Program Analyst 2 (Service Coordinator)
Human Services-Seniors & People with Disabilities - Portland, OR

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The Department of Human Services (DHS) is about safety, health and independence for all Oregonians. We help Oregonians in their own communities achieve well-being and independence through opportunities that protect, empower, respect choice and preserve dignity. We protect children who are abused or neglected. We provide long-term care services to seniors and people with disabilities. We help low-income people along the road to self-sufficiency with health coverage, job preparation, childcare and other supports. Our services are delivered in the least restrictive setting and in partnership with communities. We serve many diverse people and communities across Oregon and are focused on creating an inclusive work environment and on ensuring that the results we achieve for all Oregonians are equitable. We are absolutely committed to ongoing innovation in the delivery of services, and we are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining dedicated employees.

This employment opportunity is with Developmental Disability Services/Children's Intensive In-Home Services Unit, which is part of the Department of Human Services. There is one permanent full-time opening located in Portland (NW 14th Ave) . This position is represented by a union.

This recruitment announcement will be used to establish a list of qualified candidates to fill the current vacancy and may be used to fill future vacancies as they occur.

Please be aware that due to the economic downturn and subsequent state budget short-fall these positions may be required to take furloughs in the biennium 2011-2013.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The primary purpose of this position is to design, develop, coordinate and monitor home and community services to eligible children. The position is focused on statewide coordination and development of services for children residing in their family home and to assure safe and appropriate delivery of identified services. This will include identifying potentially eligible children, determining eligibility for services, developing appropriate care plans, authorizing needed Medicaid services, brokering needed public supports and coordinating private resources. Multiple and competing program demands include: assuring program eligibility, development and assistance with implementation of in-home plans; collaboration to coordinate state and local services; transition planning and assistance to families while working with County staff for children exiting the program and entering alternative services; explanation of Children’s Intensive In-Home Services (CIIS) assessment systems, rules, policies and guidelines to families and other agencies and providers; technical assistance and training for families, care providers and county partners; review of appropriate levels of service for individuals in the program; and authorizing needed Medicaid services. The employees in this position will work independently in an evolving service system and will participate with other state and local agencies and partners to adapt and develop operational procedures and guideline interpretations as part of their regular duties.

Service Coordination and Monitoring: must work with a high degree of autonomy and independence in assessing and authorizing program services to children living in a family home who are medically fragile and medically involved. Demonstrates ability to independently develop and monitor Federal waiver services for children who would normally receive these services in a hospital pediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or would be placed in foster care or a residential placement. Identify and determine eligibility of children appropriate for services through application of Medically Fragile Children’s Unit (MFCU) and Medically Involved Children’s Program (MICP) clinical criteria and contact with hospitals, families and various agencies, such as County Developmental Disability services. Independently deliver program services to eligible recipients. Work with families and other service providers to assist in identifying disability related needs of the eligible child. Develop care plans that maximize private resources and conserve state resources. Authorize expenditures for appropriate family support services, state plan services to include nursing, therapies and care givers and disability related waivered services. Authorize and purchase specifically identified services, supplies and equipment, identified in the model waivers and rectify billing statements around these purchases. Coordinate services with various local and statewide agencies to include Oregon Health Plan (OHP), Adults and People with Disabilities Service Field Offices (APD’s), and Children, Adults and Families (CAF). Enroll eligible children in Client Process Monitoring System (CPMS) and Medicaid as appropriate. Explain Medicaid services to families who are unaccustomed to the services allowed. Maintain appropriate progress notes, eligibility, service plans and service outcomes, and other necessary documentation. Develop and review expenditure budgets with families periodically and monitor implementation. Monitor plan implementation, to include health and safety issues for the eligible child. Conduct on-site reviews of services provided, identify operational strengths and weaknesses and any needed corrective actions. Assess the quality and effectiveness of services, take action with service providers and participants to correct deficiencies and improve services within compliance of program and federal rules. Take lead in transitioning children to other public and private resources as they lose CIIS eligibility for various reasons, this includes transitioning services for children turning 18. Monitor services provided in the home to include nursing, nursing delegation, care providers, and behavior consultants. Collaborate with other agencies and providers to prevent costly out of home placements, if possible, or assist with placement when necessary. Evaluate program operations, quality of systems and program resources and prioritize resources to improve operations. Provide families with appropriate documentation around their rights, denials, and reductions in services. Participate in any administrative review or hearings related to the client.

