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The New Graduate's Guide To Job Search

Learn how to find your first job, with how-tos and tips for resumes, cover letters, job search and more.

Ask a Career Coach: “How Can I Find a High-Paying Remote Job?”

A job seeker’s question on how to find a high-paying remote job is answered by an Indeed Career Coach. Tips on how to find a well-paying remote job and a list of high-paying remote jobs hiring now are shared.

A Graduate's Guide to Maintaining Mental Health During the Job Search

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Indeed interviewed experts for tips on how college graduates can preserve their mental health during one of the most stressful times of their lives: the job search.

Finding a Job

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Low-Cost and Free Child Care Resources for Job Seekers

Without affordable child care, it can be challenging for many parents to interview for a job. Find government resources or offers for free or reduced-price child care so you can focus on your job search.

Kinesiotherapist vs. Physical Therapist: Key Differences

Learn the key differences between a kinesiotherapist and a physical therapist to determine which career path best suits your interests, goals and personality.

12 Jobs in Dermatology With Descriptions

Learn about the dermatology field and several subspecialties including job duties, average salaries and education requirements for different roles.

Resumes & Cover Letters

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How To Write a Key Holder Resume (With Template and Example)

Learn more about what a key holder is in the retail industry and how to write a key holder resume in six steps with a template and example to guide you.

How To Write a Junior Accountant Resume (With Template and Example)

Learn what a junior accountant is, discover how to write your own junior accountant resume and review a template and example to reference when making your own.

How To Create an Invoice Resume (With Example and Template)

Discover what an invoice processor resume is, explore which professionals may use a similar format and learn how to create an invoice processor resume.


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33 Interview Questions for a Library Assistant

Learn 33 common interview questions for a library assistant and how to answer several of them with sample answers as your guide.

Internship Phone Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

Learn about some common internship phone interview questions and review some sample questions and answers to help you prepare for your phone interview.

35 Interview Questions To Expect for an HR Recruiter Role

Explore interview questions and example answers for a position as an HR recruiter.

Starting a New Job

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How To Start a Career in 8 Steps

Learn what to know before starting a career, the steps it takes to start a career and use the list of tips to help you begin your career with greater success.

How To Prepare to Start Work at 5 A.M.

Learn about changing your work schedule to begin working at 5 a.m., including how to adjust in a healthy way and tips to perform at your best in the early hours.

8 Best Practices To Consider When Executive Onboarding

Discover the benefits of designing an official executive onboarding process, as well as a few basic practices that you can use to ensure an efficient transition.

Pay & Salary

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Service Technicians: Salary, Work Environment and Essential Skills

Learn about what service technicians are, different jobs within the industry, service technician salaries, their typical work environment and essential skills.

How Much Do Divorce Lawyers Make? (With Job Outlook and Important Skills)

Learn how much divorce lawyers make and what skills and educational requirements are a requirement to become one.

11 College Majors With High Earning Potential

Learn about what it means for a college major to have high earning potential and explore a list of majors that can help you earn a high salary after graduation.

Career Development

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Soundtrack of Empathy: A Pride Month Event with Indeed Partner MIKA

Join Indeed and international pop artist MIKA in a month-long event celebrating Pride and the power of music. Together, we’ll discuss music’s ability to foster an environment of empathy, belonging and understanding in the workplace.

11 Leadership Adjectives To Use on Your Resume (With Tips)

Learn what leadership adjectives are, examine the reasons they're important and discover 11 leadership adjectives you can add to your next resume.

12 Best Practices for Lead Nurturing

Learn more about what lead nurturing is and some best practices to use for lead nurturing in your business, with tips to make your strategies more effective.