Barriers to Better Work

The Pay Gap

Better pay leads to better work, which leads to better lives. But not everyone is getting better pay. Indeed wants to close the pay gap. So we’ve provided tools and resources on this page.

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What is the Pay Gap?

The pay gap is the difference in pay between people in similar jobs with similar experience. It usually refers to the difference between genders. Women, unfortunately, tend to earn less. How much less? Take a look.
Gif showing pay gap between genders and ethnicities

The pay gap usually refers to the difference between genders. But ethnicity also comes into play. Let’s look at the numbers.

image showing pay gap discrepancy between different female ethnicities

Closing the Pay Gap

It Starts With Transparency

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    Find Out What You’re Worth

    First off, see how much you’re getting paid compared to people in similar roles, using our equal pay calculator.

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    Discuss Salary With Coworkers

    Open communication is the best way to close the pay gap. Here are some tips to get started.

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    Anonymously Review Your Company

    Share information about company culture and pay. Everyone can use that information to find better work.

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    Learn More About Equal Pay

    The discussion around equal pay is always evolving. View our full suite of resources and stay up-to-date.

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Equal Pay Is Good For All Of Us

By reducing the pay gap, we can expand the possibilities for everyone. Here are just some of the ways we all can benefit.

  • public Eliminating the gender pay gap would increase a country’s GDP by nearly 3%.IPPR; EPP Group; Status of Women Data; BBC
  • house If the pay gap didn’t exist, families could afford childcare for the entire year.National Partnership “Americas, Women and the Wage Gap” 2022
  • school Without the gender pay gap, the bulk of student loan debt would vanish within 4 years.National Partnership “Americas, Women and the Wage Gap” 2022; Census

Resources For Salary Negotiation

Negotiating Your Salary?

When it comes to salary discussions, timing is everything. We’re here to help you get it just right (with tips and examples).

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Sharing Your Salary History?

See advice on how to share your salary history with employers.

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Asking For a Raise?

Let’s talk about how to make asking for a raise as painless as possible (with script examples).

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Find Better Work

Now that you know what you’re worth, search for a job that provides you better pay and work—so you can enjoy a better life.

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