40 Best Degrees To Consider for Travel Careers

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 29, 2021

For aspiring travelers, there are several educational and career opportunities to consider. There are various benefits of traveling professionally, including seeing new places, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. If you're contemplating your options for higher education and enjoy travel, you may benefit from understanding the degree programs most likely to result in a travel-based career. In this article, we define degrees for travel and offer a list of 40 of the best degrees for aspiring travelers.

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What are degrees for travel?

Degrees for travel are college degrees that may result in employment that involves varying amounts of travel. These degree programs may exist at the associate, bachelor's, master's or doctorate level and span a wide range of fields of study and industries. Majors for traveling are a good option for candidates who wish to travel professionally, explore international career opportunities and enjoy the benefits of seeing new locales while working.

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27 of the best degrees for travel

Below is a list of 27 degrees that may lead to careers involving travel:

1. Biology

Biology is the study of living organisms and their processes. A biology degree may help you secure employment in science, including roles such as a biologist, plant biologist or biochemist. During this type of career, you may have the opportunity to travel to international locations to observe and study plants or animals of a variety of ecosystems. You may also travel to work with teams of other biologists and scientists during long-term studies and experiments.

2. English

Pursuing an English degree may help you find employment as an English teacher abroad. Becoming an English as a second language (ESL) teacher can allow you to travel to a variety of countries to teach non-native speakers the English language. You may teach abroad in public, private or international language academies.

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3. Foreign affairs

A degree in foreign affairs is an effective way to pursue a career as a diplomat, politician or foreign affairs officer. These types of careers may provide opportunities to travel to foreign counties for international meetings, summits and discussions. You may also travel nationally during political campaigns. Another career option for foreign affairs majors includes becoming a CIA agent, offering the opportunity to travel during international and national investigations.

4. Aviation

Aviation degrees are good options for individuals interested in piloting or working on aircraft, including airplanes, helicopters and spacecraft. A degree in aviation may help you advance in a career as a commercial or private pilot who operates aircraft to domestic and international locations. A degree in aviation may be a fulfilling option for individuals with a passion for flying, engineering and travel.

5. Marine science

A marine science degree program often includes the study and exploration of marine plant and animal life. As a marine biologist or a professional in a similar role, you may travel to various marine locations to determine the health of the local aquatic ecosystems. You may spend time on boats and vessels to conduct long-term studies on marine life in several national and international locations.

6. Archeology

A degree in archeology can help you pursue a career as an archeologist. Archeologists study ancient structures and artifacts from human civilizations. As an archeologist, you may travel to dig sites around the world to extract, preserve and study ancient ruins, artifacts and fossils of human origin. An archeology degree may be a good option for individuals interested in ancient civilizations, human culture and traveling the world.

7. Paleontology

Paleontology degrees prepare students to research and study fossils of plants and animals. As a paleontologist, you may travel to various dig sites in order to excavate, preserve and assess fossils of ancient species. Paleontology can be an exciting career that offers an opportunity to travel and contribute to the scientific community's understanding of prehistoric plants and animals.

8. Nursing

A nursing degree is a good way to prepare for a career in healthcare with the opportunity to travel. Travel nurses accept assignments to areas with a need for nursing staff and provide care to the patients of each location. They may work abroad in hospitals, clinics or long-term care facilities.

9. Geology

Geologists study the solid and liquid materials that comprise planet Earth and other terrestrial planets. They may study rock formations, minerals, geodes and solidified liquid. A degree in geology can provide an opportunity to learn more about our planet while traveling to interesting geological sites, such as mountains, caves, rivers and mines. You may also travel to meet with other geologists at conferences, seminars and group studies.

10. Art history

Art history degrees prepare students to study and analyze the history of man-made art. Most often, this includes visual art such as paintings and sculpture, but could also include forms of performance art like dance and music. As an art history major, you may be able to travel to locations famous for their contributions to the arts in order to view and study renowned works.

11. Physical therapy

Physical therapy degrees can help you pursue a career as a physical therapist. Physical therapists often work with patients to diagnose and treat injuries and to rehabilitate muscles, joints and bones for restored function. As a physical therapist, you may have the opportunity to travel by working with a professional sports team. During the game season, sports teams often employ a physical therapist to travel with them in order to provide care to their players during games and training.

12. Business management

A business management degree may help you seek employment as a business consultant, providing opportunities to travel. Business consultants often work with companies and corporations to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their operations. As a business consultant, you may travel nationally and internationally to meet with organizations and provide your consulting services.

