS 4. Attendance, appearance and reliability Standard Rating 4:1 Maintains acceptable attendance record; absences no greater than 4%. 4:2 Provides proper notification for absence and tardiness. 4:3 Observes hospital uniform code or dress guidelines and wears identification badge. 4:4 Maintains a clean and safe environment for patient and staff workplace. 4:5 Demonstrates understanding of emergency procedures, fire drills, evacuation procedures and internal / external disaster plans and procedures. TOTAL POINTS 5. Represents and demonstrates professionalism and positive guest relations. Standard Rating 5:1 Greets all guests courteously at all times. 5:2 Promotes harmonious relationship between departments. 5:3 Maintains calm attitude during stressful, busy situations. TOTAL POINTS 6. Utilizes proper body mechanics: Standard Rating 6:1 Demonstrates proper posture during all work activities and lifting tasks. 6:2 When appropriate, utilizes equipment or other person to assist with lifting. TOTAL POINTS 7. Maintains competency required for current job title / position. Standard Rating 7:1 Maintains current pharmacist license. Ensures applicable CE records and licensure and other material pertinent to the practice of pharmacy. 7:2 Completes all competency / skill assessment requirements. TOTAL POINTS 8. Demonstrated Behavior Evaluation. Standard Rating 8:1 Polices and Procedures – adheres to department and medical center rules, policies and procedures. 8:2 Organization – arranges work in a systematic manner, prioritizes to achieve efficient and timely completion of work. 8:3 Attendance: Always prompt. Never Absent – 5 Absent no more than 2 times - 4 Absent no more than 4 times - 3 Absent no more than 6 times - 2 Absent 8 times or more - 1 8:4 Punctuality : Always prompt. Never late – 5 Late no more than 1 time – 4 Late no more than 2 times – 3 Late no more than 5 times – 2 Late no more than 7 times – 1 TOTAL POINTS TOTAL PERFORMANCE (total of all rate Weight Factors): ________ Age Specific Demonstrates competency in all procedures within scope of practice, as appropriate to the ages of the patients cared for. Has the ability to obtain age-specific data and interpret this information in terms of the patient’s needs. The employee has knowledge of growth and development for the ages of patients cared for and an understanding of the range of treatment needed for patients of different ages. Provides all aspects of patient care based on established standards. These standards include Lower Keys Medical Center Reference Guide for Age Specific Considerations, policies, procedures, protocols and specific competencies and criteria checklists that include age specific considerations as appropriate. Employee fulfilling this job description may care for patients in the following age categories according to their scope of practice and department’s scope of service. ? Infant ? Pediatrics ? Adolescent ? Adult ? Geriatric ? N/A PHYSICAL DEMANDS Note: Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position. Check the appropriate box for each of the following items to best describe the extent of the specific activity performed by the staff members in this position. Activities (Amount of time) On-the-job time is spent in the following physical activities. Show the amount time by checking the appropriate boxes. None Up to 1/3 1/3 to 1/2 2/3 and more Stand: Walk: Sit: Talk or hear: Use hands to finger, handle or feel: Push / Pull: Stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl: Reach with hands and arms: Taste or smell: Lifting (Amount of Time) This job requires that weight be lifted or force be exerted. Indicate how much and how often by checking in the appropriate boxes. None Up to 1/3 1/3 to 1/2 2/3 and more Up to 10 pounds Up to 25 pounds Up to 50 pounds Up to 100 pounds More than 100 pounds Visual This job has special vision requirements. Check all that apply. ? Close Vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less) ? Distance Vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more) ? Color Vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors) ? Peripheral Vision (ability to observe an area that can be seen up and down or to the left and right while eyes are fixed on a given point). ? Depth Perception (three-dimensional vision; ability to judge distances and spatial relationships). ? Ability to Adjust Focus (ability to adjust eye to bring an object into sharp focus) ? No Special Vision Requirements. SPECIFIC DEMANDS NOT LISTED: _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ WORK ENVIRONMENT Check the appropriate box for each of the following items that best describe the extent of the specific activity performed by the staff members in this position. Exposure (Amount of Time) The job requires exposure to the following environmental conditions. Show the amount of time by checking the appropriate boxes. None Up to 1/3 1/3 to 1/2 2/3 and more Wet, humid conditions (non-weather) Work near moving mechanical parts: Fumes or airborne particles: Toxic or caustic chemicals: Outdoor weather conditions: Extreme cold (non-weather): Extreme heat (non-weather): Risk of electrical shock: Work with explosives: Risk of radiation: Vibration: Blood/Body Fluid Exposure: Hearing The Typical noise level for the work environment is: Check all that apply: [ ] Very Quiet [ ] Quiet [ ] Moderate Noise [ ] Loud [ ] Very Loud Noise Ability: Check all that apply. [ ] Ability to hear alarms on equipment [ ] Ability to hear client call [ ] Ability to hear instructions form physician/department staff Repetitive Motion Action (Number of Hours) Repetitive use of foot control 0 1-2 3-4 5-6 7+ A. Right only B. Left only C. Both Repetitive use of hands A. Right only B. Left only C. Both Grasping: simple/light A. Right only B. Left only C. Both Grasping: firm/heavy A. Right only B. Left only C. Both Fine Dexterity A. Right only B. Left only C. Both Security and Confidentiality Agreement As an employee of Lower Keys Medical Center (hereinafter “the Provider”), and as a condition of my employment, I agree to the following: 1. Where applicable in my employment, I understand that I am responsible for complying with the HIPAA policies, which were reviewed with me. 2. Where applicable in my employment, I understand that I am responsible for complying with the HIPAA policies, which were reviewed with me. 3. I will treat all information received in the course of my employment with the Provider, which relates to the patients/residents of the Provider, as confidential and privileged information. 4. I will not access patient/resident information unless I have a need to know this information in order to perform my job. 5. I will not disclose information regarding the Provider’s patients to any person or entity, other than as necessary to perform my job, and as permitted under the Provider’s HIPAA Policies. 6. Where applicable to my employment, I will not log on to any of the Provider’s computer systems that currently exists or may exist in the future using a password other than my own. 7. Where applicable to my employment, I will safeguard my computer password and will not post it in a public place, such as the computer monitor or a place where it will be easily lost, such as on my name tag. 8. I will not allow anyone, including other employees, to use my password to log on to the computer. 9. Where applicable to my employment, I will log off of the computer as soon as I have finished using it. 10. I will not use e-mail to transmit Patient/resident information unless I am instructed to do so by the Privacy Officer/designee. 11. I will not take patient/resident information from the premises of the Provider in paper or electronic form without first receiving permission from the Privacy Officer / designee. 12. Upon cessation of my employment with the Provider, I agree to continue to maintain the confidentiality of any information I learned while an employee and agree to turn over any keys, access cards, or any other device that would provide access to the provider or its information.