8 Benefits of Advertising in Local Newspapers (Plus Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published April 14, 2022

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Marketers often choose to use different types of advertisements in their campaigns to help them reach a wide audience. Advertising in local newspapers can be an effective way to market a company's products or services to potential customers who live in a specific geographic area. If you're a marketing professional, you may want to learn more about the advantages of newspaper advertising to help you successfully incorporate this strategy into your marketing campaigns. In this article, we list eight benefits of advertising in local newspapers and offer tips on using newspaper advertisements to help you explore this effective marketing strategy.

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8 benefits of advertising in local newspapers

Newspaper advertisements can help marketers target potential customers in a specific geographic area, improve a company's brand recognition and boost sales. Here are eight benefits of advertising in local newspapers to consider when planning your next marketing campaign:

1. Flexibility

Newspaper advertisements can offer flexibility to marketers who want to incorporate this strategy into their campaigns. There are many options for newspaper advertisements, ranging from digital ads to half- or full-page spreads and insert cards and booklets. You can decide how you want to design and position your ad to help you capture readers' attention. Most newspapers allow you to run your ad repeatedly over several days or weeks if you want to extend the longevity of the advertisement. This flexibility can help you reach a wide audience with your advertisement in a local newspaper.

2. Timeliness

Most newspapers print daily or weekly editions, which means your advertisements in these publications can convey a timely message. For example, if your company is having a sale that begins over the weekend, you can run a newspaper advertisement in the days leading up to the sale to generate interest. Typically, advertising departments can help you create a new ad quickly to make sure you meet the deadline for the print edition. The timeliness of newspapers can help you promote your company's products or services in a current, relevant manner.

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3. Affordability

Newspaper ads can be an affordable marketing option for many businesses, both large and small. Newspapers typically charge an advertising rate, which can vary based on the size and location of your advertisement. For example, a half-page ad typically costs less than a full-page ad. Other factors, such as the circulation of the paper, can also affect the rate of these advertisements. Often, newspapers may offer discounts for businesses that choose to run ads over an extended period, such as one week. These varying rates can help you find an option to align with your marketing budget.

4. Engaged audience

Many people choose to subscribe to newspapers because they want to receive helpful information that's relevant to their lives. Some subscribers may spend considerable time reading newspaper articles, which can increase the chances of exposure to your advertisement. Other readers may use newspapers to search for sales and offers in their area. For example, they may subscribe to the Sunday newspaper because it contains weekly coupons. Advertising in a local newspaper can help you reach an engaged audience of people who may be more likely to make a purchase or connect with your business because they're actively seeking this information.

5. Positive response

Readers often have a positive response to advertisements they see in their local newspapers. While they may view other forms of advertisements as intrusive, they typically expect to see advertisements in a newspaper. Often, the publisher places advertisements in relevant locations throughout the newspaper. For example, an advertisement for a sporting goods store may be located in the paper's outdoors section. This type of advertisement aligns with the information readers expect to find in the newspaper. This positive response may make newspaper readers more likely to seek more information or take action after viewing these advertisements.

6. Targeted demographic

Many newspapers reach a specific geographic audience. People often subscribe to a local newspaper because they want to receive information about news and events in their area. By advertising in local newspapers, you can reach a targeted demographic of people living in your geographic location. These advertisements can help you connect with people who are likely to visit a store or purchase products or services from a local company. Many newspapers offer bundled print and digital advertising rates so you can reach both print and digital subscribers in your area.

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7. Trustworthy medium

People often consider newspapers to be a trustworthy medium, which can be another benefit of advertising in these publications. Newspaper publishers work hard to develop and maintain relationships with their readers by proving their publications to be fair, objective sources of information. When you advertise in local newspapers, you can benefit from the positive relationships newspapers have with their subscribers. Many readers may consider your company's products or services to be credible because they learned about them while reading the newspaper. This trustworthiness can help you improve your company's brand recognition to attract and retain new customers.

8. Design options

Newspapers typically offer various design options to help you achieve your desired advertisement. Often, you can choose the type of ad you want to place. For example, you may choose to have your ad run in a specific section of the newspaper and on the paper's website. You can also choose the size, format, color and typography of your advertisement. It may be possible to negotiate for additional features, such as color printing or design input. These design options can help you create advertisements to align with the overall branding and messaging of your marketing campaign.

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Tips for advertising in local newspapers

Here are some tips to help you advertise effectively in local newspapers as part of a marketing campaign:

Use print and digital ads

Most newspapers offer print and digital editions, so it's helpful to advertise in both places so your message can reach more people. Publishers may offer discounts or incentives for businesses that choose to use both print and digital ads. Inquire about those options when you place a newspaper advertisement. Customize your print and digital ads based on the audience who may view them. For example, digital ads may include a link to your company's e-commerce platform, while print ads may encourage readers to visit a store's physical location to make a purchase.

Keep copy brief

In your newspaper advertisement, it's important to keep copy brief so you can convey your message quickly and efficiently. Limit copy to a few sentences and use active verbs for improved readability. For larger ads, keep information organized by using subheadings or bullet points. This formatting helps readers understand the key points of your message. Keeping your advertising copy brief can motivate readers to view your advertisement and help them understand your brand messaging in a clear, concise way.

Include a call to action

It's important to include a call to action to encourage readers to take an action after viewing the ad. Write copy to tell the reader what you want them to do once they see your advertisement. For example, you may include a coupon in your advertisement and tell readers to use the coupon for a discount on a product or service. It may be helpful to create a sense of urgency by establishing a deadline, such as a coupon expiration date, to motivate readers to complete the desired action.

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Provide contact details

It's important to provide contact details for your company in a newspaper advertisement so readers know how to connect with the business after viewing an ad. In your advertisements, include basic contact information, such as your company's website, phone number or physical address. Featuring this information in a newspaper advertisement helps readers know how they can contact the business to ask questions or gain more information. Once potential customers contact the business, the sales department can work to convert them into new customers.

Evaluate your success

After placing a newspaper ad, it's important to evaluate your success so you can learn what works well and what you may want to improve. Establish key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the number of new leads generated by a newspaper advertisement, to help you measure the success of the marketing strategy. To track these metrics, it's helpful to ask new customers how they heard about your business. This information can help you evaluate the success of the ad by determining how many people took action after viewing it in the newspaper.

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