11 Apps To Track Sales and Improve Sales Team Performance

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published August 2, 2022

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Using an app to track sales can help organizations and individuals manage their sales-related tasks and improve overall productivity. Regardless of the products or services you're selling, using a dedicated application to track your sales can boost your numbers by keeping you organized and efficient. Learning about various sales-tracking apps can help you choose the right ones for your particular needs.

In this article, we discuss what sales-tracking apps are and list 11 apps to consider using.

What are sales-tracking apps?

Sales-tracking apps are software applications that help sales professionals manage, monitor and plan all aspects of their sales processes. They typically improve the sales process by categorizing workflows and each prospect, helping salespeople prioritize their tasks and focus their efforts on prospects who have more chances of becoming customers.

Some sales-tracking apps also provide statistics that help sales professionals and their managers analyze their activity over time and gain new insights that can help them improve the efficiency of their work.

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11 sales-tracking apps

Consider these 11 sales-tracking apps that assist sales professionals in various ways:

1. Leaderfeeder

This sales app is particularly useful for business-to-business sales because it tracks your website's traffic and analyzes the behavior of various company representatives who visit it. It uses its own database of IP addresses to identify website visitors and turn them into leads by providing you with their identification details. Leaderfeeder is available as a free version with limited use and as a premium version with full capability, which also includes a two-week trial.

2. Sales Tracker

This app helps sales professionals manage their sales process and the profits generated from their activity. It allows users to import their sales records from various internet marketplaces and generates relevant periodic statistics and insights. Sales Tracker's intuitive interface makes it appropriate for nontechnical users and small businesses, and it's available as a smartphone app for a one-time fee.

3. SetSail

This sales-tracking tool automatically tracks an organization's sales data, using artificial intelligence and behavioral science to draw relevant conclusions from the data. This can help sales team managers monitor the performance of their sales representatives and motivate them by identifying data-driven steps they can take to improve. It can also help them set sales milestones, track their progression and automate repetitive tasks. SetSail's pricing is available upon request and depends on each sales team's particular requirements and characteristics.

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4. Pegasystems

This customer relationship management (CRM) system uses multiple tools, including artificial intelligence and live data, to collect and analyze sales data with the purpose of determining what customers are looking for in a specific product or service. It's highly customizable and easy to integrate with other tools, and it requires no coding knowledge to use despite its complexity. Pegasystems has a 30-day trial, followed by discussions with their sales team for determining the subsequent monthly fee.

5. Zendesk Support

This app helps sales teams that directly face customers improve their communication by tracking all conversation histories across different channels, like voice, chat and social media, and storing them in a single location. This helps sales professionals by instantly offering them relevant information regarding the customers they're interacting with, creating a more personalized experience. Zendesk includes a free trial version and has multiple monthly plans depending on each organization's required features.

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6. Daily Sales Record

This app provides sales professionals and small organizations with a quick and simple way to keep track of all relevant sales information. Some elements it can keep track of are customer interactions, products, inventory and invoice management. It can also generate periodic reports that help stakeholders analyze sales progress. Daily Sales Record is free to download and includes in-app purchases for various required features.

7. Verint Systems

This sales-tracking and business intelligence platform is generally appropriate for large organizations. It collects large amounts of data from all interactions between sales representatives and their customers and turns them into actionable insights. By analyzing each customer interaction, this app can help an organization's management team find solutions to various challenges and automate repetitive tasks to give the sales team more time for other activities. Verint offers a demo version of this product, and the pricing plan depends on each client's particularities.

8. Expensify

This app helps sales professionals track and manage all their job-related expenses by taking photos of receipts. It automatically transcribes relevant details on the receipts, categorizes each payment by various preset criteria and synchronizes with the organization's accounting software to make expense reporting quicker and more efficient. Expensify is free for up to 25 receipts scans per month and features multiple payment options for individuals and organizations.

9. Gong.io

This app records all interactions between sales teams and their customers across multiple platforms, such as email, chat and phone. It then analyzes each conversation and uses the information to help sales professionals categorize their prospects based on the chances of them becoming paying customers. Gong.io is available on common smartphone operating systems, and its pricing depends on each sales team's characteristics.

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10. Pipedrive

This CRM helps sales professionals prioritize their leads, automate certain workflows and track all communication with existing and potential customers, using the gathered data to determine the organization's success in meeting its initial goals. It integrates with other sales support software and is easy to access via smartphone. Pipedrive has a per-user price plan, with the monthly cost for each user depending on the required level of functionality.

11. Bitrix24

This app helps organizations track all expenditures on sales and marketing and determine which ones are performing according to initial expectations. It features multiple other sales-tracking tools to help sales representatives analyze their activity and improve their conversion rates and collaboration tools to help everyone within a sales team communicate and synchronize their activities. Bitrix24 is available for free with limited features and has multiple pricing plans, depending on the number of users and available features.

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