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That's why we're committed to helping 1 million job seekers overcome barriers to employment.

Too many job seekers have trouble finding work because of barriers that are built into the hiring process. At Indeed, we're committed to using our technology, insights, and networks to make sure everyone has access to opportunity.


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We help employers use our products to create inclusive hiring opportunities. Like this hiring event we hosted with Goodwill and Omni.

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We want to partner with organizations that are passionate about giving every job seeker a fair chance. Learn about how we partnered with Goodwill to make good jobs more accessible.

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Job seekers can’t do their best work without the right tools. Check out the Indeed Toolkit to explore our job search resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some people face barriers related to work experience, like gaps in employment, limited experience or long-term unemployment. Others face personal barriers like limited transportation or childcare challenges. These circumstances make it harder to find jobs — even for people who are highly qualified.

Now that you know what we’re all about, we want to learn more about you. Let’s talk about how we can achieve your inclusive hiring goals together!

For right now, we have a small number of strategic partners around the world. If you’d like to connect with us or use our free resources, visit