Sales Consultants (Rep’s, Agents, Account Managers, Brokers,
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Sales Consultants (Rep’

s, Agents, Account Managers, Brokers, etc.)


Come join the fastest growing and most respected “Energy Consulting” Firm in the United States…

• Educate local businesses in your area about “deregulation”, including product and pricing options.
• Identify “prospects” within your “local community” and schedule meetings, while collecting data for upcoming proposal meetings.
• Attend scheduled presentations/proposal meetings, and educate these prospects (your future clients), and secure and enrollment based on their needs.
• Service “your” Client Portfolio and secure your client renewals annually.
• Continue to learn and develop with UEA, work with your UEA affiliates and clients, and help UEA to build its’ business model in your area, as it has for many years in communities across the U.S.
Type of candidate that we are looking for:
• May have no prior “energy relative” experience, but SALES EXPERIENCE IS MUST (including prospecting and closing). At UEA we develop “Sales Consultants” and teach them our industry/trade, but we DO NOT TRAIN PEOPLE HOW TO SELL AND CONSULT, so you must be a proven Sales Consultant! Experience in other “risk associative” sales markets is a plus (i.e. mortgage/real-estate, insurance, finance, etc.).
• You should possess the desire to succeed and the willingness to learn and listen to management – as they have helped to build this company, so your future success will be dependent upon this during your initial stages of development.
• The future leaders of our company, entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own energy firms one day, and want to help develop this great industry. This includes finding/generating your own “leads” during your initial stages with UEA – leads go to Senior Partners who have “proven product knowledge”.
• Consulting partners who want to build a book of business and become “The Trusted Advisor” on energy related matters in their local communities. We have exclusive product/pricing options, but they require and in-depth understanding of their benefits, product presentation is vital. It’s imperative that you like prospecting, client interaction/relationship building, and long-term support of your portfolio.
• Motivated, self-starters who want to help businesses reduce their overall energy costs, and are willing to go out and explore their local markets.
• Individuals who have worked in an “independent” capacity and know how to effectively manage their time!
• Individuals who want to get paid max profits for their own efforts, but not make money (or allow others) to make money off of each other’s portfolio. NO MLM/TEAM BUILDING HERE! Regional members are voted-in by Senior Partners and the company grows through its’ partners one (1) office at a time!
• Overall, we are looking for individuals who want to help improve the industry and educate consumers, not just sell rates, and we are paid to find the high-level “Sales and Consulting Professionals” and teach them how to maximize this industry’s potential, while helping businesses shop properly (for a product – not a rate).
A position you’ll love:
• Earn uncapped residual income for years to come.
• INSTANT earning potential – no waiting to get paid until the enrollment starts!
• Free Training Seminars, and/or Webinars, ands “Hands-on” – “LOCAL” Support from Regional Support Managers who know your specific market, have years of experience in that specific market, and have already developed their own portfolio with UEA to help to ensure that your work is maximized.
• Instant Recognition in the industry from the top Suppliers in the U.S. Including the type of exclusive leverage that ONLY UEA HAS in key areas such as commission structure & schedule, product & pricing, and client support, such benefits as the following:
• The fastest commission schedule in the industry – NO ONE CAN EVEN COME CLOSE! All commission payments are direct deposited within 7-10 days of “client enrollment approval”, and in some instances these payments are made one year prior to the clients’ actual energy flow/enrollment completion, depending on when the client is acquired. (Industry standard is normally 60 to 90 days following actual enrollment, or after the first months energy flow cycle is complete) So, by aligning with UEA, financing is available to get paid up to 2 years (24 month advances on payments!!!) before the client’s first year is even completed – that’s “leverage”!
• The highest compensation structure in the industry. That’s true dollar, no mark-up or hidden margin!
• Commission payments are paid up-front, they are paid in annual lump-sums, and these re-occurring annual commission payments are paid out every year that your client is retained (industry standard is monthly residuals following each month vs. UEA’s annuals paid out years in advance!)
• Full profit sharing transparency. UEA practices an open-book policy that enables our consulting partners to see our firm's net profits and how they translate into commission revenues. Please note: UEA believes in paying 100% of profit potential to its’ partners, so we have NO SALARIED EMPLOYEES AT ALL! All overhead is covered by UEA Partners (Suppliers), and we pay maximum profits to our partners, and Support Staff is also paid from outside financing as well. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS POSITION, IF THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE SEEKNG!
• “
Daily Pricing” options that enable you to close deals “ON-THE SPOT”. No underwriting, no credit/usage scrutiny, just blanket rates that protect your clients and your integrity when you don’t have to secure confidential information and then wait for your rate!
• Regional Opportunity Meeting (UEA OM’s) offered all over the U.S. (3-hours apart) to allow applicants to learn more about the Industry and its’ overall potential for them and most importantly the “opportunity” to meet and interact with other Independent UEA Consulting Partners’ (ICP’s) who have been aligned with our company for many years (not paid employees making money off of our model and/or other ICP’s).
• The best tools in the industry and a business model that is responsible for building future trends within the industry. So, if you meet UEA’s standards, you will be considered part of the “industry leaders” and your tools will be used to shape future industry standards.
• Work with a company this is built on the foundation of its’ “Partners” (who will be at the OM’s). A company that has grown and will continue to grow through a profit-sharing model never before seen in sales, and decision-making delegation that allows all Senior UEA partners to help forge the direction of the company itself and therefore control their own futures along the way!
There are a lot of website based/MLM positions available in this industry; we are NOT interested in that approach. We are very hands on, and very professional. WE PAY VERY HIGH COMMISSIONS BASED ON OUR ABILITY TO LOCATE AND DEVELOP HIGH LEVEL CONSULTANTS within parallel industries (or our own industry) who are client driven - not “override” driven, so only serious “CONSULTANTS” should consider our approach. We will show you how direct pay from the supplier, and full up-front, lump-sum profit margin will generate more income than “team building” ever could. Furthermore, this approach will offer stability for many years to come and enable you to gain community respect, without any recruiting or mass selling to friends/family within your community.
If you are prospecting for a sales/brokering job within our industry, or considering offers, we suggest that you at least attend one of our Opportunity Meetings (OM’s) to verse yourself on the common “tactics” being used. These OM’s are designed to educate the potential partner/sales professional, not sell UEA’s business model to them. UEA is a non-bias energy consulting firm, and we are paid to find and develop high-level talent, not sell our company. So, you will learn more about “our industry” and its potential, and have a better understanding of the risks and opportunities that exist within our industry by attending, and not find yourself being pitched a sales position – that’s not what UEA’s OM’s are there for. Applicants can apply and sell right away with management support, but OM’s are held periodically for the purpose of educating the masses of applicants that want to learn more about our industry.
UEA is currently active in all deregulated markets including PA,OH, MD, DC,DEL, NJ, NY, CONN, MASS, ILL, ETC.
We hold ongoing Opportunity Meetings across the tri-state area, and if preferable, we also schedule interviews followed by webinar trainings as well. If you are interested in further pursuing this opportunity, please click on this link below, and apply on the “Find Out More” link on the bottom of the page. We look forward to meeting very soon!
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