Problem Solving Skills Test

The problem-solving test will help determine how well a candidate is able to interpret data to make important decisions. Candidates will be asked to analyze different types of information — including employee schedule availability and preferences, low- and high-priority emails, and store organizational needs — to answer a series of questions. Correctly answering these questions will provide insight into a candidate’s problem-solving skills and their ability to:

  • Accurately evaluate information.
  • Prioritize tasks.
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts.
  • Logically organize thoughts and data.

element-grad-cap   ABILITIES EVALUATED

  • Ability to use judgment when making decisions and determining correct actions and solutions
  • Ability to analyze relevant information when solving problems
  • Ability to use data points when evaluating potential options or actions

element-grad-cap   QUESTION FORMAT

  • Multiple Choice

element-grad-cap   LANGUAGE

  • English

element-grad-cap   DIFFICULTY

  • Easy


Business competition and looming deadlines define the need for hiring employees capable of applying problem-solving skills to ensure a high performing team. Effective problem-solving skills include identifying current – or potential – issues and developing and following a series of logical steps to bring resolve in a timely manner.

Maintaining composure when diagnosing problems, thinking analytically, and the ability to work independently or collectively are valuable traits for a future employee. Determining a candidate’s problem-solving skills may help forecast their ability to continue operational efficiency in times of confusion and uncertainty.

The problem-solving test also helps predict a job candidate’s ability to:

  • Remain calm and collected when faced with obstacles.
  • Quickly determine the best course of action to resolve a problem.
  • Conduct research and display ingenuity by independently or collaboratively solving complicated issues.
  • Communicate concerns and problems to team members or management, accurately recalling specific details to help them fully understand the situation.
  • Maintain professionalism and courtesy when interacting with team members, clients, or customers, despite current challenges.

Use this problem-solving test to quickly and easily estimate the problem-solving ability of entry-level or experienced candidates, including any applicable positions that may require strategic thinking to solve problems.


Sample Question 1

You’re a store manager with five employees. See your employees’ availability below:

Becki Marisol Ann Ike Shawanda
Works Monday through Thursday Works Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Only works with Becki Only works with Marisol Works Tuesday and Thursday

Who’s available to work on Tuesday?

  1. Shawanda, Ike, Marisol
  2. Shawanda, Becki
  3. Ike, Marisol
  4. Ann, Becki
  5. Shawanda, Ann, Becki

Sample Question 2

Based on the information below, what’s the best order to display products in your store?

Electronics Marketing Report

  • Earbuds sell well next to phones but poorly next to laptops
  • Screen cleaners sell well next to earbuds
  • Tablets sell best when displayed between items



  1. Phones, earbuds, screen cleaners, tablets, laptops
  2. Laptops, tablets, earbuds, phones, screen cleaners
  3. Tablets, laptops, screen cleaners, earbuds, phones
  4. Laptops, earbuds, screen cleaners, tablets, phones
  5. Earbuds, tablets, laptops, phones, screen cleaners


  • Administrative & Customer Support
  • Business Operations & Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Sales & Retail
  • Technology


The Problem Solving Skills module content was developed the Indeed Assessment Science Team, with expertise in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Instructional Design, Education, and Graphic Design. In addition, team members worked in collaboration with subject matter experts (SMEs). Indeed’s SMEs are required to demonstrate experience performing at a high level, supervisory experience, or responsibility for defining requirements for those jobs that require problem solving skills.