Program management, coordination and consultation: Independently identify statewide resources appropriate for this program. Liaison with hospitals, private insurance carriers and other DHS agencies. Develop protocols with other agencies for the identification of appropriate children, development of care plans, and delivery of services. Identify gaps in available services and make recommendations for cost-effective solutions. Develop and maintain fiscal information related to program implementation. Maintain and coordinate data necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Coordinate and streamline administrative processes to eliminate or reduce problems affecting program services. Work with advisory groups and administrative rule groups to write or revise Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) based on evaluation of need and effectiveness. When requested, track legislative bills and prepare written testimony as directed. Work with management on operational issues affecting or potentially affecting program services. Arrange and participate in public presentations, coordinate and provide training workshops, develop and present training in areas of program expertise. Create program guidelines and procedures for use by the program and related organizations. Design programs to train and provide technical assistance regarding program eligibility, rules and services for referral agencies, particularly county Developmental Disabilities (DD), hospitals, schools, and advocacy groups. Work with service providers to help them understand program guidelines and protocols. Create/revise brochures and newsletter to be used as promotional materials. Develop program guideline materials to outline standards. Give advice and input to senior agency management and partner organizations on major policy decisions and strategies for achieving goals and objectives. Advise other agencies and community groups on trends and innovations related to needed program development for children with disabilities. Help solve operational problems and develop options to improve CIIS operations. Work with providers, vendors and other participants to solve service delivery problems. Prepare for and participate in administrative hearings as requested by the Department. Participate in hiring new team members and take lead and/or participate in training new team members. Consult regarding medical management and specialized equipment required by children with special heath care needs.

Program and Agency Representation: Independently represent DHS and Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS) to other state and local agencies, providers and community partners and organizations to coordinate and enhance a statewide program serving eligible children. Interpret statutes, rules and processes to families, public and private agencies, and providers.

Other duties and projects as assigned by supervisor, section manager or ODDS Executive staff.


Overnight travel, evening and/or weekend work one or more times each month. May require use of paging/on-call systems. You must have a valid driver's license and an acceptable driving record. If not, you must be able to provide an alternate method of transportation.

Extensive use of computer.

The Service Coordinator is a mandatory reporter of suspected child abuse and/or neglect and will make appropriate referrals when this has been observed or reported.

Employees may be exposed to client complaints related to limited service funding or denial of eligibility for services.

Direct, face to face contact with the children and families within the family home is required as part of the evaluation, planning and monitoring of services.

Qualifications & Desired Attributes:

Your application materials, including your answers to the 'Supplemental Questions' will be reviewed to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications and how you meet the desired attributes for the position to which you have applied. Your answers to the supplemental questions must be reflected in your application.


A Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Public Administration, Behavioral or Social Sciences, or a degree related to health or human services; AND two years experience coordinating or administering a program related to health or human services.


Any combination of experience or education equivalent to five years of experience coordinating or administering a program related to health or human services .


Current RN, LPN or LVN Oregon license preferred.

Experience working with children and young adults with disabilities, particularly those with physical and/or medical disabilities.

Experience working with people with disabilities in their own homes.

Knowledge of technology, both health care technology and personal or professional use of technology.

Experience working with groups (such as schools, case managers/social workers, medical providers, government agencies, etc) in a professional setting.

Experience working with medical professionals.

Only the candidates whose experience most closely match the qualifications and desired attributes of this position will be invited to an interview.

Additional Information:

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Email Addresses Now Required

The state of Oregon is now requiring all applications have a valid email address.

If you do not currently have an email address and do not know where to go to get one please refer to our Applicant E-Recruit FAQ's web page. Click on the link below to go directly to question #14 to view several internet providers where you can get a free e-mail account. The state of Oregon does not endorse any particular provider.
Applicant E-Recruit FAQ's

If you are offered employment, the offer will be contingent upon the outcome of an abuse check, criminal records check and driving records check, and the information shall be shared with the DHS, Office of Human Resources (OHR). Any criminal or founded abuse history will be reviewed and could result in the withdrawal of the offer or termination of employment.

DHS will communicate with all applicants via e-mail.

If you need assistance to participate in the application process, you are encouraged to call 503-945-5698 (voice) 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday. TTY users please use the Oregon Telecommunications Relay Service: 1-800-735-2900.

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The Oregon Department of Human Services is committed to affirmative action, equal employment opportunity and workplace diversity.
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