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The New Graduate's Guide To Job Search

Learn how to find your first job, with how-tos and tips for resumes, cover letters, job search and more.

Ask a Career Coach: “How Can I Find a High-Paying Remote Job?”

A job seeker’s question on how to find a high-paying remote job is answered by an Indeed Career Coach. Tips on how to find a well-paying remote job and a list of high-paying remote jobs hiring now are shared.

A Graduate's Guide to Maintaining Mental Health During the Job Search

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Indeed interviewed experts for tips on how college graduates can preserve their mental health during one of the most stressful times of their lives: the job search.

Finding a Job

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Dentist vs. Periodontist: What's the Difference?

Learn about what a dentist is, what a periodontist is and the differences between them, including education, licensure, skills, job duties and salaries.

Dental Surgeon vs. Dentist: Responsibilities and Differences

Learn about dental surgeons and dentists, discover some of their common job responsibilities and examine the similarities and differences between the two roles.

Database Architect vs. Database Administrator: What's the Difference?

Learn about what a database architect does, what a database administrator does and explore a few ways the two jobs can be different, like qualifications.

Resumes & Cover Letters

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How To Write a Digital Marketing Cover Letter in 8 Steps

Learn what a digital marketing cover letter is, what information you can include in the cover letter and review an example to help you write your own.

FAQ: Should You Use "Dear Hiring Manager" on a Cover Letter?

Discover when to use "Dear Hiring Manager" on your cover letter, along with how to find this information and a few greeting alternatives you can use instead.

How To Write Areas of Expertise on a Resume in 4 Steps

Learn why it's important to include areas of expertise on a resume, discover how to write them, review a template and example and follow tips for listing them.


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17 Behavioral Interview Questions on Leadership (With Sample Answers)

Discover 17 behavioral interview questions about leadership that employers might ask, and read sample answers to these questions to help you craft your own.

6 Interpersonal Skills Interview Questions and Sample Answers

Learn how to prepare for your next interview by exploring common interpersonal skills interview questions with sample answers you can use to craft your own.

File Extension Interview Questions for IT Professionals

If you're preparing for an IT interview, read through 10 file extension interview questions with sample answers and learn why interviewers ask them.

Starting a New Job

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How To Write a Job Offer Thank You Letter With Template and Example

Learn about job offer thank you letters and how to write them, and use the template and example to guide you in writing your own.

What's a Corporate Charter? (Plus Sections and Requirements)

Learn about corporate charters, such as what they are, what sections they include and why your organization may need one to conduct business in your state.

FAQ: What Are the Components of a W-9 Form? (Plus Definition)

To complete appropriate tax documents for the Internal Revenue Service, learn what the components of a W-9 form are and the types of professionals who use it.

Pay & Salary

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What Is a Commission Draw? (With Benefits and an Example)

Learn the definition of a commission draw, including its purpose, benefits and disadvantages, along with an example to demonstrate the concept in the workplace.

App Developer Salary Guide: Jobs, Descriptions and Salaries

Learn more about what an app developer is and what responsibilities they have, and explore a variety of app developer jobs and their corresponding salaries.

How To Decline a Job Offer Due to Low Salary (With Sample Responses)

Discover why you might decline a job due to salary and learn how to decline a job offer, including steps, tips and examples to help you reject a job offer.

Career Development

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What Is a DPO Calculation? (Plus How To Calculate It Yourself)

Learn about what a DPO calculation is, including why it's important to learn, key steps for how to calculate two DPO formulas and some helpful tips to consider.

FAQ: When Do You Need a PMO and What Are the Benefits?

Learn what a project management office is and does and whether you might need a PMO and when you might need one and what its benefits and its drawbacks are.

11 Rules For Writing Engaging Dialogue (With Examples)

Explore 11 essential rules for writing dialogue regarding punctuation, clarity and structure to make your stories more engaging and easier to read overall.