24 Best Online Training Programs To Build Your Skills

Updated February 3, 2023

The internet has given the world access to a wide range of information. Not only can you view helpful resources, such as online encyclopedias, dictionaries and research archives, but you can take classes and earn certificates fully online. Enrolling in online training programs can help you strengthen your skills and gain industry knowledge.

In this article, we list 24 of the best online training programs you can take for professional and educational development.

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What are online training programs?

Online training programs are software-based learning experiences that you can install on computers or mobile devices. Similar to standard in-person classes, online training programs often feature tutorials, teaching sections, workbooks, quizzes and exams. While some courses offer instructor-guided educational experiences and certificates of completion, others offer self-service resources available to supplement your established knowledge base.

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24 of the best online training programs

Here's a list of options if you're looking to build your technical skills:

1. Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE)

SEE offers free engineering courses to educators hoping to introduce industry-relevant curricula into their classrooms. A part of the creative commons database, SEE provides streaming services and materials, such as syllabi and lectures. You can also gain access to homework, classwork and exams on web-based and mobile platforms.

2. Codeacademy

Codeacademy provides software programming and data science materials that help individuals learn how to code. The user-friendly platform asks members to take a quiz to determine where they can start with their coding education. From there, Codeacademy curates hands-on educational experiences with feedback opportunities.

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3. IBM's Cognitive Class

Cognitive Class is a hub for individuals to develop their skills through free courses that cover data science and analysis. They offer 10 learning paths for who have beginner through advanced skill levels, with badges you can share. Learning paths include Data Science Fundamentals; Containers, K8s and Istio On IBM Cloud; and Reactive Architecture Foundations.

4. Better Explained

Better Explained covers mathematics topics, such as algebra, calculus and statistics. The lessons on the platform have visual explanations to make it easier for users to understand the topics. Analogies also accompany the problems so users can better visualize how to answer questions correctly.

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5. HTML Dog

HTML Dog offers free HTML, CSS and JavaScript tutorials to help users learn how to develop web pages. They also provide information on common techniques so you can build a website that engages users. Follow interactive examples and references to increase your understanding of the topics.

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6. HOW Design Live

How Design's online program hosts both free and paid videos. There are blogs and digital sessions that cover graphic and interactive design. The platform also hosts an annual development conference and provides opportunities for those who might be interested in teaching their courses.

7. Hack Design

Hack Design offers a lesson plan for free with 50 different units. Their units cover design methods for web and mobile apps. You can read the blog posts, watch educational videos or participate in games to boost your knowledge.

8. Skillcrush

Skillcrush offers paid online courses with flexible self-pacing options for those interested in technology development. Skillcrush has project-based lessons, so students leave courses with portfolios filled with design examples. The program also gives learners access to mentors who host weekly office hours.

9. Apple Developer

Apple Developer offers lessons for developing applications for iOS mobile, Mac OS X and Safari. It's an open-source resource that can benefit new and experienced developers alike. You can learn how to create programs that can appeal to users who use mobile and desktop devices from the brand. 

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10. Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla Developer Network offers free web development resources for those at all stages of their careers. Beginners and experts can find guides on the MDN on how to get started developing platforms. Its materials include in-depth informational sessions on the following topics:

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • Graphics

  • HTTP

  • APIs

  • DOM

  • Browser extensions

  • MathML

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11. Learnable

Learnable's database of content for IT and software development is expansive, with nearly 5,000 interactive video lessons available through its low-cost paid monthly subscription service. They also offer code samples and quizzes that prepare learners to earn certifications. Learnable is accessible through mobile apps.

12. Pluralsight

Pluralsight's paid training courses focus on creative tech and cover topics such as IT administration, web development, data visualization, game design and animation. They offer nearly 4,000 courses and supplemental resources to help learners. The platform may benefit you if your goal is to develop games that tell engaging stories and are easy for users to navigate.

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13. Aquent Gymnasium

Aquent Gymnasium offers free online courses that industry experts teach. The platform features rotating course selections in web design and user experience that teach practical skills. Users can also access career opportunities through Aquent after learning new skills.

14. JustinGuitar

JustinGuitar hosts over 1,200 free guitar lessons that help you learn about chords, scales and ear training. You can also learn how to operate recording equipment. JustinGuitar has a practice assistant feature, which can help you keep track of your progress. 

15. Drawspace

Drawspace offers both self-guided and instructor-led drawing lessons. The platform can help beginner and advanced students hone their drawing skills. Drawspace also hosts classroom resources that educators can use for their students.

16. Dave Conservatoire

Dave Conservatoire is a free online music learning platform that offers music instruction. The materials can help you develop your skill set if you're a beginner or have previous music experience. Its platform includes video lessons and practice tests to help you learn about music and song composition.

17. CreativeLive

CreativeLive offers paid courses in many creative subjects. Their lessons can teach learners about photo and video, art and design, music and audio and crafts. CreativeLive gives enrollees the option to learn from its mobile app or on a web-based platform, and industry experts and celebrity professionals teach its courses.

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18. 360training

360training provides educational programs for users who want to earn qualifications for a specific industry. For example, you can take real estate courses to prepare you for pursuing a real estate license or courses about safety and compliance. The platform also hosts lessons about food management and alcohol safety.

19. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free online resources on topics that students learn in K-12 and university settings. You can learn science subjects, including physics, chemistry and biology or math subjects, including economics and finance. Other specialized topics that Khan Academy can expose you to include computer programming and medicine.

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20. Academic Earth

Academic Earth offers thousands of free online college courses from different universities across the globe. Subjects you can study include computer science, accounting and law. Learners can access lessons and an online directory that can help them find a degree program.

21. Alison

Alison hosts free online courses in fields ranging from technology to wellness. Its courses can help you build introductory skills and prepare for licensure or certification exams. Alison also offers paid services where you can earn certificates and diplomas.

22. TED-Ed

TED-Ed offers free and easily understandable video lessons that span many intriguing topics for educators and students. Examples include advancements in technology, environmental events and medical conditions. The software focuses content on building beginner knowledge, but some lessons target specific high-level skills.

23. HippoCampus

HippoCampus offers over 7,000 free educational resources on essential topics taught throughout middle school to college. Learners can access content covering topics such as religion and sociology. They can also boost their mathematical knowledge with lessons on statistics and calculus.

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24. Coursera

Coursera offers paid and free courses by over 200 industry giants and highly regarded universities. Their courses may target advanced learners. They can also cover a variety of subject areas, including health, arts, humanities and business.

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