25 of the Best Training Programs Companies Offer

Updated March 10, 2023

Starting a new job can often feel easier if the company offers training programs that allow you to better understand the organization, the industry and different departments within the company. If you join a company with an impressive training program, you can develop the skills needed to confidently complete your tasks and excel in your career. Luckily, several companies offer great training programs to help their employees succeed in their roles.

In this article, we review the best training programs currently available to employees.

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What are company training programs?

Company training programs are learning and development opportunities organizations offer employees to help enhance their skill set, introduce them to their role or the industry and advance within the company. Most company training programs work to mentor their employees and strengthen their abilities, which can lead to strong engagement, impressive company culture and high retention rates.

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Top company training programs

Many organizations offer training programs to help build your strengths, identify areas of improvement and teach you new software or tools on the job. Top employee training programs offered by different companies include:

1. Marriott International

Since there are typically many advancement opportunities available in Marriott, they offer several career and professional development training programs to prepare employees for potential growth opportunities within the company. Some of their programs focus on subjects like leadership, management and developing transferable skill sets. They also show employees they care about their health and well-being by offering courses about maintaining a proper work-life balance.

2. Bonobos

Bobonos offers a "managing for success" course that helps employees build and develop management skills to prepare them for supervisory roles. Another course, "how to manage up well," teaches entry and associate-level employees how to interact with their managers to help them eventually become managers themselves. Those who work in customer service can take a "know your customer" course to understand how to build and cultivate effective relationships with customers.

3. Randstad US

Randstad US provides courses that help its employees develop effective leadership skills. When employees receive promotions to managerial roles, they'll enroll in a new manager training session to educate them on how to perform well in the position and motivate and lead their team members. Another program offering is the communication and presentation skills course to help employees remain confident when they speak at meetings, conferences or other events,

4. Seattle Genetics

Many of the courses Seattle Genetics offers relate closely to the specific role each employee works in. They'll provide onsite courses to help employees develop skills they can use in their individual positions. In addition to onsite training courses, employees also receive tuition reimbursement to take college courses to help them advance their careers. Many supervisors will also send their employees to industry conferences to enhance their knowledge of the field and industry they work in.

5. AT&T

Many executive team members at AT&T lead their training programs to teach employees about management and leadership to help them advance in their careers. They've also created their own online Master of Science degree that employees working in programming or software development can take to complete more high-level or complex tasks. AT&T also offers other technology-related training programs centered on mobile development, tech entrepreneurship and data analytics.

6. SAS

To help team members set and pursue effective career goals, SAS provides a career resource center and many career mentoring opportunities. To prepare recent college graduates for roles within the company, SAS also has an academic program for technical and sales entry-level employees. They can participate in courses offered both online and in-person to prepare them for full-time roles at the organization.

7. CyberCoders

As a technology company, CyberCoders offers programs heavily focused on using technology to advance in the workplace. Their associate recruiter incubator program teaches employees several different ways to use various software systems and technical tools to excel in their careers and in the workplace in general.

8. Paychex

Paychex customizes their new-hire training programs toward their individual services and sales employees. Those who are training can start these courses online from their homes before transitioning to the training facility to experience hands-on workshops to help them learn more about their role and the company before starting the full-time position.

9. Schneider Electric

To help employees advance in leadership positions, this company offers courses to help executive team members improve their skills and effectively lead their teams. Employees also take free online training courses to learn about subjects like sales excellence, functional skills and energy and solutions for a well-rounded skill set to perform effectively in their role.

10. Adobe

If you're looking for a company that offers clear paths for career growth and goal development, Adobe has impressive training programs to help you achieve this. They offer an internship program to teach college students how a computer software company operates. Adobe also has a program called "accelerate adobe life," where employees engage in performance reviews and check-ins to help them learn where their strengths as an employee lie and potential improvements to make to excel in their careers.

11. Abbott

When onboarding new hires, this company has them engage in two to three-year development programs focusing on six different areas, including quality assurance, information technology, finance, engineering, environmental health and manufacturing. Employees can also personalize their own training program by receiving courses and guidance that center on their interests and the skill sets they'd like to develop in their particular field.

