Scheduling Skills Test

Allowing you to see how a candidate prioritizes their time, manages complex schedules, and deals with surprising circumstances through real, on-the-job scheduling tasks, the scheduling skills test encourages candidates to answer challenging questions based on calendars, itineraries, and agendas.

Candidates will examine calendars filled with scheduled events, listen to audio clips, and be asked to find the best time slot for new events, taking into account scheduling constraints such as team member availability, delays, varying time zones, and meetings that run overtime. The test’s scheduling tasks are timed, allowing you to measure a candidate’s ability to quickly and efficiently:

  • Make critical scheduling decisions.
  • Flex based on unplanned circumstances.
  • Differentiate between urgent and important tasks.
  • Develop the most efficient solutions to complex planning challenges.

element-grad-cap   ABILITIES EVALUATED

Ability to prioritize objectives when managing one’s time and the time of others
Ability to adjust actions, plans, and schedules as needed to ensure achievement of timeline milestones and deliverables

element-grad-cap   QUESTION FORMAT

  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill-in-the-Blank

element-grad-cap   LANGUAGE

  • English

element-grad-cap   DIFFICULTY

  • Easy


Hiring candidates with effective time management and scheduling skills is a powerful way to boost your organization’s productivity, help meet crucial targets and deadlines, and ensure that you’re running a smooth behind-the-scenes operation.

But how do you know if a candidate has the ability to break down and attack complex tasks, get things done when new, unexpected priorities pop up, and create realistic schedules and plans – often involving key clients? This scheduling skills test will reveal insights about a candidate’s suitability for the job and give you an effortless and time-effective way to help identify and hire the strongest candidates.

The scheduling skills test predicts a job candidate’s ability to:

  • Create and adjust schedules and itineraries based on complex scheduling constraints.
  • Prioritize projects and focus on urgent activities with the most immediate deadlines.
  • Coordinate with different parties and team members to create realistic and effective plans that work for everyone.

Use this scheduling test to quickly and easily automate the screening process for entry-level or experienced candidates, especially administrative assistants or any other positions that require employees to skillfully prioritize and schedule tasks, events, and meetings, as well as manage their time effectively.


Sample Question 1

Your itinerary is below. You receive the following message from a friend:

“Let’s meet for coffee after your presentation. The coffee shop is 20 minutes from the client’s office.”

Task Time
Drive to Client’s Office 9:00 AM–9:40 AM
Attend Client Meeting 9:40 AM–10:30 AM
Presentation 10:30 AM–11:30 AM
Meet with Client’s Board 2:00 PM–3:00 PM

What’s the earliest time you can arrive at the coffee shop?

Sample Question 2

Answer your co-workers question below

“Our client wants to schedule a meeting for 10 AM tomorrow, their time. They are 5 hours behind our time. What time will that meeting be for us?”

  1. 5 AM
  2. 12 PM
  3. 1 PM
  4. 2 PM
  5. 3 PM
  6. 5 PM


  • Business Operations & Management
  • Science & Research
  • Travel
  • Attractions & Events


The Scheduling Skills Test module content was developed by the Indeed Assessment Science Team, with expertise in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Instructional Design, Education, and Graphic Design. In addition, team members worked in collaboration with subject matter experts (SMEs). Indeed’s SMEs are required to demonstrate experience performing at a high level, supervisory experience, or responsibility for defining requirements for those jobs that require scheduling skills.