13. Journalism

Journalism can be an exciting field for individuals interested in writing, news reporting and travel. A degree in journalism often prepares students to investigate and write news stories. As a journalist, you may travel to scenes of important events to cover the story or interview witnesses. There are also opportunities to become a travel journalist, allowing you the opportunity to travel to some of the most renowned destinations and report on the international travel industry.

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14. Photography

Photography degrees may help you pursue a career as a photographer or photojournalist. As a photojournalist, you may work with other journalists and news reporters to photograph the places, events and people of breaking news stories. You may also seek employment as a photographer in the fashion industry, allowing you to travel to some of the most famous fashion capitals of the world for photoshoots and promotional events.

15. Performing arts

Pursuing a performing arts degree may be a great option for individuals interested in acting, singing or dancing. A career in performing arts may allow you to travel while on tour, performing in a variety of destinations with a company. You may also have the opportunity to travel for promotional events and industry conventions.

16. Linguistics

A degree in linguistics includes courses on the process of speech and the formation of languages. As a linguistic major, your career aspirations may include language arts teacher, translator or linguist. You may teach a variety of languages abroad, translate in a foreign country and study the languages of other cultures.

17. History

A history degree prepares students for a career as a historian, researcher or educator. A career in history may provide opportunities to travel to well-known historical sites. You may also travel for academic conventions and when working with other history professionals to curate museum exhibitions.

18. Environmental health

A degree in environmental health can be a strong choice for individuals interested in science and the health of the planet and its ecosystems. During a career in environmental health, you may be able to travel to a variety of ecosystems to conduct research and analysis. You may also travel to renewable energy plants and attend national or international conferences with other environmental health professionals.

19. Political science

Political science majors often pursue careers in politics or diplomacy. With a political science degree, you may be able to travel nationally and internationally for political campaigns, diplomatic missions and summits. You may also be able to travel to foreign countries to meet with global leaders and political figures.

20. Criminal justice

A degree in criminal justice can help prepare you for a career as a law enforcement officer, public safety officer, probation officer or legal consultant. During a career in criminal justice, you may be able to travel while transporting suspects to correctional facilities, conducting investigations or attending court hearings. You may also have the opportunity to travel to the homes of your clients and to attend industry training and seminars.

21. Law

Law degrees often prepare students for careers as lawyers. With a law degree, you may work as a defense attorney, prosecuting attorney, legal consultant or judge. You may have opportunities to travel to meet with clients, investigate cases and meet with other law professionals. A career in law may be a fulfilling opportunity for individuals interested in practicing law, serving their communities and traveling.

22. Education

A degree in education can prepare you for a career as a teacher, professor or instructor. You may be able to travel to teach classes in foreign countries, during field trips or to attend training seminars and conferences. A career in education may be a rewarding path for individuals with a passion for academics, helping others and traveling.

23. Hospitality

Hospitality degrees may lead to a fulfilling career in restaurants and hotels. As a hospitality major, you may aspire to work as a hotel manager, restaurant manager or consultant. These career paths may provide an opportunity to travel in order to work in a variety of hotels, scout new vendors, suppliers and ingredients or attend industry events.

24. Astronomy

Astronomy is the study of celestial objects such as stars, planets, asteroids and solar systems. As an astronomer, you may work as a researcher to observe these objects and test theories about their existence. Astronomers often travel to a variety of telescope locations around the world to conduct experiments, carry out studies and collaborate with fellow astronomers.

25. Atmospheric science

A degree in atmospheric science prepares students to study the chemical and physical components of Earth's atmosphere. A career in atmospheric science may allow you to travel to some of the most renowned atmospheric labs and places where testing the elements of the Earth's atmosphere is most optimal. A career in atmospheric science may fulfill individuals who are passionate about the health of the planet, furthering our understanding of our atmosphere and traveling.

26. Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of human cultures, both historic and current. A degree in anthropology can provide the opportunity to travel while exploring and collecting data on cultures around the world. As an anthropologist, you may also travel to take part in industry conferences, speak at public events and collaborate with other scientists to form an understanding of diverse cultures.

27. Cosmetology

A degree in cosmetology can prepare you for a career styling hair, applying makeup or providing nail services. As a cosmetologist, you may have the opportunity to travel for training, conferences and seminars. There are also several career paths in cosmetology that may allow you to travel, such as working as an entertainment makeup artist or celebrity hairstylist.

Additional degrees for travel

Below are some additional degrees that may provide an opportunity to travel during your career:

  • Human resources

  • Chemistry

  • Oceanography

  • Engineering

  • Enology

  • Disaster management

  • Architecture

  • Design

  • Creative writing

  • Communication

  • Event planning

  • Museum studies

  • Agricultural science

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