Research Instructor/Research Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill, NC

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The UNC Department of Psychiatry is seeking a person who will have responsibility for statistical aspects of multiple major clinical research projects. This person is responsible for the statistical integrity, adequacy, and accuracy of these projects. We seek a candidate who is well organized, attentive to detail, who will in collaboration with investigators and statistical supervisors, plan, implement, program statistical data analyses, write portions of reports and manuscripts, for both observational studies and clinical investigations. Position Responsibilities: Plan, analyze, and report results of statistical analyses from a range of observational studies and clinical investigations. Perform prospectively designed analyses, as well as, where appropriate, retrospective, post-hoc, and exploratory analyses. Produce tables and graphics where appropriate. Work with investigators, data managers, and other team members to develop clear, well-documented statistical analysis programs, and then use those programs for analysis. Write, test, and document programs, including macros and code. Perform power and sample size calculations where appropriate.

Education Requirements: A master's or PhD in Biostatistics, Statistics, Operations Research, Psychometrics, or closely related discipline. Demonstrated knowledge of applied biostatistics, and relevant experience in the application of biostatistics to medical research.

Qualification and Experience: At least 1-2 years of experience work in the statistical analysis of medical research data, including the development of statistical analysis plans, analysis, and documentation. At least 2 years of experience using SAS, including SAS Base, SAS Macro, SAS Stat. Experience with linear models, including ANOVA, regression, mixed models, generalized linear models, and GEE. Demonstrated ability to estimate work requirements and time required to complete projects. Ability to complete projects on time and with minimal supervision. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Familiarity with the analysis of data resulting from MRI and other imaging modalities would be useful.

Department Contact Name and Title: Laura Catherine Newton, EPA Manager

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