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Indeed's Employer Awards exist to help job seekers find their best place to work, by highlighting great employers on the world's #1 job site.¹ So, when we give out an award, we’re making it easier for everyone to find the top companies to work for.


Built for Job Seekers

We’re proud to highlight the best workplaces to help job seekers in their search. In fact, 67% of job seekers report they sometimes or always look for awards when researching companies to apply for.²

Awards That Matter

Top-Rated Workplaces are identified by industry, geography, and key workplace attributes like Work/Life Balance so job seekers can discover the type of workplace that best fits their needs.

Vote of Confidence

Awards can help make big decisions just a little bit easier. 68% of job seekers report they’d be more likely to take the job at a company that has employer awards listed vs. those that do not.²

Awards for Exceptional Employers

Winning employers have already created a great workplace, we’re just letting everyone know. In 2018, job seekers viewed an Indeed Company Page to research a company more than 1.5 billion times. They let the world know which companies are a great place to work, with over 200+ million ratings and reviews on Indeed Company Pages. Top-Rated Workplace rankings are based on our propriety algorithm, using data alone — employers never even have to apply. Read more on our methodology details below.

Frequently asked questions

Top-Rated Workplaces highlight the best places to work in each industry, metro, and those leading the way in workplace attributes like Work/Life Balance, Compensation/Benefits and beyond. This recognition is based on the 200+ million ratings & reviews on Indeed Company Pages.

  • Indeed uses a proprietary algorithm to rank companies using the average rating and number of reviews. But in general, companies with a large number of high ratings will place higher in the rankings.
  • The ranking methodology is applied uniformly across all qualifying companies, in all lists.
  • Top-Rated Workplace lists are determined at Indeed’s sole discretion based on Indeed user-submitted ratings and sub-ratings. This recognition is valid for one year from date of announcement or until next year’s Top-Rated Workplace awards for this category are announced.
  • Indeed reserves the right to retract the award if circumstances arise. Receipt of this badge in no way should be considered an endorsement or sponsorship by Indeed. Indeed reserves the right to change the criteria for receiving this badge.

Top-Rated Workplace Awards are based on data alone, and are open to all employers who have reviews on regardless of client status.

  • Employers that actively manage their Company Page and employers who do not actively manage their page have equal consideration for this award. Recognized employers do not need to be clients of Indeed to qualify.
  • In lists that rank by location, industry, or job type, employers matching the criteria are shown and ranked. To be included in this view, a company must be eligible for visibility in this list, based on sufficient reviews for the relevant category (regardless of sponsored status) and be in accordance with baseline requirements as listed below.
  • After rankings and ratings are calculated, companies may be excluded for a variety of reasons such as suspicions of fraud, abuse or other activities which Indeed ultimately determines may negatively affect the veracity or utility of the rankings for job seekers. Indeed does not include employers that categorize as multi-level marketing organizations or that require payment to the employer before employment can be offered.

  • Indeed publishes new ranking lists from time to time, and the criteria and focus of the lists depend on criteria that are most relevant for job seekers. Companies are ranked by workplace attributes, industries, by specific geographical areas, and nationally.
  • Overall company rankings and eligibility are reviewed and updated on a periodic basis, and in most cases annually. Reviews & ratings that determine rankings are pulled from the last two years prior to the list being published. It should be noted that the rating displayed on an Indeed Company Page is their review data from all time.

First things first, congratulations on creating a great workplace! Spread the news of your recognition and use your digital promotion kit as a tool to let job seekers know you’re a Top-Rated Workplace. Please reach out to your Indeed Client Success representative, or email our awards team at to request your digital badge and more.

For PR partnerships or opportunities, please reach out to our Public Relations team.

Every employer with reviews on Indeed automatically has a Company Page. Claim your page to unlock employer-only features and update your page with company information, photos, a logo and more.

People can follow your page to get updates on new jobs and company reviews. Once you’ve claimed and updated your company page to best reflect your employer brand, share your page with the world! Check out our guide to “5 tips for making the most of your company page” or learn more about Indeed Company Pages here.

Background on Company Page Content:

  • Information on a company (such as industry and description) is aggregated from a variety of public sources for companies who have not claimed their pages or with incomplete/insufficient information on their company page.
  • Companies wishing to update their information may claim their page at any time for free and add/update the information accordingly. Company provided information will be reflected on the Top-Rated Workplace ranking page soon afterward.
  • Company ratings are determined solely by reviews left by users on Indeed. Please note, the review score and count displayed on an employers Company Page represents reviews from all time.
1. comScore Total Visits, March 2019
2. Lucid study on behalf of Indeed