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12. Honeywell

For recent graduates or current students in chemical and mechanical engineering fields, Honeywell offers an early career engineer rotational program which allows them to receive training across various functions throughout the business. This 36-month program gives them a hands-on understanding of how different areas and departments within the business operate before committing full-time. Participants can meet many members of the business and industry to build connections and experience while still in school.

13. Roviant Sciences

Recent graduates can enroll in Roviant Sciences' analyst program to learn more about the organization through the three educational tracks the program offers, including technology, accounting and general training. Depending on which track they're a part of, trainees can work alongside experienced professionals and executive members to learn their processes for making big-picture decisions and completing complex tasks to help gain the skills needed to advance in the company later on.

14. Wells Fargo

Employees of Wells Fargo can receive specialized training processes to help employees grow both their technical and non-technical skills. They'll work with mentors to receive guidance on certain tasks and answers to any of their questions about the company. Some of their undergraduate programs focus on fields like technology, finance, securities, consumer lending, auditing and investment management.

15. AmeriCorps

This company employs fellows to learn more about different careers and to grow personally and professionally. They mainly accomplish this through their Volunteers in Service to America program, which works to improve nonprofit organizations that help those in poverty and in need. Those in this fellowship program enroll in online and in-person development training courses to teach them how to grow in their careers and pursue roles that focus on helping others.

16. Cigna

Cigna finds and trains employees pursuing roles in various fields including finance, sales, operations, technology and marketing. They teach these entry-level employees how to work in different roles to find the right one for them. These employees can also work with mentors in the company who help them grow and progress throughout the program.

17. NBCUniversal

This entertainment company offers an impressive early career development program, which is a 12-month learning and development internship that exposes employees to different areas of the entertainment industry. They can rotate through departments like business, consumer, content and ambassadorship to gain transferrable skills through hands-on training.

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18. Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments provides a program that works hard to develop their employees' skill set and qualifications, especially recent college graduates. They host a "make an impact" program, which lasts a year and consists of hands-on training sessions and professional classes. These rotational programs have different lengths and focuses to give employees a strong idea of what it's like to work for different areas of the company.

19. Quicken Loans

As the nation's biggest mortgage lender, this company offers impressive training programs within the company to help employees learn more about digital technology and the industry as a whole. They provide career development programs to help employees advance in their roles and enhance their problem-solving, critical thinking and customer satisfaction skills.

20. Allstate

With several development programs to choose from, Allstate offers the "technology leadership development program" to provide cross-functional experiences to help their employees become advanced leaders in technology. Not only does it enhance their technical knowledge, but it also builds their business and leadership skills for a well-rounded skill set.

21. Baker Hughes

For those starting out in their careers, Baker Hughes has an early-development career program that teaches students and new hires about the future of energy and its capabilities. This program rotates recent graduates through different functions of a business and teaches them valuable skills, like solving complex business problems, collaborating in cross-functional teams and operating innovative technical software.

22. Cushman & Wakefield

This program helps recent graduates discover which career is right for them by offering multiple programs for employees to gain hands-on experience in different areas of the organization. These programs cover areas like real estate consulting, building services engineering, commercial property, residential planning, interior design and development. They last two years to give you enough time to learn about all of the responsibilities within each department.

23. Macy's

Recent graduates can participate in Macy's Executive Development Program to learn more about how the retail industry operates before working in a specific position within the organization. Each employee will work alongside a mentor during the program and can meet with leadership to ask any complex industry questions, receive career advice and build valuable connections.

24. Revature

This is a great program for those entering the technology field. Revature provides recent graduates with a two-year program where they can gain hands-on experience completing projects and undergoing customized training initiatives to help build their programming skills and develop further as technology professionals.

25. Veeva

Veeva offers a few professional development programs, like the Engineering Development Program, which teaches recent graduates how to enhance their software development skills by allowing them to work on product, application and platform development teams. They also provide a Consultant Development Program to allow employees to learn more about application functional knowledge, consulting and technical platforms.

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