10 Ways To Celebrate Administrative Professional Day

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published August 2, 2022

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Administrative professionals play a critical role in the workplace, so showing your appreciation for them on Administrative Professional Day is an effective way to celebrate the efforts of your coworkers. This holiday can also help you show appreciation for the challenging and valuable work that administrative personnel perform. Learning about this holiday can demonstrate your gratitude and help your team members feel valued.

In this article, we explain what Administrative Professional Day is, describe why it's important and list 10 ideas you can use to celebrate and show appreciation for the administrative professionals in your workplace.

What is Administrative Professional Day?

Administrative Professional Day, also known as Admin Day, is a day to recognize and celebrate the hard work of those who work in administrative support positions. These employees fulfill an essential role in the workplace. They organize administrative materials, schedule meetings and business trips, manage files, prepare documents and support many different members within an organization.

The specific responsibilities of an administrative professional can vary depending on their setting of employment. Some may have more specialized duties, like conducting research on the organization's behalf, while others may perform more general clerical tasks.

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Why is Administrative Professional Day important?

Administrative Professional Day is important because it can help you show those who work in support roles that they're valued members of an organization. Those who work in these positions work hard to ensure the smooth operations of the workplace, and their jobs can require a diverse range of essential skills.

For example, these professionals use strong organizational skills to manage the daily operations of the workplace. They need effective communication and interpersonal skills to work well with others. Those in certain industries may also have industry-specific skills that allow them to perform specialized tasks like research and report publication.

Since the work of administrative professionals is central to the efficient operations of the workplace, it's important to show appreciation for all the value they bring. When administrative professionals feel valued in the workplace, it may help them feel more motivated and enthusiastic about their roles.

It can benefit their relationships with other members of an organization, which can improve communication and teamwork. Regardless of these additional benefits, recognizing the hard work of administrative professionals is a great way to practice gratitude and make the workplace a positive environment for its employees.

10 ways to celebrate administrative professionals

If you're looking to celebrate Administrative Professional Day, here are 10 ideas for gifts and activities to express appreciation:

1. Thank you card

A simple but thoughtful thank you card can be a great way to express gratitude to an administrative professional. Buy a nice card and write a heartfelt thank you to the recipient. If possible, describe a time when the administrative professional did something specific and memorable that helped you in your role. Being specific helps you personalize your note and demonstrates the value that the recipient brings to you and others in the company.

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2. Flowers

A flower arrangement can be a nice way to show thankfulness to a team member. Getting your coworker a bouquet of flowers can brighten their desk and make them feel appreciated. If possible, learn about their favorite flowers or colors to get them an arrangement that shows your consideration for the things they like.

3. Snacks or candy

Gifting the administrative professionals in your workplace their favorite snacks and candies is another great way to express appreciation. If the administrative professionals in your workplace have a snack stash in their desks, you can help them restock with a few of their favorite treats.

Another option is to get creative and gift them snacks or candies that they may not have tried before. For example, gifting them a box of international snacks can be a fun experience for more adventurous coworkers. If they prefer healthy eating, consider getting them an arrangement of fresh fruits to enjoy throughout the workday.

4. Gift certificate

Gift certificates can be versatile presents, making them a good option for specializing your gift to an administrative professional. For example, you can get a gift card for their favorite restaurant, coffee shop or bookstore. If they're less particular about where they shop and eat, a generic gift card that they can use anywhere gives them the flexibility to use their gift anywhere they wish.

You could also consider giving them a gift card for an experience, such as going to get a massage at a local spa. This allows them to relax and enjoy some well-deserved rest.

5. Desk decoration

Getting some cute desktop decorations can allow your workplace's administrative professionals to express their style at the office. Consider getting them a personalized nameplate for their desk or a small potted plant. On Administrative Professional Day, you can decorate their desk with streamers, balloons and other party accessories for a fun surprise when they arrive at work.

Coordinate with the other members of your team to decorate the administrative professional's desk with party decor and to leave a small desktop gift that personalizes their desk for their enjoyment.

6. Lunch

Take the administrative professionals in your office out for lunch to celebrate their hard work. Let them choose their favorite lunch spot and gather for an enjoyable meal. Not only is this a great way to express appreciation, but it can also be a good opportunity for some team bonding.

When your team gets out of the office to spend some quality time together, you may learn more about each other and develop stronger interpersonal relationships. When the members of your team have personal connections outside of the workplace, they may find ways to work better as a team.

7. Coffee and donuts

Buy coffee and donuts for the administrative professionals in your office. Offering the administrators on your team a delicious donut and energizing cup of coffee can set a positive tone for the day and help them feel appreciated. Coming into the office and finding a warm beverage and fresh donut waiting for you can make you feel valued and enthusiastic about the day and your workplace.

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8. Thank you cake

Getting a thank you cake to share with the entire office can be a great way to create a celebratory atmosphere while showing gratitude to administrative employees. If you oversee a large team that includes many administrative professionals, a large sheet cake to celebrate all of them together can be a fun gesture that the whole office can enjoy.

Invite everyone to the break room to enjoy a slice of cake and celebrate the valuable work of your team's administrators. Another way to celebrate is to get a personalized cake with your administrator's name on it.

9. Employee spotlight

If your office has an employee spotlight, consider highlighting the administrative team for Administrative Professional Day. Having an employee spotlight may include giving a particular employee special recognition for their efforts. You may share the employee spotlight in an office newsletter or as a poster in your office.

Share a picture of the administrative assistant or have the whole administrative team gather for a group photo. Write a paragraph or two that recognizes the accomplishments of the individual or team and share it with everyone in the office.

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10. Team building activity

Instead of a gift, you can show your appreciation with a fun activity that celebrates the administrative professionals on your team. You can do an office-based activity that gets your whole team together to play a game or do an icebreaker, or you can enjoy an activity away from the office that lets your team bond outside of the workplace.

For example, you can go bowling, have a picnic at a local park or schedule an escape room experience. These are fun ways to spend time with coworkers while forming stronger team connections and celebrating the hard work of administrators.

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